Spotlight Best Pic, Kavanaugh, Biggest Fraud

Spotlight won Best Picture, but the most interesting award, for Best Illusion, was not announced at the Oscars. But Ryan Kavanaugh is still the sure fire winner. Here’s how he did it. 

Step one, you bilk your investors out of millions, and they sue you.

Step two, do It all again, but on a much bigger scale, with more famous investors! This may sound like a bad movie, but it’s actually a story about a bad man who made a lot of bad movies, and lived like a king in the process.

This is the kind of story that could only take place in la-la land, because LA is a city where people get paid to create fairytales, but sometimes those fairytales involve a lot of real money. But if people want to believe you have money, in LA that’s kind of the same as having money.

Lots of big name directors, actors, and producers wanted to believe that Ryan Kavanaugh and Relativity Media had as much money as he said he did. He certainly had all the trappings of wealth; the cars, the houses, the lavish spending. But, like much of Hollywood, it was all based on illusion.

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