When asked if there is any cloth he wont\' make for ethical reasons, Barberis Canonica is frank. \"Many mills will do a Super 200 or a Super 220, but what they do to achieve this I don\'t agree with. They will take a sheep and they will starve it in a garage in the dark - the poor sheep becomes anorexic and as a result it\'s wool becomes very fine. They will make their fabric from this but its a sick fibre. It\'s not healthy. We will only go up to super 160, which is the finest you can do from sheep roaming freely in the Australian countryside. Our sheep have good lives. They enjoy nature. Why make an animal suffer for your benefit? The moment you do this you shift from a moral product to an immoral one.

— Barbaris Canonico, creative director of his family company, Vitale Barberis Canonico  

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