Google, and everyone else, Ignores White Vets

It’s Veterans Day in the US today, but pretty much business as usual. I mean, we’re celebrating the people who have worked to perserve freedom around the world, and that’s no big deal, right?  The stock market is open as are most businesses and schools.

Now if it was a really important holiday, like Martin Luther King Jr. day, the stock market would be closed as would all businesses. Because in our modern politically correct environment, it’s not substance that matters, only optics. No business would be hurt by ignoring the millions of men who have served their country, but ignoring a civil rights leader, that’s a completely different matter. Of course banks and the post office are closed, but who uses them anymore? As to the federal government, does anyone even notice when millions of unproductive bureaucrats take yet another day off?

There’s no better way to see the perversion of history than by using the most modern of tools, a search engine.  Google, like most of its tech brethren, could not be more politically correct. Having established a de facto monopoly in search, they now use the home page to push for the left wing version of America. Recently this has included promoting gay rights on June 26 when the Google home page announced “YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality. #ProudtoLove 6.27: Android is marching for Pride. Join the celebration.”

Just a few weeks ago on September 25th the Google home page carried an ad for “UN’s Global Goals to end poverty, climate change, and injustice”.  Does Google celebrate Veterans Day? Sure, with a picture (included in this post)  that includes 3 women and only one white male. Of course, if you read the Outrage’s number’s section you would know that, in reality, less than 15% of those who serve in the military are female, and in the past that number has been far lower.  But facts don’t matter to the West Coast tech establishment, only political correctness.  Looking at Google’s home page these days is like being part of George Orwell’s great novel 1984, where the ruling elite creates “Newspeak” and watches over “thoughtcrime”.

If you want to understand how vets are really treated, dig into the Outrage archive for stories we have run on this issue before.

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