Does Anti-Terrorism Cause Terrorism?

In pursuing potential terrorists, does the US government, with the help of paid informants, actually encourage some border-line people to cross the bridge from potential terrorist to actual terrorist: 

The idea that the Feds, through the use of paid informants, have engaged in a widespread program of entrapping dim-bulbed, loudmouthed, but otherwise potentially harmless young Muslims has become a sub-meme in the overall Americans-join-ISIS narrative. In 2014, lawyers from Human Rights Watch and the Columbia Law School published “Illusion of Justice,” a report that found that “at times, in aggressively pursuing terrorism threats before they even materialize,” the government had “overstepped its role by effectively participating in developing terrorism plots.” Reading the various complaints, you can see what they’re talking about. The CI often appears to be egging on the suspect, encouraging the prospective terrorist, even taking the lead in the plotting.

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