Esquire’s 1000th Issue

If you’re a fan of magazines in good old-fashioned print – and here at Attitude Media, we are – you’ll enjoy Esquire’s 1000th edition, which covers some of the outstanding stories and features the magazine has done since it’s founding in 1933, and allows you to follow the changes in attitudes toward fashion, women, cars, drinking; just about every aspect of modern life. Esquire is an intelligent men’s magazine, like GQ, but with less fashion and more IQ Points.

We’ve been reading this magazine forever, since we were about 13. One great issue from back in the day, not noted in this survey, is the one that showed actual size photos of famous body parts of men; as we (vaguely) recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bicep, Pele’s thigh, that sort of thing. And yes, it was better, and not quite as weird, than it sounds.

Most of all, as media insiders know, just the fact of surviving in the magazine business for over 80 years is an amazing feat. Print publishing, and magazines especially, are terrible businesses. But we hope they’re around for a long time to come.

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