The Democratization of Book Reviews Via Amazon

Have you ever noticed how the same books get reviewed in all the major magazines and newspaper book review sections? This is usually because:

1) The book is being published by a major New York publisher with good connections to these media

2) The writer is a member of the New York media cabal and has personal ties to the reviewers and/or their publications

3) The book is written by a celebrity

In many cases, all 3 criteria may apply. With the same books getting reviewed by all the major media, this means very little space is left for those new voices that don’t meet the above criteria. The comment by author Peter Schwartz about his book “In Defense of Selfishness” is typical:

And to all who have read my book, let me thank those who have posted reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. And let me encourage others to do the same because as of now that’s the only public forum in which IDS is being reviewed. Unfortunately, despite numerous review copies having been sent out, no reviews have appeared yet in any other significant media.

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