Mexico’s Biggest Drug Lord Escapes Prison – Again!

The Outage returns, but what to focus on? The Greek government that is essentially bankrupt, yet has somehow managed to convince German politicians that taxpayers should continue subsidizing a left wing government unwilling to make reforms? Or perhaps Malaysia, where, somehow, the government’s investment fund decided that the best investment they could make was to direct deposit $700 million into the prime minister’s personal bank account?

Despite fierce competition from around the world for most corrupt and/or incompetent government, today’s Outrage focuses on our southern neighbor. Mexico doesn’t have the death penalty, despite the fact that drug lord killers like El Chapo Guzman can break out of prison not once, but twice. After he was recaptured 17 months ago, the Mexican president said “it would be unforgivable for the government not to take the precautions to make sure that what happened last time would not be repeated”. Oops.

As head of the Mexican president Guzman has been directly or indirectly responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands of murders and tortures. The last time he escaped – by bribing prison guards – it took more than a decade for him to be recaptured, and in that period he built the Sinaloa drug cartel into Mexico’s biggest importer of drugs into the US. He had been indicted in a number of US jurisdictions, but Mexico has refused to extradite him to the US, because in the US he might actually have to stay in jail.

We don’t really care if consenting adults sell each other drugs. But Guzman is a vicious mass killer – that’s SOP in the Mexican drug trade. And anyone who doesn’t think Guzman should be executed is morally complicit in all the next rounds of murder and mayhem he will cause. How many innocents will die while Guzman is on the loose? How many soldiers will die trying recapture him?

Mercy on a man like Guzman is not mercy; it’s a death sentence for truly innocent people.

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