Is this watch about honoring Schumacher, or just about the money?

Okay, we get that the guys at Audemars Piguet spent a long time – 3 years – developing a watch that could time consecutive laps on the race course, per racing legend and spokesperson Micheal Schumacher’s request. And the people who worked on the watch want to see their work made visible, like all good craftsmen.
And we get that Schumacher’s family is spending a fortune on his recovery, since his near fatal skiing accident in late 2013. But a watch that celebrates “pushing limit’s” by a man who pushed the limits so hard that he is now in a wheelchair and trying to regain basic speech and memory functions? Really?

Putting aside the ethical issues of a watch that costs $229,500 – are there really  221 people who will buy a watch like this at that price? Hard to believe. And finally we’ll note that, as you can see, the watch is not very easy to read, and kinda ugly. It’s a strange world in which we live. 

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