Lean on In Baby!

We’ve done a few posts about ludicrously priced ripped jeans for men. But hey, equal rights for all, including the right to spend your money in remarkably stupid ways. So ladies, should you wish to follow the menfolk down the path of idiocy,  be our guests.  And you can wear these pants from Saint Laurent while you’re walking down that lane – $890 for “distressed” jeans.


Or you can buy some at the Gap for $50, send them to Attitude Media, and we’ll distress them for free. Then you can send the $840 you just saved to buy food for some starving kids in Africa; and throw in a few hundred schoolbooks as well.  Maybe you’ll wake up one day and realize that the smile on the face of a kid with food in her stomach is a cooler look than ripped jeans.

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