A Golden Age for Cheap Clothes

We live in a golden age of cheap clothing. This is a silk blend polo shirt from H&M, which has some remarkably cheap, and sometimes quite nice, clothing for men. This shirt is a very comfortable silk blend, and looks very nice. We own it in a couple colors.

But whether you shop at H&M, Zara, Uniglo – there is a lot of good cheap stuff out there. And as a general rule it doesn’t fall apart. Yes, we have heard all the criticisms – the clothes are made with slave labor, they are not high quality, they are part of the disposable culture, blah, blah. Of these issues the only one we really care about is the labor issue. But we’d much rather provide some jobs in Bangladesh than pay for some Italian’s two hour lunch break. This shirt is about $30, plus $5 for shipping and $5 for taxes, so $40 all in. Make your own value judgments.

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