Fabric Innovation – What is Fantasy? What is Reality?

It’s really cool that clothing designers are moving way beyond design and into innovating new types of fabrics. In the world of work out wear, we guess this started with Lululemon, which pioneered exotic fabrics and things like “stink-stopping Silverescent® fabric technology, powered by X-STATIC®”. Does it work? We have no idea; we’ve always thought Lululemon stuff was way too expensive for workout gear.

And then there is Vuori, a much smaller California based workout line. An article in Essential Homme sounds more like an April Fool’s joke, claiming that “the blend of wood and pulp used to make Vuori’s fabric releases vitamins and minerals when you sweat, allowing for an active nutrient exchange and a top-notch workout.” Fantasy or Reality? There is nothing on the Vuori website about this kind of miracle fabric, and its certainly something you would think they would promote. So maybe it’s just the overactive imagination of someone associated with the brand. Or maybe not; there is so much innovation in fabrics these days, who knows?

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