Welcome to the Age of $865 Sweatpants

GQ recently made it official with an issue (April 2015) devoted to SportsCore, or the elevation of workout clothing to designer attention – and prices. These $865 sweatpants from Lanvin are part of a very bad trend. Are they made of gold perhaps? No, cotton, just like the ones from the Gap.

Work out wear should be basic, and cheap. If you’re not going to the gym, don’t wear it. If you are going to the gym, keep it simple. $40 sweats and a $10 white tee shirt will do just fine. If you want to impress the dudes at the gym, do a 285 pound bench press, with good form. If you want to impress us, do the 285 bench and then help an old lady find the 5 pound plate she’s looking for. If you want to be the gym joke, wear fancy clothes.

(And a little tip for you – the guys lifting the most weight are the most covered up.)

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