Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Photo Credit: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Photo Credit: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

This museum is in a good location, just off magnificent mile near the John Hancock building. Otherwise, terrible; usual identity, gender politics. It’s amusing when art that has little to with gender or race needs to throw in a few lines in the description about “tensions arising from race and gender” just to get shown in a place like this. One thing worth seeing is one of the few contemporary artists we like, Wangechi Mutu, just for aesthetic appeal, although the “message” is the same tired one about gender roles, etc, and the one pic they have from her is not one of her best.  Admission is only $12, but that’s really about $9 too much for this; it’s the same stuff as NYC’s MOMA, but a bit smaller, and without the beautiful café and garden, although they do have a 2nd rate café here and a very small sculpture garden.

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