Can You Really Afford this Jacket?

This is a varsity style jacket for men by Saint Laurent. It costs $2,390. Yes, it is cool. But should you buy it? For most people the answer is a simple no; they don’t have over $2 large to spend on a jacket. But let us suppose you have just sold your app to Google, or signed with the Yankees. Should you buy this? Maybe.

Here is what you need to do first:


1) Make sure everyone you care about has enough to eat and a roof over their head. This might pertain to 1 person or 5000 people. Your call.


2) Make sure you have no debt and liquid investments of at least $250,000, which is 100X what the jacket costs. Hopefully not a problem – see Yankees/Google above.


3) Make sure you’re actually going to wear the damn thing!


All good? Okay, big boy, buy away.

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