A DC Court of Appeals yesterday ruled that important portions of Obamacare – the subsidies on the federal exchange – are illegal. But of course that won’t stop the administration from proceeding right along with those subsidies, which cost taxpayers billions. Why pay attention to the law when you’ve ignored it, and gotten away with it, so many times?

Plus, there is vital work to be done! That would be life saving medical care for children from the ghetto, right? Well, actually, no. Medicare, for the first time in 33 years, has now agreed to fund sex change operations. True, a sex change operation is an almost unthinkably deviant procedure, flying in the face of common sense and nature, and a shameful misallocation of medical resources, but just part of the freak show that has become modern America.

Medicare, Obamacare, doesn’t really make any difference: You’re paying for it – regardless of what any court may say.

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