Obama Trip to Jay Leno Show to Cost Taxpayers Over $1M

Attitude Media’s new book, $1.4 Billion Man, reveals lavish presidential spending

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

President Obama is about to make the third visit of his presidency to the Jay Leno show, and according to a newly released book, it will cost US taxpayers over $1 million. This cost estimate is based on the most comprehensive study of White House spending ever performed, The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man: Costs of the Obama White House, just completed after 3 years of meticulous research. The cost of the trip to the Jay Leno show is based on an analysis of a similar quick trip the Obamas took to New York City in 2009, often referred to as Date Night.

For Date Night, billed as a private evening, the Obamas took one of the smaller planes from the presidential fleet. The press and staff followed in two other planes. After landing at JFK in New York, Marine One flew them over the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan, where their motorcade began.

The trip involved:

  • 2 C-17s carrying presidential limousines, helicopters, and other equipment, flying three missions
  • 3 Lear jets
  • 5 helicopters
  • 1 Presidential Motorcade

Officially, there were 44 US Marines and more than 20 Secret Service personnel involved, but, as usual, this dramatically underestimates the government paid manpower. There are of course pilots and flight crews for all the helicopters and planes, and chauffeurs for all the cars in the motorcade. An advance team, often more than one, goes before the president on all of his trips. As we detail in the section on medical care, he is always accompanied by a medical team, as well as additional staff.

Taking into account the advance team, flight crews, Secret Service, White House planning, medical staff and others, there were probably about 150 federal government employees involved in Date Night, and an equal number for each trip to the Jay Leno show, not counting local New York City police. Based on Date Night and other previous excursions the taxpayer funded cost of each Jay Leno trip, will be well in excess of $1 million.

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