Walking. Sounds simple enough, right? One of the easy pleasures of life, and good exercise to boot. If you’re walking with others, a few simple guidelines:

– If you’re with someone that has a smaller footstep than you, or is older, or a smaller child, or for whatever reason tends just not to walk as fast, go at their speed, not yours. A lady, or older friend, or someone ailing should not have to work to keep up with you. As always, adjusting your speed to theirs acknowledges their presence, and indicates your thoughtfulness in taking their needs into account.

– Men often walk faster than women, perhaps because they tend to be smaller, and have shorter strides. This is not ancient Japan; women do not appreciate it if you are walking ahead of them. See Rule 1. “I can’t stand if I go out with a guy and he walks in front of me” says Patti Wood, an Atlanta consultant and body language expert. “It says ‘I’m not conscious of other people in my universe.” (Details, page 184, September 2006)

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