Get a Room

Like ostentatious spending, it often seems that public displays of affection are more about showing off than lust or affection. And like wealth, passion is something best displayed in private. PDAs are really just a form of bragging; but is it really so impressive that you have a lover, and know what to do with her?

On the other hand, if that lover is Joan Chen, then by all means, you may want to announce the relationship to the world, and what better way than by a passionate embrace in the lobby of the Ritz?

Of course, there is a difference between a gentle kiss and a full-out, no-holds barred horizontal bop. And the range of cultural acceptance for public displays of affection seems to vary quite widely by country and culture. Europeans seem to have no objections to a good public make out session – in fact, public parks in some countries such as Italy seem to be primarily used for just that sort of thing.

As we frequently say, let the Golden Rule be your guide. If you and your honey are going at it in such a way that you would find objectionable if you were to witness others in such a scene, then carry your passion from the street to a private room. (Your private room – under no circumstance, and no matter how heated, or how willing your partner, does a gentleman take his lover to the mens’ or ladies’ room. If you don’t understand why, you need to start over with the Manly Manners and Morals for Dummies book.)

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