It is a sad fact – at least for many of us – that as we get older, the objects of our lust do not. That is not to say that the women that we love – or have loved – do not age – tragically, they do. But when we’re teenagers we lust after women in their twenties, when we’re in our twenties, we lust after women our own age. When we’re in our 30s we still like to hope we’re attractive to 25-year-old women. As we do ten years later. Sad to say, we expect to be lusting after women 40 years our junior when we’re 65. Is this common phenomena an example of the emotional immaturity of which women are forever complaining? (A green head on gray shoulders, as one English novelist said long ago). Or are we simply responding to the iresistable urge for fresh, youthful flesh and the kind of curves that beckon to us no matter our age?


The cold hard truth is that men are sexually attracted to hot hard bodies. Blame it on God, DNA, or nature, or what have you, but there is no substitute for a firm, round ass or the naturally uplifted curve of a woman’s breast. We would like to think that we could forget about all that and focus our attention on the finer nuances of a complex mature personality, but, much as we might try, we are doomed to an obsession with fresh flesh, as the ladies in Rio say.

So what is a lusting man to do? Pretend not be attracted to the younger ladies? Openly admit to dirty-old-manhood? Or just be the typical pathetic older man, flirting with much younger, and totally disinterested, waitresses, receptionists, massage therapists, and others in our orbit of daily life?

The first step is to face reality, and realize that you, my friend, are aging, and probably no more gently than your lady friends. Are you gaining a gut? Losing your hair? Even if you’re working hard to stay in shape, those lines in your face betray your age. But the good news is that the ladies may be willing to ignore all that, but only if the rise in your fame and or fortune is clearly outpacing the decline of your physical self. Not famous or rich? Well, do as you can. As long as the object of your fantasies is over the age of consent, you can use your creative faculties to create lures for that pretty young thing. If unsuccessful, you’ll handle defeat with the maturity you’ve learned as you age. And if you’re successful, you randy old brute, just remember that those stares from the other men are envy, not contempt, as the women are well aware.

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