Downtown LA

Downtown LA is getting a reputation for being revitalized, but we’re here to warn you: in reality it’s still years off from being livable, or even really worth more than a weekend visit. Yes, the weekend rooftop pool party at the somewhat beaten down Standard Hotel is cool; lot’s of babes and dudes looking good in scanty swimwear. Depending on how you see the world, it’s either the best or the worst that society can aspire to. And the views from the roof are nice, even if the hotel’s rooms are tired and too sparse, though decently sized. The Standard also has decent lobby and game room areas if you fancy a game of ping pong, and a nice little patio restaurant with good food. But when you really hit the local streets you’ll find way too many homeless people. In fact, in all my travels, this is the highest homeless to resident ratios I have encountered, even worse than third world cities. Yes, there are old buildings that have been converted to nice lofts, but the vibe can still be dodgy, especially if there are not too many people around and you are walking alone. Gentrification is taking place; you can buy a nice $7 smoothie, have a drink, buy a vintage shirt, or get a tasty meal, but with all the places in the world to go, why downtown LA? In five years this may be quite a different.

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