A specialist in intellectual property and libel law, Nizer represented celebrities such as Johnny Carson, Mae West, Salvador Dali, and Charlie Chaplin. He was the general counsel for the Motion Picture Association of America and founder of the New York law firm Philips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim, and Ballon. His best-known cases were successful libel suits, especially the one on behalf of John Henry Faulk, which was credited with ending blacklisting in the broadcast industry.

Born in London, Nizer emigrated to the United States at age 3. Noted for his speaking skills as a youth, Nizer graduated from Columbia Law School in 1924. A man of diverse talents, Nizer wrote words and music for songs, was a popular speaker, and wrote several books about his court cases, including the best-selling “My Life in Court” (1961). He continued to work until shortly before his death at age 92.

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