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John Groom has written about a wide variety of topics for Internet sites and print publications. In describing his varied work The Boston Globe said, “John Groom understands that man’s nature is contradictory”. Playboy magazine has called his essays “entertaining”, while Netscape’s Netcenter has said that Groom’s writing “can brighten even the dullest day.” CNNfn says: “Success caught Groom by surprise, but sometimes even journalists find it satisfying to learn that nice guys can finish first.”

His best-known venture may be the Positive Press web site (www.positivepress.com). In a feature article about Positive Press, Reuters news service says “Groom chooses bounce back stories, stories of quiet heroism.”
“John Groom understands that man’s nature is contradictory”

Other publicity for Positive Press has included CNN Headline News, Canadian National Radio, USA TODAY, Yahoo, Norwegian Broadcasting Network, Australian Online, Daily Telegraph Online, Popular Science Magazine, Web TV, Editor and Publisher, Men’s Health, Internet World, Net Guide, Web Magazine, and many others.

Groom is also the founder of TheOutrage.com, described by Web Magazine as “A brilliant use of the web”. He has also provided content for AnnuityNet.com, a leading financial services web site.

Groom’s print essays have been published in The Washington Post, Builder Magazine, Montgomery Sentinel, Philanthropy, Export Today, and elsewhere.

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