This is a unique program where we work with users who are willing to invest their time, skills and/or money into developing new business ventures with Attitude Media.

We offer:

  • Original, unique ideas.

  • Background and competition research

  • A large heavily trafficked site on which to experiment with and advertise these ventures

  • AM will invest in development

  • Beta testers

  • Publicity

  • Intellectual property protection expertise

  • New ventures business development expertise

We’re looking for partners who can contribute capital, as well as those who don’t want to contribute capital but who have expertise and passion in fields including online content, programming, marketing, book publishing, health and fitness, and a wide range of other areas.

There are other areas of Attitude Media were you can earn reward points for making small contributions of content, but AM ventures is for more substantial contributions. Minimum financial investment is $10,000 for financial partners. Minimum time investment is 250 hours for working partners

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