Is There Room For Violence In A Rational Life?

What does it mean to live sanely in an insane world? Does it mean always being positive? Given that Attitude Media, the publisher of this Living Sanely list, is also the publisher of the Positive Quote of the Day and Positive News, one might be forgiven for thinking we only believed in looking at the sun.

Is there room for violence in a rational life? Millions of people trying to find peace, democracy, and prosperity in the world have tried the route of peaceful protest. They might be forced to try violence. Is that a legitimate approach? Brazil is awash in corruption; if the president cannot be impeached, is violence legit? How ruthless should Europe and America be in fighting terrorism?

We’ve created a new graphic novel/comic strip called Favela. The central character was raised in the ghettos of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a man of inherent moral dignity; he never lies. But he is ruthless to his enemies. When he tried to make an honest living, first in Brazil and then in the US, he found his head exploding with the irrationality of the system. People made millions  by fraud, insider trading, betting on government bailouts, and whistleblower lawsuits. 

But honest mundane labor received very little reward. Favela vowed that he would make the world a fairer place, where those who created value could live without being afraid of reading the news. As to those who destroy value? You may not approve of what Favela does to them.

To read Favela’s story, click here. But it’s dark.

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