Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a very smart man, probably a brilliant man. He is the author of The Black Swan and Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder, both excellent books. But he made his fortune in finance, and he writes like a rich man, with the sort of careless arrogance with which Mike Bloomberg served as mayor of New York. "If I defer writing a section, it must be eliminated...Why should I try to fool people by writing about a subject for which I feel no natural drive?" he goes on to imply that the only worthwhile writing is that for which the author is inspired. This of course ignores hundreds of years of writing history, by my most authors, who wrote, often quite brilliantly even when they didn't feel like it or where impeded by writer's block. Like everything else is life, writing, especially for professional writers, is something that one tries to do well even when one doesn't feel like it.

— Taleb on writing only inspired prose  

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