The straight going people of the world, in dealing with the crooked, are almost always unreasonable. "Because you have been bad", say they who are not bad to those who are, "because you have hitherto indulged yourself with all pleasures within your reach, because you have never worked steadily or submitted yourself to restraint, because you have been a drunkard and a gambler, and have lived in foul company, therefore now, that I have gotten hold of you and can maniuplate you in reference to your repentance and future conduct - I will require from you a mode of life that, in its general attractions, shall be about equal to that of a hermit in a desert. If you flinch, you are not only a monster of ingratitude towards me, who am taking all this trouble to save you, but you are also a poor wretch for whom no possible hope of grace can remain.

— Trollope on the problem with those who try to reform others.  

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