“I am that little boy Ricky. I saw them killing my parents. I saw them” Richard Dean Pueschel told the court.

Reginald and Jerry Mahaffey were convicted of killing both his parents and attempting to kill eleven year old Ricky. They were sentenced to death, but Governor Ryan may commute their sentences, as well as more than a hundred other killers.

They were all tried. They were all convicted. A jury decided, based on the laws of Illinois and the severity of the crimes, that they should die. They went through the appeals process. The appeals failed. And now, they face the ultimate justice: the death penalty.

Wrong. Illinois Governor George Ryan is going to commute all the sentences on his way out of office. That’s right – every killer, no matter how brutal or sadistic, is going to be shown mercy. One man, the governor, who knows next to nothing about the individual cases and crimes committed, will commute all the sentences from death to life. Clemency used to be reserved for special cases; one or two cases that,for whatever reason, the governor overturns the jury’s verdict. But Governor Ryan has decided to use the clemency process to circumvent the death penalty laws, laws which he swore he would uphold when he took office.

It may be Ryan’s mercy, but you’re going to pay for it. Of course, some of the 142 death row inmates will probably escape, and maybe kill or rape again, as they’ve done before. But even if they stay in prison and serve out their life sentences, you’ll still pay. It costs something like $60,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate, more than most American workers make in a year. But that’s because, in the modern way of thinking, a murderer is worth more than honest worker. And taxpayers, not the death penalty foes, pay the tab.

Americans can no longer tell the difference between movies and real life, so when a movie star like Tom Hanks makes an anti-death penalty movie like The Green Mile, people think innocents are being executed by the score. But TV is not real life, and in most cases there is no serious doubt as to guilt when someone is sentenced to death. Of course, movie stars like Tom Hanks, who can afford bodyguards and security, don’t have to worry too much about real life; they’re insulated. But in the real world it’s much more likely that people like OJ ruthlessly stab others to death, and walk free, than that innocent people face a death sentence.

Now that Mr. Ryan is commuting all death sentences, the next bleeding heart governor can reduce the sentences; or better yet, just release the prisoners. After all, everyone, even those who rape and kill, deserves a second, or a third, or a fourth chance, right?

Cigarette makers are held responsible for smoker deaths; gun makers are held responsible for shooting deaths; fast food restaurants are held responsible for people getting fat; but real murderers? They’re not responsible for anything.

The good may die young, but, in this insane world, the bad never die.

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0 thoughts on “MERCY FOR KILLERS!!

  1. I fully support the death penalty, and disagree with the Governor’s intended commutations. I also disagree with your statement that gun makers are made to pay for killings with their products. Although I personally like guns and enjoy target shooting (have since I got my first .22 rifle 61 years ago), but also support gun controls. Too many idiots in search of balls settle for buying high power guns when they are unable to muster masculinity on their own. They are irresponsible with their weapons (I have nearly been shot 3 times by idiots who mishandled their weapons with the safety OFF – and had to pound them bloody to persuade them it would be a mistake to do it again), either mishandling them entirely, being careless with their safety to the point of letting them fall into the hands of kids who can’t be expected to know enough not to kill their friends. I’m sick and tired of the so-called “conservatism” that demands the right to keep and bear arms. They have that now in Afghanistan and we consider them bordering on savagery. I support enough controls to ensure that only the genuinely mature and responsible individuals are allowed to have guns, and am not paranoid enough to believe the NRA bullshut that controls are a precursor to confiscation. I support killing people who kill in preference to saddling me and the rest of the taxpaying public with the bills for their leisurely well fed support. OJ Simpson is guilty, we need to whack Saddam – regardless of the initial cost, and we need a return to the family and religious values that existed at the founding of this Nation. The Governor isn’t the problem. All of us who support the politically correct bullshut and the lying propaganda of the NRA, and who vote for the politicians who enrich them in supporting this crap, WE are the problem!

  2. If my wife, sister,sons or grand children were murdered in cold blood. I would expect the convicted killer or killers to forfeit their life (s) if not by the State then they had best never be set free or their remain life would be measured in hours.

  3. Hey, the Orange County Register in California called the governor Grey(out) Davis and the gubanatorial candidate Bill Simon a couple of boobs.

  4. I am Outraged…at the Outrage! Your recent death-penalty
    email was as fraught with errors as the Illinois judicial system.
    First of all, Gov. Ryan has NOT decided, not yet anyway, to
    “commute all the sentences on his way out of office.”
    Second, as the Washington Post article points out (and as
    many Illinoisians already know), of 25 people sentenced to
    death, 13 were exonerated. Over half. That is an unacceptable,
    ridiculous, hideous level of error, especially when we’re
    talking about innocent lives. 13 people who were MISTAKENLY
    found guilty by a jury of their peers, due to incompetent
    defense lawyers, prejudiced jurors, police who fake
    evidence and lie, prosecutors more interested in furthering
    their political careers than in arriving at the truth, tearful
    victims’ families who want to see someone–ANYONE–pay
    for their loss, or any number of other factors.
    And remember, putting an innocent person to death is a
    double tragedy: Not only has our state deliberately murdered
    (and I think murdered is the right word) an innocent person,
    but the real killer is in all likelyhood still roaming the streets
    The Outrage goes off the deep end when it contends that a
    future governor may go so far as to release all these people.
    Come on, Outrage! While support for the death penalty may
    be limited, you would be hard pressed to find even a bleeding-
    heart ACLU-supporting politician who would be insane enough
    to simply release a killer without proof of innocence. That’s
    a huge advantage of life imprisonment over the death penalty:
    if you find that an innocent man has been convicted, you can
    always release him from prison to live out the rest of his life
    free, but death is final and irreversible.
    It takes a principled man to do what Gov. Ryan is doing. While
    he may remain pro-death penalty, he has the wisdom to see
    that the death penalty can only bring justice and closure if
    implemented within a judicial system that does everything
    possible to ensure that NO innocent people are put to death.
    Tell me, Outrage, how many innocent people is it acceptable
    to you to kill so that the victims’ families can have a false
    sense of security? Illinois’ death penalty system is broken.
    When something is broken, it is usually wise not to use it
    until it’s fixed.

  5. “…so when a movie star like Tom Hanks makes an anti-death penalty
    movie like The Green Mile, people think innocents are being executed by
    the score.”

    Again, “The Outrage” is outraged about the wrong thing. It has been shown that in Illinois
    (just as in Texas and Florida) almost 20% of those executed for murder were innocent!


    These criminals are not being released on the public as “The Outrage” implies, they will
    likely never be released from prison.

    “The Outrage” should be outraged about why innocent people are being convicted and put
    to death, not why a murderer is being given life in prison instead of being executed.

  6. The talk about Illinios and it’s death penalty is moronic at best. If the Judicial system is so wrong and kills innocent people, then why has it found people innocent and let them go. Please write and let us know of ONE person who was wrongly put to death. And as for gun control, if you think the government is not going to confiscate our guns someday, why don’t you ask some of the countries that gave up their gun rights. How come the 2nd ammendment isn’t that important to many people today??? You morons(hmmm what an unchristian thing to say- but very true!)see what happens when we lose one of our most precious rights. The ability to defend ourselves. Why don’t you ask Handgun Control what their ulterior motive is! To get rid of all guns. Thank God for the NRA and KABA.

  7. These type decisions have evolved due to the feminine influence in our government. Most women like to be thought of as humane contrary to some of their actions. I have thought for a long time that the phrase “cruel and inhuman punishment” should be removed from our constitution. So that when we have a particularly heinous crime we could inflict a similar punishment on the perpetrator. Like drawing and quartering in the public square.

  8. I feel that the people that do this out of the “Goodness” of their heart should be made responsible for their benefactors actions. If one of them, by whatever means, does something against society then that person should suffer the same consequences.

  9. This sucks, sure let them loose so they can murder somebody else. An idea, how about getting a name and address for the governor and every living relative. Then provide the list to these a$$holes being turned loose. Before they kill anymore innocent people they can just go down the list any wipe out the governor and ALL of his relatives. When they are done with that list, we can give the murders another list of ALL of the criminal defense attorneys. Clean that state up!

  10. I think anyone that commits a crime of any degree should be going into it not only knowing the consequences for their actions, but also that it is an “occupational hazard.” If we were more strict and sent the message from the beginning that we are determined as a society to punish criminals then maybe the criminals would take the consequences for their crimes more seriously. Nothing disgusts me more than a convicted killer whining and crying for his/her “precious” life.

  11. First off, I’d like to respond to the comments made previously by George Salisbury, specifically: “These type decisions have evolved due to the feminine influence in our government. Most women like to be thought of as humane contrary to some of their actions.”

    I’m not really sure how your initial comments are relevant in this instance. The Governor of Illinois is male…so where do you get the feminist angle from??

    On the contrary, of all the people I ever speak to regarding the death penalty, most often the most adamant advocates of it are women, while men are, for the most part, more merciful in their views. I agree with you on the drawing and quartering in the public square; however, I think THAT is a bit too humane.

    I’m also of the view that executions should be televised a few times, perhaps to discourage other potentials violent criminals from committing violent crimes.

    LOL, the feminist angle is a joke. If the male chauvinists of the world only knew of the “cruel and unusual punishments” women could think up, you’d put women in charge of the correctional facilities and the repeat crime rates would decrease dramatically.

    Skin ’em alive and give ’em a bath in a vat of ethyl alcohol…that would be my second choice to the death penalty for these monsters.

  12. I am not well educated (thank Goodness). I do read, and understand what is in the message. When a person kills on purpose (not accidentally)they have shown they will kill or maim. Even a person that is declared insane should not be able to repeat the deed. When a person is sentenced to jail, they may escape, be furloughed, or released by a nonreasoning excecutive oficial. The pecentage of killings are high by repeat offenders. Most cases the victim is innocent of any crime. The killer is judge, jury, and executioner.
    All who are convicted of killing a person, even in a rage or for revenge should be put to death within days of the finding of guilt.
    Should a finding of innocents be later found, God grant us forgiveness.
    Should a convicted person later escape or even while incarcerated, kill again, the judge that gave them less than a death sentence should serve as an accesory to the crime.

  13. You get what you vote for! You place liberal people in positions where they must make moral decisions and they will fold. Unfortunately excutions are necessary but you probably will not find the people able to make the correct and hard decision to do so by voting for a liberal “Dumbocrat”. Illinois, if you don’t want killers around, vote for the people that will remove them from society.
    P.S. Stop listening to Hollywood, the’re proficient in acting but idiots when it comes to running a society.

  14. So,
    What has to be done is a new law created where a Governor has to face the victims in person after that governors made the decision to lessen the sentence against the covicted dunghole.
    Also, the victims (including victims families and friends)
    must have an avenue through the legal system to get the covicted dungholes sentences re-instated to the original
    sentence and … and bring
    some sort of investigation against said moron Governor.
    This business of a sitting governor being able to overturn a jury and judges sentencing without new evidence is absolutely nuts.
    Perhaps some sort of time behind bars for such irresponsible governors should
    be developed.
    8 weeks of deer season starts in the Adirondack Mts this weekend. Gentlemen, load your firearms, there’s some 200lb’ers up in them there woods.
    Gotta go.

  15. I am not a religious friek, but when it comes to executing
    people who have committed the crime, “justice should be swift, before the heart softens” this is Biblical, and in this day and age, with all the crap that goes on everyday, it would do good for everyone to see some public executions, on prime time television, I believe this alone would curb part of the problems that we have in our country. A few rotten apples are spoiling the whole barrel.

  16. Governor Ryan, what purpose is served in pardoning murderers? They must serve the sentence validly handed down by juries and judges.

  17. You mention in your article that a death row inmate who has been convicted of murdering an innocent person may have his sentence commuted to life in prison by Governor Ryan. And that that prisoner may escape and go on to rape or kill again. That’s possible, but what’s even more probable is that that prisoner will end up killing a Corrections Officer or another prisoner who doesn’t deserve to die. To all those who say that the Death Penalty is not a deterrent: Bull, it deters the convicted murderer from ever killing another innocent person after the killer’s just and proper execution.

  18. It is simply amazing that in a democracy (held up for all the world as the perfect example) one man has so much power. Surely there should be a way for the people to be heard. I agree with the right to life but if you remove another person’s right, yours should be taken from you.

  19. If my family had been murdered and some liberal governor commutted his sentence, I would carry out the sentence. If my family is gone what the hell else do I have to live for but MY justice?

  20. If just one innocent man wrongly convicted is saved by the actions of Governor Ryan then it’s worth it. Now I’m not saying there are scores of innocent men on death row, but there are some. The death penalty doesn’t work as a deterant other wise you wouldn’t see people on death row. Most civilized nations have done away with the death penalty, why does the USA insist on being a third world nation?

  21. The assumption here is that everyone convicted and sentenced to die is guilty. But not everyone is. I have a counter-proposal, why not utilize these people to further mankind? Instead of putting our fine young military boys at risk, or testing some poor unsuspecting mental cases for which the State would probably be sued, lets get the courts to completely remove any and all rights these prisoners may hold or even thought they hold so we can declare them criminally insane and wards of the State. Do you have any idea how much medical research costs these days? According to the pharmacy companies it costs in the billions to develop a single drug. Think how much they would be able to save if they were able to “rent” medical trial subjects from the state! What a great way to lower the cost of maintaining the inmate population and with the influx of money, I would bet they would be able to eventually lower taxes and even help lower the cost of drugs to the average consumer! I’m sure with the HIV rates in our prison population, we could cure AIDS in short order! So you see, the death penalty is a waste of good medical testing subjects… Or are you all just plain chicken?

  22. I would not like it at all that this person took it upon him/herself to kill my parents as if they can pass judgement upon them. I *%#! show wouldn’t like it if he/she was release. Now that is wrong and very insencitive to that young man. And that about OJ, I do believe he was innocent. Show me where he was guilty and I will show you where he is innocent. Now the governer have no right to do that. I mean, he’s not thinking at all about what these people have done, who they have killed, and who they have affected by doing so. You tell me if you would want them back out on the street after what they have done to those poor, innocent people?! To kill again, to rape again, to muder all over and this time know that they can get away with it. Selfish #@%^*~&$!

  23. You are 180 degrees bass ackwards to say that the
    governor is circumventing the law. If the law provides for the
    governor to commute the sentences, that is the law.
    Don’t like it? Change the law.

  24. And, now that I think about it, that $60,000 price you put on
    keeping a prisoner is
    (A) way exaggerated
    (B) only applicable to DEATH ROW inmates (MORE EXPENSIVE)
    (C) irrelevant

  25. If the criminals responsible for the deaths of my loved ones (fortunately there are none) were freed from Death Row, my thought would be why not free them completely? Just give the victim’s family a good vantage point and a full box of ammunition. Cheaper than paying for the upkeep and appeals until they were executed.

  26. taxpayers pay 60,000 a year to keep killers alive. how much do we pay to keep them in office? Kissinger used government funds to pay for the coup that placed Pinochet in power in Chile. If we really wanted to save lives, punish murderers, and save money, why don’t we just kill the American Secretary of State, the head of the CIA, FBI, NSA, all the Bushes, and the top brass at the Pentagon. Sorry, you’re right, these people should be left alone as they kill only foreigners…

  27. The death penalty is a deterent for murderers. Any person who has looked at the Department of Justice records would know. It shows a clear correlation between executions per year and murders per year. The more the executions of murderers the less murders will be commited. You anti-death penalty wackos are just plain stupid.

  28. Actually, that I would hope that the person never did get the death penalty. I use the example of Jesus Christ, in that I would rather want to love him and see the good in the man, rather than being so ravenous that I want blood. I actually commend his action morally, however, if what he did is illegal, than well that’s another story.

  29. Like my recently deceased father, dadchad2001, I support the death penalty. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.”

    Too many murderers get off scott free. They should be held as accountable here on Earth as they will be on Judgment Day. God didn’t suffer murderers. Neither should we. It is my opinion that convicted killers after having been proven guilty by law, should be put to death without the right to appeal. What right to appeal for mercy does the murderer give his victim. NONE! Then he should be shown no mercy.

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