Many Outrage readers recoiled in fear from the idea of a Gore presidency. What would happen if he were declared the winner of the 2000 election?
Fiscal conservatives declared it would mean out-of-control government spending!

The return of massive budget deficits! Huge growth in government! America would join forces with the UN to disperse your hard earned tax dollars around the globe. More handouts to mismanaged corporations. Good God, everyone would be gorging at the public trough!

If only Bush, the champion of free-markets and foe of big government,could prevail!

Government discretionary spending is now growing at 9% per year, in a non-inflationary environment, with 70% of this increase occurring outside of the defense budget. Farm subsidies have doubled, with a new bill calling for $190 billion in outlays. Mismanaged airlines pay their executives millions and still get public subsidies. Uncompetitive steel producers receive tariff protection. Defense contractors get, well, whatever they want.

Tell us again, who won the election?

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  1. The legislators have completely disregarded their role as representatives of their district. They go to washington to see how much of the federal income they can steal for their constituents so they can buy votes. They don’t have a clue to the the original purpose of their job.Had the 16th amendment not been passed there wouldn’t be the cash cow in Washington.

  2. It doesn’t make any difference who wins any election at any level of government; every office-holder will screw up (or screw us) more often than not. The first probably by accident; the second by agenda. In cases where the general public gets shafted, we have either elect a crook or created one.

  3. More than ever the political class has shown itself to be the enemy of the peace, the poor and the prosperous. Hmmm … maybe Timothy McVeigh was right …

  4. CAREFUL!!!!

    It seems as though you are attacking the Savior of America’s policys and plans — You could VERY well be declared a “person of interest” by God’s Personal Mouthpiece (AKA John Ashcroft) and visited one fine morning at, say, 3:00 a.m.

  5. A lot of people in this country
    don’t have all the information
    to understand what is going on.
    One thing to look at is back
    in 1933 when the Federal Government
    was declared bankrupt. Congress
    is sitting there as caretakers of
    the bankruptcy. You can
    verify that through the
    reorganizational plans that have
    been published. Look in the back
    of Title 26 USC and you
    will see those reorganizational

  6. Demoblican or Republocrat, it really makes no difference.
    At least the Dems are honest in making no bones about
    their desire to increase govt.

    That’s why I will always vote Libertarian, the only party with
    any meaningful principles. And, the Libs actually mean
    what they say! http://www.lp.org

  7. ooh, that touchy subject of money and taxes. well, mr. burba is right, citizens should go and read the reorganizantional plans setforth by congress. for all practical purposes America was surrendered in 1913 when the congress allowed the birth of the “federal reserve bank”. basically our entire nation was mortaged to the bankers in december of that year with only a hand ful of senatorial votes. well, the dumbing down of america is working very well and most people can’t understand the insidious and cancerous beast that runs our economy. when one tries to explain this to someone (whom will listen), then they want to accuse you of having a bad attitude about your own economic situtation. that may be true some of the time, but i personally live very good in this country compared to much of the world, the question is, how much better off would i be if the threat of the i r s and the bankers was lifted from our lives. i really don’t need more money to buy stuff with, i personally just want freedom to spend my time, (which God gave me) with my family, or friends, or doing what ever i wish, as long as it is not harmful to anyone else. however, i am forced to work more to cover the needs of the i r s gang and still provide something for my family. so, will it ever change,? sure someday it will, but everything else will change with it, and we won’t be longing for the end of the i r s because a completely new type of gov. will exist, and even money won’t be an issue then. halleluiah!!! have a little faith….

  8. You are so right — as usual. As long as people elect Democrats OR Republicans, we are going to have these assaults on our pocketbooks and our freedoms. I prefer Libertarians, who are honest about cutting big government and about increasing personal liberty. Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list.

  9. All this makes Geo. Wallace’s message ring true “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the republicans and democrats.”

  10. “Off with thier heads”

    The only way this will ever be correctted will be to provide a revolution, take the country back, restore the founding principles and consitution. Anything less is and will be a mental exersize.

  11. look what hapens when the young turks get to washington; they are full character, ethics and good intentions. that all goes to pot when they learn the facts as to how the system really works. they don’t have a key to the restroom, no perks, no appointments, and no help from the old guys. so they eventually come arround and join the club and start raising money for the next election. it has been said that the system is not good but it’s the best we have, i don’t think so. look at the economy; what a mess all caused by , to some extent, by washington, the fed. and thje party in power, the republicans and there somewhat liminted president, who was illegally elected by the supreme court; what can we do but study the truth and vote.

  12. I have some faith that the American people are not as “loopy” as the Government that represents them. As and Australian I watch the growing anti American sentiment in this country fuelled by the obvious hipocracy. We see a war on terror but the USA has the biggest terrorist training camp of all. “The school of the Americas”. We hear claims of Saddams chemical weapons but then find out the the US Government is hard at work making illegal chemical weapons. We hear about democracy but George Bush did not get a majority of the Presidential vote. The rest of the world do not want to be saved by the US and if the US really looked at the “WHY” of september 11th then it may have to face up to some unpleasant aspects of it Governemnts approach.

  13. All governments have flaws in the system and the reason for that is that NO ONE IS PERFECT. We should try to live with what we have and at the same time “VOTE” if you do not vote then you do not count, you cannot make a difference. You can say and scream all you want. However, without voting you do not count. I like the Democrats because everytime that we have somebody like Nixon, Reagan and The Bushers something will go wrong. Economical problems surge, they say one thing and do another one behind the people’s back. So the only one’s that we can blaim for everything that happens is us. Like JFK said why don’t you ask what you can do for your country instead what can your country do for you. If you disagree with what is going on join the politicians or create a party with Good Ideas because we do not want a Puppet Government. And the US should not interfere with other countries because the US is the country with more terrorrist in the world. The US trains terrorrists so that we get distracted from reality and the Presidents like the Bushers look like heroes. Republicans and Bushers are going to end up killing more people with their policies and their stupid smirk smile of a Hypocrite thief and killer because Americans (soldiers) die in foreign countries just to satisfy the Money Makers who run Our Country along with the Politicians.

  14. If there are millions of filthy,diseased,criminal illegal aliens running loose in America why aren’t we rounding them up and deporting or executing them?
    Why isn’t ‘our’ government protecting our borders?
    How many politicians have been paid off to allow this?

    “If voting could change anything, voting would be outlawed.” — Tom Metzger.

    It doesn’t matter who wins, we all lose. Bottom line — they should all be publicly executed.

  15. They’re all bloody cheats and liars, otherwise they’d have a real job or be in business for themselves. People who pursue political careers have prostituted themselves beyond redemption, well before getting into office so how can we expect them to be anything but liars cheats & thieves?

  16. I couldn’t agree with you more. But, here’s the problem–

    During campaign 2000, President Bush liked to tout himself as
    a “conservative”. But, he touted himself even more as someone
    who wanted to “change the tone” in Washington. So, accordingly,
    he tries to make nice-nice with the liberal Democrats in hopes that
    they’ll return the favor. As part of this nice-nice plan, he just signs
    any bloated spending bill that crosses his desk, instead of standing
    up for his supposed conservative principals. What does he get in
    return? Do the Democrats reciprocate with the nice-nice? Not hardly.
    Of course, I don’t want to sound like I’m placing all of the blame on the
    congressional Democrats. There are also plenty of Republican congress-folk
    who are afficionados of pork-barrel spending. Still, a supposedly conservative
    president should be able to use the power of the veto pen.

    The second part of the problem is that while President Bush touts
    himself as a conservative, he has adopted quite a few liberal ideas.
    Part of his campaign platform involved expanding the federal government’s role in
    public education while telling people that he was reducing it.
    Gone are the halcyon Reagan days when supposedly conservative
    candidates actually talked about getting rid of the unconstitutional
    Department of Education.

    That brings up the third part of the problem. In one of his debates
    with Algore during the campaign, President Bush stated that he
    would only nominate Supreme Court justices who are strict
    constructionists, and who would abide by the Constitution.
    As is the case with most Washington politicians though, President
    Bush follows the parts of the Constitution that he likes, but then
    disregards parts that get in the way of his political agenda. Like, the
    tenth amendment, for example.

    Anyway, just so you’ll know, in the next few minutes I’ll have
    this Outrage posted to my own Civics and Politics web site.
    If you have any objections to this, just let me know and I’ll take
    it down. (Of course, it will be some free advertising for your site.)


    Donald A. Tevault
    Webmaster, Civics and Politics

  17. I sympathize with the American people. It is embarassing to see Curious George misspeak time & again in the press – and I’m Canadian. The fact that the voting electorate could have put someone so ignorant in power makes me VERY nervous for the future; whatever kind of military action “Dubya” ends up engineering will, undoubtedly, have global consequences.

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