Have you read Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”? It’s a grimly prophetic version of the future – or what is now the current situation around the world. An almost unbelievable, but tragically true, mini-version of the book is playing out now in Zimbabwe.

Here’s the script:

  • An evil man, Robert Mugabe, steals the last election to become dictator.
  • Among other things, he implements a “land redistribution” program,which is simply a program to steal farms from productive white farmers and give the farms to his cronies and political supporters.
  • As a result, since all white farmers are being forced to abandon their farms, the country, which used to produce an agricultural surplus, is now on the verge of massive famine.
  • Zimbabwe, as well as a chorus of bleeding hearts from around the world, are now demanding that the rich countries provide aid, to prevent the forthcoming famine. Rather than focus on the cause of the famine,they site the “need of the moment” and natural conditions, such as draught, “beyond anyone’s control.” (This situation is much like the child who kills his parents, and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.)

Can you imagine the uproar if a white country passed laws saying that all people with black skin had to abandon their farms, many of which are the result of a lifetime of labor? But no similar uproar is now heard.And Mugabe is no fool – he knows that, no matter how many atrocities he commits, the West will send aid.

Here’s how this story ends:

  • Western TV cameras range around Zimbabwe, looking for the most pathetic examples of starving women, children, and old people.
  • he political left applies the necessary pressure to ensure that your tax dollars are used for “foreign aid”.
  • he vast majority of the foreign aid is stolen by Mugabe and his cronies, and used to buy weapons and luxuries in Europe.

“This new law has virtually criminalized the farming profession. It’s now a crime to produce food for my country at a time when the masses are
– Mike Clark, cattle rancher in Zimbabwe who is being forced off his

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0 thoughts on “LAND GRAB!

  1. Hmmmm,
    A bully stands until a bigger bully or a co-ordinated group knocks him down.
    If we’re talking about a different country, is it the USA’s job to police and fix other countries?
    As far as our USA giving money away to foreign governments goes, didn’t that dam break a long time ago?
    If the USA stops the leaks and spends it’s resources mending it’s self, does the rest of the world fall apart and drag us down with it?
    Someday the cockrouches will rule, and all our concerns will mean nothing nor be remembered.

  2. It seems for some reason countries feel they must help negroes no matter where they are located.
    White Muslims in Croatia were slaughtered and the world stood by. If they had been black the West would have gone in and done something. Because the Muslims were white nothing was done.
    Africa is still in the stoneage no matter how much aid is sent. I read where it was Africans having sex with monkeys is how aids got started. African country after country is overwhelmed with aids. They have to stop living and breeding like animals. If the African IQs are the same as the rest of the world why are they still living like animals, running around half naked and killing each other? The US has thrown enough good money away on a continent that will not change its morals and will not change its tribal ways.
    It seems wherever it is a negoe in trouble people run to their aid no matter what country. The US turned back healthy, productive Chinese boat people, yet took Haitian boatpeople loaded with disease and aids.
    In the US whites are becoming the minority and this is especially true in Washington, DC

  3. The first black mayor of Washington, DC was when I was a teenager. It has only taken 40 years to run one of the most beautiful cities into the ground and make it dangerous to walk in after dark.
    It will probably take the same amount of time for that to happen in South Africa. In the meantime the West is going to stand by while white citizens who were born there and have been there for several generations have their farms taken away, their wives raped and their children killed. Where does the defending negroes no matter what they do stop?
    When white farms came in they were in the stoneage raping and killing each other. The country was developed by white settlers. Now the ignorant blacks want to run it.
    Doesn’t this sound like the Palestineans trying to take land away from Israel once it has been developed and claiming it without having any right to the land or putting any work into it?

  4. This is no worse than all the bleeding hearts that feel sorry for Yasser Arafat. How can anyone support a man that has always gotten what he wants by committing terrorism or promising not to commit terrorism. If I could have those kind of odds, I’d could get tirch over night!

  5. Embedded in this argument is the crucible for and against globalization. The colonizers have been getting kicked in the butts for the last 50 years. Country after country have gained independence showing the world that true democracy reigne. Power to the people, this is democracy. Power to the few consumer supported corporations that is an oligarchy.

    The people have risen up and taken back their land and for this they are punished.

    – The political left applies the necessary pressure to ensure that your tax dollars are used for “foreign aid”.
    The industrial countries take 80 to 90% of the third worlds GNP – production and returns a fraction, less than 5% to those countries every year. This is called colonization. Fighting against this is what created this country. The poor countries or colonies in this case are asking for some way out, because their people have no hope for survival. Th eliving conditions are bad and on the edge of survival not because of corrupt govenrments and dictators but because of international policies that are draining the life out of the third world.

    – The vast majority of the foreign aid is stolen by Mugabe and his cronies, and used to buy weapons and luxuries in Europe. This is a nice way to demonized someone, say they are ripping off the people for their own greed. I maintain that his is a bad thing and what did we find out when Marcos, the Shah of Iran, Samosa in Nicaragua, Sukarno in Indonesia all came tumbling down? They were all US supported dictators that drained their countries for their own greed while allowing US interests to steal their natural resources and labor.

    Through loans the industrialists gain a foothold in the lives of the people of a country. They claim they want free trade when it is in reality controlled trade. The IMF determines how the country will pay back the loans, they even change the loan rates as in the case of Argentina it went from 3 to 20%. When the countries do not cooperate by giving up their utilities, banks, and pension funds they are demonized and we hear talk like this –

    This is a victory for the people. Over grazing ruins the land and starves millions while feeding a few wealthy a steak dinner, where a portion of the meat is thrown in the garbage.

    SO what this tells me is that it is best to not have a heart, be selfish, don’t give out anything for nothing and lust for materialism and be a better consumer by working hard. And we must support fighting evil at any cost even if our media demonizes those that stand up to this brave new world order.

    This is what Reagan and Thatcher believed and many think thayt are the greates leaders in history.

    Like Bush said — you are either with us or with the evil ones. Maybe this is why their rap began with an erroneous rap on God – Perhaps God is not omnipotent. It is impossible to give this a philosophy a bright future with moral fiber. This system will not stand the test of the light of day shining on those that are hding under the bush. Good will prevail. It is not hard to see the difference between good and evil especially in times when gray is absent.

  6. Well, I suppose I can attest to a certain amount of fact on this one, seeing as a local pastor in my town is a white man who emigrated here from Zimbabwe with his wife and two kids. He has told me his version of the situation in Zimbabwe and it sounds pretty grim.

    Of course, I don’t have all the facts, but after hearing the news and talking to this white Zimbabwe emigre, my first impression and my gut feeling is this: If we would like to maintain any integrity as a nation, we have two ways we can go with this.

    The first way would be to say, “Hey, we can’t keep pumping American tax dollars into aid programs in foreign countries whose leaders can’t find their own a$$es with both hands and a flashlight. (Of course, if private sector monies from church groups, private citizens, etc., is collected, well fine. That is a “person-to-person” gift, so to speak, for which there is ample biblical, as well as social, precident But the U.S. Government should step back on this one and not force Americans to help by extracting their tax money and sending it to Zimbabwe.)

    The second way to go would be this, and follow me closely on this one: We are the U.S., the most powerful nation in the world. Everytime some country falls apart we’re expected to pick up the pieces and ask for nothing in return – a sort of state-sponsored “United Way” charity or something. Well, to hell with that. We’ll pick up the pieces alright. But from here on in, we’re going to stop acting like we owe a guilty explanation of our success to those less fortunate in the world. From now on, whenever we pick up the tab for sorting out the problems of some stupid-a$$ little plantain-sucking dictator in oogie-boogie-land, we’re going to expect something back, okay? (And it ain’t gonna be some low-interest loan on which said country will default as soon as possible.) We are going to be the ones who run the show. We’ll run it with care and decency because we’re
    America and, unlike you bunch of stupid monkey-banging barbarians, we actually understand something about care and deceny. But we’ll run it OPENLY, dammit, without shame, and that little U.S. wannabe country will be in OUR hip pocket from that point on, got it? Of all trade, all economic growth, etc., that WE help engender, we get our take and we ALSO get our share of the credit for the success. The message will be “Hey, Zimbabwe (or anyone else), you will NOT turn around and write us off as a bunch of white supremacist busy-bodies once things go back to “normal” in your country. You will not regain some control over your one-eyed tribal bull$hit governement and then turn around and default on the loan while you blame all your troubles on sneaky old American foreign policy. As a matter of fact, YOUR chosen leaders probably won’t be on the airwaves at all, cause WE WILL CHOSE who runs your $hitty little nondescript country and HOW THEY RUN IT. Agree to these terms and THEN, we will help you, MAYBE. IF WE FEEL LIKE IT. Okie dokie?

    Now, of course, let’s not be nieve. The U.S. has been more or less doing just what I described above for a very long time, only we’ve been doing it shamefacedly, undercover. The U. S. has been behaving like an empire over these various annoying little banana republics and camel-jockies for decades due to our a$$-kissing of American big business interests. It’s just that we have never come out and been HONEST about it. We’ve never been allowed to openly claim and thereby benefit from our investments and machinations. And that’s the beauty of this plan. We get payback AND we get to have some damned INTEGRITY. Whadda change that’ll be, huh? If this second method is employed, I see two immediate benefits. First, by becoming more honest about our foreign policy activities, we thereby gain some respect among other nations and that will perhaps engender some FEAR OF OUR POWER, which can only help, let’s face it. Right now, we’re the laughing stock of most of the snotty European intellectual types who think THEY can solve all the world’s problems from their state-sponsored ivory towers in the French countryside. Well, we’ll kick their a$$es with this little plan.

    Second benefit, we will be able to tell BIG BUSINESS in America to shove off and shut down their D.C. lobby offices cause now we’re out in the open about our policies and we don’t have to kiss THEIR a$$es anymore either. Now WE will get the benefit of foreign production as the empire that we are, and we can show that benefit in a reduction of taxes for ALL Americans.

    Whaddya think? Not bad huh. Having written this essay, I am now going out to purchase my OWN ivory tower, dammit. (Of course, I’ll have to buy it on time, hoping that the interest rates won’t kill me.)

  7. Well, I am not surprised. It’s another dysfunctional crazy nutso story that makes me wonder what else is up??? Is this a cover for something else or just the outcome of one of our stupid supposed missions to ‘save someone’ .. I am still wondering what the ‘new vaccines’ REALLY have in them that are hitting american soil soon ~~~

  8. Dumb niggers. Aids will do the job in less than a generation now anyway. Aids? Fate’s way of saying “Screw You”. Western man is too stupid to get out of his own way when faced with any form of reality – this is no different. Forced by political and peer group pressure to wallow in guilt which, of course, can be appeased by giving to all these ‘good causes’.

  9. Who sends us any Foreign Aid? Who ever has? The
    Leaders of the Countries we send our money to just keep
    it for themselves or buy more arms to protect themselves
    with. The people who need it never get any of it. I say
    have a dry spell for all of them for a year to 3 years and
    spend the money on our own needs for a change and
    see if we talk to them with a little more authority. Of course
    our crooked congressmen would have to do without a
    few kick back dollars, but they could manage somehow.

  10. Yes, I want to straighten you out and tell you how much
    I have missed your telling the truth and having a place to
    rage back. My modem was down and I was sent the wrong
    one to replace it and that screwed things up for too long
    a time. I have sure missed you. Certainly I am raged
    about blacks or I can even say niggers here, taking every-
    thing the hard working whites have worked for and then
    running them off or killing them. I am also outraged about
    the Supreme Court telling me that I have to go to my own
    door and listen to any salesman or religious fanatic because
    of his ‘freedom of speech.’ He or they are on my property
    telling me anything they want to or planning to rob me the
    next time they come or casing the place for a burgulary and
    I will be put in jail if I don’t go to there and open up and
    listen or let them kill me. I just ain’t doing this one, I’m 72
    years old and have worn 3 different uniforms to protect
    this country, so I’m going to the door when I WELL
    PLEASE, and the Super Court can kiss my pony.

    Good to be able to rage to you and listen to other normal
    folks get ticked off too..

  11. As usual, Outrage is only telling half of the story. Remember when this nation of
    Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia?

    I’ll refresh your memory.

    Rhodesia was founded by the British as part of their empire. With superior arms they
    defeated the indigenous people and set up their own government completely administered
    by white people. The white people then took all the best land by force from the natives
    and set up their farms. The native black people were not allowed to raise food for profit
    like the whites and were forced to live on reservation style plots of land that the whites
    found unsuitable for farming. In fact, Rhodesia was such a white racist nation, at the time
    it made South African apartheid seem liberal!

    What we are now witnessing is wrong of course, but it is the natural response for a people
    who have long been subjugated and have had their land stolen from them.

    Payback is a bitch.

  12. This is a tuffy. In the begining it was the black land. Then stolen by white man. Later blacks reclaim independance. Finally blacks want thier land back…

    I suppose the blacks should get thier land back. But you got to consider they wouldn’t be be where they are today without something making the occurance. You got to messure out what the white community has givin them. I guess they gave them a world recognition. They gave them a sense of government, technology , and order. I understand they want their land back and it’s only fair. Perhaps they can give work to the white men because it would ultimatley be wrong to rob them of everything. They are an active part of the all-round polotics. They are the common man.

    In conclusion, the blacks must give somthing for the whites to take somthing back. Perhaps a new settlement with thier same posessions. This way the white man still helps the country and the blacks get their land back.

  13. Its hard to imagine thet this Mugabe dude can just stand their with his thumb in his hole and let his own people starve just because he can. And then turn around and ask for aid when hes the one causing all this bull.Hes the kind of person who just needs to be done away with,throne out like a nasty, molding, maggot burger.

  14. there are so many wrong assumptions in this article that it would be a waste of time to point them out. FYI: Atlas Shrugged is a fiction novel. It was written to convince people that selfishness and capitalism are moral virtues, instead of a vice and an economic system, respectively. There is no easy way to give land back to a country that has had it all stolen from them by imperialist countries, but to compare the problems that the Zimbabwean people are suffering from with ‘an orphan who has killed his parents’ is to say that those dumb, poor, black people should shut up and let the white people run their lives for them. I hope the famine spreads to your backyard.

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