Imagine, if you can, that all the money you have in the bank – checking account, savings account, CD’s – whatever – is suddenly seized by the government. No, not     because you didn’t pay your taxes – the government seizes everyone’s bank accounts. And we mean you are shut out – the banks are literally closed, ATMs don’t work – complete shut down.

Think this is some nightmare only conjured up by the twisted minds at The Outrage? Think again – this is the reality for the people of Argentina. Young and old, rich and poor, Argentines are literally being deprived of every source of cash due to the government’s gross mismanagement of fiscal affairs, and its desperate measures to correct the resulting fiasco.

We’re not talking about limits on withdrawals. Normal citizens cannot get cash. Period. No cash to buy groceries, no cash to buy gas, no cash to pay employees. Affluent people suddenly become impoverished. All because of an arbitrary government seizure of their money.

Think it couldn’t happen in America? Are you old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s gas rationing? How about when Richard Nixon, a Republican, instituted sweeping wage and price controls to control inflation? The Savings and Loan Crisis? And unless you were born yesterday – literally – you must remember that California has trouble keeping the lights on – do they run the banks like they run the utilities?

How safe is your money?


To read more about the Argentine banking fiasco see:

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  1. The governmnet does a great job of spending money they don’t have OUR money! So It could happen it is like letting the fox guard the hen house at some point they will get eatten besides it already happened here didn’t it? I t was called the great depression!!!!

  2. The simple truth is that ALL government employess are on welfare anyway. Think for a moment the basis of their income..taxpayer dollars, the same “pot” of money doled out to welfare bums? The difference of course is, we gave these welfare frauds power, even more that we have. In return they would take all our money if they needed to, with some dope faced public service speech I am sure. Ask those from WW1, they will tell you how sugar was banned. Sugar you say? Because of its connections and shortages, so think if it were something greater, like MONEY.You bet they would.

  3. After reading some of your stories and remembering a few things our government has done i think we should all be very concerned about our future

  4. Do I think the BAnks could close in the good old USA? Hell, yes. That’s why I keep large amounts of cash at home! oops, now I sound like a drug dealer. Okay, I’ll get back with you when I work that out!!

  5. Our “money” today isn’t really
    money at all. The value of a
    dollar was set by Congress in
    1792 as being 371.25 grains of
    silver. How much silver is in
    our money today? Think about
    it. It’s all just paper and
    base metals. Why is a $100 bill
    worth 100 times more than a $1
    bill? Just because some
    bureaucrat says so? That’s not
    good enough. Why do you think
    legal tender laws are in place?
    It’s not only so no one can
    counterfeit, it’s also so we
    are forced to accept their
    paper as “money.” When the gov’t does what a counterfeiter does, somehow that makes it legal. There’s no silver or
    gold backing money up anymore,
    only the promise made by the
    gov’t on behalf of the American
    taxpayer. When a foreign gov’t
    defaults on a loan, guess who
    picks up the tab? You got it.
    The American taxpayer. Our
    money today is worthless, and
    sooner or later, it’ll be time
    to pay the piper. Buy gold, and
    lots of it.

  6. They have taken our sons to fight a non existant war! They have let our jobs be taken off shore.(paid for with our taxes) Why not money?

  7. The first post (go right to the bottom of this page) alleges this article is “fear mongering”. Well, it is somewhat fear inducing at the very least. What is at issue then is whether the fear is justified.

    The history of governments when it comes to personal property is hardly exemplary. Could any of the abuses to personal property of Malaysia (1998), England & Italy (1992), Peru (1980’s), South Africa (1980’s), Germany (1930’s), and most recently Argentina, happen in the USA? You better believe they could. In an environment of ever increasing control/ surveillance, diminution of property rights and confiscatory taxation the government is moving closer and closer to control of the nations wealth.

  8. The U S gov has been taking away our rights and no one has stopped them, I guess the money is next….

  9. How dare we question our beloved government leaders? They only have our best interest (rate) at heart? Better watch what you say about the federal government in America! George W even said himself, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” Wow, talk about freedom of speech. It’s not a question of if we’re going to become a police state where our basic “capitalistic liberties” are taken away with the rest of the Bill of Rights, but when the Republicans are going to coax us into it.

  10. It is only a matter of time before the type of biblical incidents
    start taking place. Europe now as a euro made of 10. Soon
    we will request that individuals in the military have some type
    of laser imbedded mark to receive their pay. Are we safe…
    of course not. All the gutless, spineless, sniveling citizens
    that I and others protected in various wars don’t care. As
    long as they can turn on their TV and their lamp works, and
    they can flush their fecal waste down the toilet That is what
    the average American considers important, not their personal
    rights. The very rights that have been protected and
    preserved by men that I and others trained.

  11. The government is corrupt. Anything it touches will be corrupted, plain and simple. Where do you think we get these people from? Space?! Rich buisness people are being elected, and they run the government just like a buisness. If they own us, along with our cash, dont you think they’ll stretch both cash and us to the limit and beyond?

  12. The question isn’t ‘how safe is your money’? The REAL question is Does your money exist? Just because that bank statement says so doesnt make it tangible !!! Lets try it .. Everyone call in your loans .. and lets see how much $money$ there is ! Lemme get outta town first .. there’ll be bodies cracking the pavement off every high rise on the continent !

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