Headline from Reuters article: “CLINTON SAYS FATHERS VITAL TO CHILDREN”

This is news? During the last several thousand years of civilization, most people have pretty well understood that kids need fathers and mothers. If this is a trend, perhaps we’ll also see the following shocking headlines in the near future:




In his radio address of June 17 Clinton said “Research now confirms that involvement of both parents in a child’s education makes a positive difference; and that father involvement during infancy and early childhood also contributes to a child’s emotional security”. Really? And did we need researchers to tell us this? Grandmother Outrage would have been happy to explain the benefits of family life to anyone who would listen, and at no charge.

Of course, any time a politician makes a profound discovery, they also find a correspondingly innovative way of spending your money. Once Clinton discovered that fatherhood was a good thing, he proposed a $255,000,000 program called “Fathers Work, Children Win”. The problem, according to the Clinton administration, is that “many fathers can’t provide financial and emotional support to their children, not because they’re deadbeat, but because they’re dead broke.”

We are intrigued by Clinton’s statement, for a number of reasons. First of all, we didn’t realize that providing emotional support required money. I guess that if a man is insolvent he can’t say “I love you” to his child. We don’t have any government-sanctioned research to prove this, but the fact that millions of poor but very proud parents have provided love and affection to their children seems to dissolve the insoluble link between money and love.

Next, we were left wondering about the fact that so many fathers need government help to find work. Perhaps we can save taxpayers a few hundred million dollars with the following helpful instructions as to how to find work:

  1. Walk down the street
  2. Look into the offices and shops
  3. Note that most of these offices and shops have large “Help Wanted”
  • Apply for work at the places with “Help Wanted” signs

    (Note to Outrage readers: In order to develop the 4-step instructions above, we employed 322.5 researchers and extremely complex computer modeling; lots of custom software. To help us defray our costs, please feel free to send checks – in million dollar increments only – to PO Box 970, Leesburg, VA 20178)

    Given the fact that we are now in the country’s longest economic expansion, with unemployment at the lowest levels in decades, the only way someone can avoid finding a job is by walking around wearing a tee-shirt saying “Under no circumstances will I accept gainful employment, and any attempt to make me do so will result in a lawsuit.”

    But we’re sure we’re missing something here, so in order to unravel the mystery we did a little math. As a result of the $255 million program, Clinton says that 40,000 fathers might find work, and thus be able to make their child support payments. But, even using Clinton’s optimistic forecasts, the cost of the program works out to $6,375 per father. If the purpose of the program is to help children, maybe we could just give the money directly to the children. After all, how many of these fathers are really going to provide an additional $6,375 to their children as a result of this program?

    Finally, we have to admit that we’re touched by Bill Clinton leading a program on fatherhood. Perhaps his next initiative, co-sponsored with Ted Kennedy, will be on marital fidelity. We could also get other leaders involved in lighting a path for the rest of us. Al Gore could sponsor a bill on increasing the nation’s cache of dynamic public speakers. Jane Fonda could lead a program on national loyalty; Pat Buchanan could expound on expanding economic opportunities in the new global village, Janet Reno could talk about helping leading American tech companies achieve global dominance; Oprah could tell us how to maintain a low profile, and Mike Tyson could lecture on living well on a fixed income.

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0 thoughts on “FATHER BILL!

  1. First there was welfare for the lazy and then welfare foe the rich , so why not have welfare for the deadbeats.

  2. I am concerned whenever the current president has a solution to our problems. His only fix is to use my money to fix a problem he decided is important. Yet he refuses to lower my taxes to let me fix my problems.

  3. It is espcially touching given that Clinton rode to town in 1992, decrying those (read Dan Quayle) who questioned Murphy Brown and the glorification of single motherhood.

  4. hypocrisy, n. pl. -sies 1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc. that one does not possess. 2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. <br><br>
    I think that this would apply to the president, a church going Christian who has oral sex with someone other than his wife. <br><br>
    1. Elian’s mother Elizabet gave up her life to save her son’s. 2. Elian requested political asylum.
    These are facts. We may not be able to save “the world” but we can endeavor to save on six-year-old boy, Elian Gonzalez. To support Elian’s request for asylum does not make one a hypocrite. Anyone who claims to be in favor of civil liberties while supporting the Castro regime would in my opinion make that person a prime candidate for “Hypocrite of the Year”.

  5. Almost EVERYthing that Klinton
    proposes is a WASTE OF TAXPAYER
    FUNDS! The XXXXXXX has NO shame
    whatsoever…and the SOB should
    be impeached AGAIN, then charged
    crimally and IMPRISONED…or better
    he has committed against WE THE
    (I’d like to be the hangman!)

  6. Yes, I’m outraged – again!
    I think the purpose of the Clinton/Gore Administration is to help me spend MY money.

  7. Do you actually think Slick Willy is doing this and not profitting from it. Either by directly receiving money or favors and/or money from the people who are supposed to be carrying out this grand idea of his. He should try showing his own child some love instead of letting the world know that he is a serial adulterer,that he has so little care for the Presidents office that he uses it as a trick pad. That he is a white trash liar, perjurer and a whore. As for the attacks in Central Park, Slick Willy has shown every man in the world that they don’t have show any respect for their daughters, wives or any other woman.

    What money has bill ever earned? He has been a
    leach on tax payers most of his life. It’s like hillery, learning. Tax on property!
    Duh! Anyone home? Wakeup,get real and don’t be a mouch.

  9. a major feel good program…it makes Bill feel so good….to “talk” about being a good father…as Democrats usually do…he thinks fatherhood can be purchased by the government..a good father is a good role model for his children….and it doesn’t cost a dime…too bad Bill did not know that…..sooner

  10. For someone who doesn’t know who his father is, and from the uncultured, white trash gene pool from which he oozed, is he asking for understanding of his amoral, profligate usurpation of the rights and sensibilities of real Americans ??

  11. Father Bill’s message is an outrage to all the decent fathers in this country! It’s a bunch of BS. My husband works two jobs as does my son to keep our family of 6 together. My grandson father on the other hand pays 25% of what is due to his child as per the court system. My daughter works 40-50 hours a week to provide for her son. While the ‘father’ has not had any contact in 7 months. He is not father, he is and was a sperm donor. Thats the type of people Bill Clinton sticks up for, not real dads.

  12. Bill is full of s–t. Anything to get praise from the left. This money would not do a thing but give some low life a job. If they are real men they will take care of their childrean no matter there money situation.

  13. Clinton is an absolute
    a-hole. This is the same
    basterd who was impeached for
    lieing,purjury, and obstruction of justice. And
    he has spent what millions of
    our tax dollars on that
    cuban punk Elian Gonzales.

  14. This is just another example of big government wasting taxpayers money. Clinton is in favor of MORE government involvement. I think we have too much government and not enough people involvement. Clinton is trying to make himself look good, and is using our money to do it. There is nothing he could do to change my mind about him. And if anyone thinks the children will get any of this money, think again. A deadbeat dad, is a deadbeat dad. It doesn’t cost a dime to spend time with your child, and encouragement is free! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! WE NEED A CHANGE IN WASHINGTON, AND IT’S NOT GORE!!!!!

  15. Well, well, well. You mean to tell me that SOMEONE finally figured out fathers are important? The feminists must be beside themselves with rage!

  16. Consider this:
    “Not since the overthrow of the Weimar Republic have the leaders of a major
    democracy used their offices and the mass media to disseminate invective
    against millions of their own citizens. In fact it was Adolf Hitler who
    urged that “the state must declare the child to be the most precious
    treasure of the people” and who explained, in the words of Rabbi Daniel
    Lapin, that “as long as government is perceived as working for the benefit
    of children, the people happily will endure almost any curtailment of
    liberty.” Using children to tug on our heartstrings may be not only a
    weakness of the sentimental. It also may be a ploy by those cynical and
    unscrupulous enough to exploit children for their own purposes. This is
    likely to be remembered as one of the most diabolical perversions of
    governmental power in our history, a time when we allowed children to be
    used and abused by fast-talking government officials and paid for it with
    our families, our social order and our constitutional rights.”- Stephen Baskerville,.

  17. I am opposed to just about anything Clinton endorses, as I don’t trust him one bit.

    I am sure that the government in general cannot help out of word dads, their kids or anyone else in need. They haven’t a clue.

    I’m a disabled mom of a teen age son. Recently when my husband left us, I applied for emergency help and the “welfare” office offered me food stamps and $174 a month for the two of us to live on!!

    The feds think I have a trust fund like them, or a line of credit or a mercedes I could sell. Haven’t a clue!!

  18. Clinton is the last man on this planet that should be talking publicly about being a good father. Check out his record over the last 5 years or so. He can’t even bring a cigar into the white house without severe damage to the white house dishes. Enough said. Except this. Bill, leave the parenting to the real parents in this country. And also, do you know where YOUR child is tonight???

  19. Thank you OUTRAGE for letting me know just what
    wisdom our Feerless Leader is proposing this week.

    He has slowly taught me so many things during his tenure.

    Like “How to serve a Warrant.” As at Waco.

    “The importance of a cigar, with secret sex in the Office.”

  20. Bill’s new bill, “Father’s Work, Children Win,” is just another big waste of your money and my money and an outrage to me.

  21. forrest gump says ” stupid is what stupid does.
    maybe forrest can give private lessons to the clinton bunch

  22. My feelings against Socialism run high; this administration has brought a new high to the meaning of the word. Disgraced our country in the eyes of the world, dishonored the men and women who fought and died for the right to preserve our constitution and freedoms. Prostituted the meaning of morality and family values for our children, removed God from our schools…..it goes on and on. Our country is being run like he ran the state of Arkansas, fortunately the state didn’t have to deal with foreign governments.

  23. Of course it’s an outrage but of course Bill is a great example of what happens to a young man without a strong male role model to teach responsibility and credibleity to as a young boy It’s for sure he didn”t get that from the men in his mother’s life

  24. I feel the program IS another ridiculous program that will waste money; however, your statement that you didn’t realize that a father needed money to provide emotional support to his children is in error. If the family is intact, no, he doesn’t need moeny to do so. But if the parents are divorced, and he cannot or will not make the child support payments, he will usually not be ALLOWED to provide emotional support for his children. Contact with the children is usually blocked if the father is in arrears, which ends up punishing the children for what the father has done.

  25. Clinton has announced a new plan costing a few million here, a few million there, just about every day he has been in office. Every aspect of our personal lives has become a presidential matter. The tenacles of the federal government was never intended to attach its suckers to the citizenry. Nothing Clinton says can be believed because he is a pathological liar.

    Y’know, his kid looks a lot like Web Hubbell. Think about it.

  26. This is just another hairbrained idea to spend the
    taxpayers money.. Just like gun locks and all the
    other ideas our government comes up with. Being
    a good parent has nothing to do with money. Either
    you care for and about your children or you don’t. We
    have gobs of welfare programs to help parents provide
    for their children and many of them use it to do so but
    many also don’t – they use it for alcohol and drugs and
    the children are horribly neglected, growing up without love,
    kindness and understanding and as a result they become
    like their parents…..without compassion for another human .
    Here is where many crimes of violence come from
    children grow up to be what they see. Give out free
    prevention measures…. when a young girl has a child
    require that she get the implant to prevent having any
    more unwanted (abused/ neglected) children.
    One thing this country has not learned – supporting
    someone eventually takes away their pride. Gave a man
    a fish and feed him for a day, give him a fishing pole
    and teach him how to fish and. he will feed himself

  27. i think they should hire a panel of idiots,place them in key political positions,and in a few weeks,the problems would all be solved.

  28. Surprise, surprise. Next, the Pervert-in-Chief will tell us that gov’t studies indicate eating is beneficial to humans

  29. This is to Marge (LeoLady221). You said Clinton has done so much for this country. Really? Perhaps you could elucidate? He hasnt done so much FOR the country as so much TO the country. Get a grip,lady. I supposed you idolize Hillary, too.

  30. A wise man once observed that giving the government money to help people was like feeding grain to the sparrows by first processing it through a horse……

  31. I believe its time for another revolution, to rid our nation of of the tyrants
    and idiots in our government.
    Yes, I do vote, unfortunately there isnt alot to pick from,,, We have allowed our gov. to tax us to this extent, so they can give themselves raises, and pursue such research that comes to the same conclusion that most intelligent people already know.

  32. Wow this is too cool! King William the Disgusting is instructing men on how to be a good father.
    Will this chapter be next to the one on being a faithful husband or the one about honesty and integrity in public office.
    Can any one tell me why every time this man has an idea for improving society, my wallet grows thinner?
    King William the disgusting and his mistress, Queen Godzillary Rodan Franklintonstien have demonstrated thier answer to
    all problems faced by society… bigger and more intrusive government, talk about your big brother.
    The answer for the problem of fathers needing help is self reliance, self control, self determination and personal responsibility.
    And now my dear Marge… and all other welfare leaches who feel the need to get into my pocket due to thier poor choices they have
    made in life; I and society at large owe you nothing. Please save your sob stories for the Oprah crowd. If you chose a looser who decided to
    use you as a punching bag, I would direct you to the Burning Bed method of dealing with your trials. But frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.
    Please, you are a big girl now; dry your eyes, get a good education, get a good job, then maybe you can provide for your children without
    reaching into my pocket; it’s much too crowded there now. In fact maybe you can pay taxes and see how your money is wasted on leaches like yourself.
    Have a great life.

  33. How about hillary’s it takes a village idea? What ever happened to raising kids with a mother, father some soap,water and food?

  34. the real scary thing is that a lot of people actually follow Clinton and will vote for Gore. People are just plain stupid sometimes. Like lambs being led to the slaughter.

  35. Being a grandmother with joint custody of my grandchild with my daughter,
    I think this is ridiculous because the money won’t get to the children. My soon
    to be ex-son-in-law seems to have all the money he wants when he needs it,
    but, none of this money goes to the support of my grandchild even though he is
    court ordered to do so. The money should go to the children and not the fathers.

  36. I believe that in theory a family could be happier due to financial security, yet could suffer in the fact that the father may not be around a often as the child would like. Still I don’t think we need a gov program to try and “help out”.

  37. Bill Clinton on fatherhood, now THERE is a picture to keep
    in your mind for a while. I am not and never have been a
    fan of our esteemed liberal icon and President of the United States William (Bill) Clinton. I have never been in favor of anything he had to say or do anyway, if Bill Clinton says it, it must be wrong or have some kind of liberal motivation.

    We need to get rid of the Clintionoids, and the only way to do that is to politically defeat Al Gored/Billary Clinton. Just taking them off the map politically, to bad the same
    thing can not be done with that other liberal icon Ted
    Kennedy. I figure that only the people of the State of
    Massachusetts can do that and it is long overdue for the
    harm it has done to the country. The super-liberals that “exist” there will probably keep voting him in office until the days Ted Kennedy drops deal of aids (to many waitress
    sandwiches). Then they will probably just elect another
    puke Kennedy in his place, probably one of the ones found
    innocent of some murder/sex crime in past years. You
    doubt that the Kennedy nephew charged with murder will
    be found innocent, I don’t (just think about it)!

    Dan E. Hubbell
    1008 South Water Street
    Wichita, Kansas 67213-5613

    316-264-4671 HOME
    316-682-1018 WORK

    “Bill Klinton ißt Scheiße und heult auf dem Mond”

    “A very proud member of Billary Klinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and motivated by her ” An Anti-Arkansas Bias.”

    “Justice?—You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law.” – William Gaddis

    (The above is my personal opinion, and does not reflect the views of my employer 😉

  38. To Marge,
    I’ve lived it, I’ve walked it.I do know what I’m talking about and thats that Bill Clinton has not done anything for this country except destroy it. As for your dilemma, you had a choice to stay or leave and you made it. Take responsibility for your own self and your children, you chose a deadbeat and thats nobodys fault but your own. Hopefully your next choice will be better and you will be free to make it.

  39. Socialism is the key comment.
    Every day a new giveaway.The latest:
    $1 Phone service for Indians;
    Subsidized internet service and expansion;
    Drug reimbursements and insurance ( – watch those drug prices skyrocket).
    This state spent $500,000 in the first 5 months of 2000 reimbursing employees for Viagra.
    It’s catching FIRE.
    Today – Gore offering an unbelievable $3 into your savings account for every $1 you save. Not to affect Soc.Security.
    Where can I move TO?
    Libertarian presidential candidate and economist Harry Browne said:
    “First the government breaks your legs, then offers to fix them.”

  40. When practiced by common street theives, the idea that those with little are entitled to confiscate the resources of those with more, results in localized economic adversity for a few victims of theft. But when this same practice is implemented by political leaders, it is not just theft but tyranny with its wide spread consequences. So, “father’s work, children win” is the taxation propelled penalization of supportive, working fathers for the undeserved benefit of nonworking, irresponsible fathers. Since that is precisely the opposite of the incentive necessary to encourage a population into ever-increasing prosperity, children will lose, not win. Indeed, this is the same socialist system of unrecompensated resource confiscation, that enriches a few elites, but keeps the rest in profound poverty all over the world.

    This language of socialist tax and squander buys the fawning hordes of pro-welfare people that artificially inflate Clinton’s ego, but also produces the tax dependency that destroys self esteem and economic motivation. But Clinton knows that…that is what makes him so contemptible and so enrages the undeceived…that his use of Whitehouse propelled propaganda engenders the emotions that affirm his own self worth on the personal level, but necessarily translates into social destruction on the national level. Yet, he does not care… constantly proves he does not care by flaunting his successful exploitation of the ignorant as the highest form of statemanship, taking only pride in this complete lack of integrity.

  41. just another outrageous waste of tax-payers money, like most “programs” the government busts out with these days. I’m a mom, not a dad, but I’ve been everywhere from welfare to mercedes and i can tell you that my child has never wondered if he was loved by his mom. or his dad. And I can also tell you that I have never neede the help of a governmet program to find a job. not even during our so-called “recession” years. Even a job at burger king is better than no job at all. Any one who is unemployed these days is unemployed because he or she chooses to be. and even if you honestly can’t make a child support payment, you can still be involved in you child’s life and never let them question your love and devotion to them. it’s free to say “i love you”

  42. I agree with Buford’s remarks about this country being run like arkansas, but it could be worse, it could be like the State of Oklahoma. They have been paying up to one-million to (ghost) employees,Nine state health dpartment employees, including three former legislators, were paid from $20,000 to 50,000 a year, for the last ten years. The “ghost emploment” schemes have cost Oklahomans possibly up to one-millions dollars. The hard working tax-payer is ripped off again in Oklahoma. The Nursing homes have been involved in schemes, so the poor and elderly have suffered, Now the Oklahoma County Jail, is under fire for their inhumane treatment. People being abused, denied medical care, a woman had a baby and the guards ignored her cries for help and her baby was born on the filthy floor and died there. The also have been some suspicious suicides there. The Oklahoma County Jail is now being referred to as the house of horrors. We pay taxes to keep the nursing homes staffed and the elderly cared for, but instead, the money and corruption in the govenment in Oklahoma starts with the District Attorneys office, goes to the County Jail, and as far up the line to the legislature. Of course The Governor, says he isn’t responsible for any of it. What a joke. So you might be glad our country is being run like Arkansas, it could be a whold lot worse, it could be Oklahoma.

  43. My name is George A. Rossi Sr. I and my wife, Lesline, and three children, live at 35 Emmons Drive, in the town of Brighton, N.Y. My phone number is (716) 785-6741 and my email address is georgerossi@cs.com.

    I am legally represented by the attorney Van White, legalbr@frontiernet.net. At this time we have filed a notice of claim for a civil law suit against the Brighton Police Department and the Brighton School District.

    We are an interracial couple. Two of the children of our family are from a previous marriage of mine for which I was granted custody. The children from my previous marriage are Hispanic-American (Puerto Rican); my wife is Jamaican-American; and I am an Italian-American. I think it is necessary to communicate the ethnicity and some historical background of our family so as to present in a cause and effect manner the situation we now find ourselves in.

    On March 17th, 2000, I was incarcerated for several days for the allegations of starving my children and not providing them water. These allegations are absolutely untrue. Although I was unaware of the criminal allegations at the time, I was aware of other allegations at the same time having to do with domestic violence in my home. These were, again, allegations which were also initiated and communicated to the school by the biological mother of the children (my ex-wife). As I know now, this included the criminal allegations of starving my children and not giving them water.

    A CPS investigation ensued on the issues of domestic violence which I was aware of as a result of the noncustodial biological mother communicating to the school’s counseling office at the children’s school and the counseling office’s mandatory reporting of this alleged domestic violence incident to CPS. During the week of March 13th through March 17th I assisted where ever I could with the CPS social worker and her investigation. This, I thought, was handled professionally and properly and I could see the reason for. Additionally, for reasons that I believe are discriminatory in nature and for the purpose of what I believe to be a planned cost effective removal of the children from the Brighton School District, the school engaged in a separate police-aided investigation. This investigation started March 13th, a Monday, and continued until Friday, March 17th, and led to my arrest by the Brighton Police Department. This additional and separate (non-CPS) investigation occurred without my knowledge or questioning.

    Because of these allegations, I am now engaged in three legal matters with different Courts in which all or any of these allegations having to do with my incarceration are relevant.

    I had hoped and prayed that one, a Family Court domestic violence matter, would have been concluded by this time. I have been to the domestic violence part of the NYS Family Court perhaps 10 times on this matter, since March of 2000 and continuing to the current date. This Court continually, at each Court appearance, renews a temporary custody order which keeps my children from their home and away from me. Because of complexities in Family Court dockets, the lack of resources given the management of cases and the seemingly unrestrained scheduling and linguistic tactics of attorneys whose livelihood is dependent on what can only be called charades in these Courts at the expense of families and children, my case inexplicably continues – even though we have been in the trial and hearing phase for at least 4 of these last 10 Court appearances and the petitioner has not provided any evidence or witnesses substantiating any of the allegations which brought me to this Court. At this point it is plain and clear that the activities and processes this Court have all but destroyed my family and livelihood.

    These adjournments will certainly mean that a matter originating in the Town of Brighton, New York, based on the same allegations as the Family Court matter but whose charges are criminal in nature, will be adjourned (again) pending the seemingly endless conclusion of this continuing Family Court matter. The Brighton Court had originally imposed, on March 17th, a ‘no contact’ order keeping my children from myself and their home and myself away from their school, a home and school district they have attended and lived in for almost a decade. This order — conveniently for BCSD – keeps my children outside of our home until the school year ends. It also kept me away from any communications with the Brighton Middle School and restrained my ability to provide private counseling for my children — counseling, unbelievably – I initiated just before any of these matters began.

    In effect, and as outrageous as it sounds, the very people (BCSD) we seek to sue are now carrying out a regime of intensive counseling for our children, against our permissions but now in some legal right because of the actions they initiated and orchestrated. These are parties which must know we will sue them, and are effectively brainwashing our children in a kind self-centered self righteous damage control manner which in effect is causing all sorts of emotional damage to my children as side effects. This ‘counseling’ includes the painting and acceptance of myself as something other than the caring father figure I most definitely am. The BCSD and Brighton Police Department continue to the destructive process of destroying our children, home, and family. It is obvious to whomever looks at the facts that the allegations are certainly frivolous and that the parties who initiated them must keep this charade and unjust process going. Given that the BCSD or the Brighton Police Department are wrong will most surely be hazardous to their pocket books given the law suit I am at this time initiating against them. They thus continue the destruction of my livelihood and family and in the most authoritarian and insensitive and self protecting of manners ‘counsel’ our children for problems they are to blame for and give the children answers for incidences that never occurred.

    The Family Court domestic violence matter continues into the hearing phase even though the investigating agency, Child Protective Services, whose mandated authority is to analyze the credibility of such allegations, the very allegations for which I am in Family Court for, has concluded months ago that all allegations against me are ‘unfounded.’ Still, unbelievably, I may go to trial in the Brighton Town Court for these unfounded allegations — allegations which form the basis for the criminal charges from this Town Court. In fact, due to myself appearing as a radio talk show host a few weeks ago on WDKX of Rochester, NY. An ‘offer’ and possibility of a dismissal of this case was rescinded by the Brighton Court. It seems I have no way or right to protect myself and they must keep me stifled or intimidated. I have, at this point, lost a good job due to the distractions of this hideous process and time I must put into these matters as well as the rehabilitation of my children.

    I can only ascertain that the Courts and system mean to stifle and destroy me for the grave injustices done by them for the fear of notoriety and a civil law suit. They – BCSD and the Brighton Police Department – have suddenly found themselves in a silly and inept destructive railroading of a taxpaying Town of Brighton resident — me. The ‘counseling’ being done in the school’s offices to my children at this time will effectively be more here-say exaggerations by my children as supported and painted by the parties we are looking to sue and my ex-wife. I must assume that they are ‘digging’ for something for the tentative Brighton Court matter at the expense of my children’s normal emotional development.

    Upon a brief review of the unfounded, few, and frivolous allegations these matters are based on it becomes evident that I am being railroaded by a system out of control and abusive in the use of power and authority and easily open to manipulation. I have been portrayed as a ‘bad character in a B movie’ by parties who have little or no knowledge of myself or family and have never even met or communicated with me. Their agendas and objectives at this time have little to do with the welfare of my children but more as a damage control mechanism, as they expect a hefty law suit which will most surely follow. Most hypocritically and socially damaging and personally self-preserving on their parts, is the fact that they need to believe and give the perception of a working system where an inept and broken one exist.

    I realize that almost any matter claiming injustices done and begging community and media attention for justice deserved — a justice I can only conclude I cannot attain in the Courts – is in need of concise and clear substantiation. I can and desire to provide this. I have for months supplied this to the various Courts involved, and have passed all tests enacted by the Courts in unequivocal fashion. Yet they seek length and costly trials and processes for no other purpose than to intimidate and destroy me.

    My children have undergone the most terrible of emotional damages as a direct result of these injustices and the fact that the parties that will be sued are extensively manipulating them and the system because they see the errors and evils they have — and still are — causing and creating. These injustices are supported and sustained by the very services which represent themselves as protectors of our children, namely the Brighton Central School District and the Brighton Police Department. The damage to my children has continued now for months, and is perhaps irreversible. My son’s 6th grade academics have spiraled downward – his first ‘6th grade experience’ is now gone forever. My daughter and son have experienced an inordinate weight gain. My children have, unbelievably, been placed in a home of my ex-wife’s relative in a family arrangement where they were previously molested — resulting in a conviction which is a matter of public record. They have — unbelievably — been seen in night clubs after 2 A.M. We have offered all of these evidences clearly substantiated to the Monroe County Family Court – one of three Courts I am in — and this amazingly is in the hearing phase even though the matter was deemed unfounded by CPS.

    I ask for a heightened awareness and attention to my situation. The Courts, school system, and services defined as protective mandated authorities for the safety and welfare of myself, my children, and my family have failed us and I now feel that they are out to destroy us in the most silent and devious of manners. They are now less concerned with the welfare of my children and more concerned with saving face in the community and State of New York. They are effectively practicing damage control for a future civil lawsuit they must see I have every right to file against them.

    My children have been taken out of my home and placed in harm’s way by none other than the services who exist to protect them. My incarceration is only part of this allegory and is not the basis by which I support all issues and points.

    My children are not living with me at this time, even though I was granted custody of them by divorce decree and they have lived with me and I have been the sole supporter — receiving no child support or aid of any kind — for almost a decade.

    I was arrested and the children taken from my home by the Brighton Police Department on March 17th. Information leading to a warrant issued for my arrest and the removal of my children from their home, occurred at, was compiled at, and was facilitated by the Brighton Central School District acting in the capacity of mandatory reporters. It is my contention that this information was gathered in a manipulative, abusive, and clearly inappropriate and discriminatory fashion. It is further my contention that the Brighton Police Department and the Brighton School District now know the truth as to what actually occurred, and continue to charade as protectors of my children for fear of a community awareness of the inept handling of their job responsibilities and a civil lawsuit against them they must be anticipating I will file against them. Worse yet and almost unbelievable, the Brighton Central School and Brighton Police Department have effectively stifled my children from giving the truth, a truth that can only do good given the situation their family finds themselves unjustly in.

    They – the Brighton Police Department and the Brighton School District – are supporting injustices and not acting at this time in the best interest of my children. They have — surprisingly and astonishingly and to my stress and duress — actively supported the placing of my children in harm’s way in another family arrangement that — amazingly – has a Court record of and public information freely available about convictions regarding the sexual abuses of my children in this family arrangement.

    I have chosen several themes to better focus and facilitate this communication and, hopefully, help bring a just result through media and community awareness. I feel that the institutions, administrations and services-systems in place to manage and produce a just and timely end to my endeavor have failed me. Given that they have failed me on a family matter involving children they have therefore failed the community in the most inherently important of all social service intended goods — the safety and welfare of children and the family unit. Ironically they have caused tremendous damage to myself, family, and children. These matters continue with a hypocritical and double-talking dialogue in an adversarial manner by the parties mentioned above and the law guardian appointed by the Family Court.

    I state the following points and issues as a method to convey a set of themes I feel are the true motivating factors forming the basis of the horrendous ordeal my family is currently going through.

    Problems existing with the New York State Family Court system and this Court’s lack of resources, systems and proper management to deal with their family domestic violence or other family related Court matters and dockets. This results in a bottleneck and stagnation of this Court’s mandated purpose: to serve and protect the family. This happens because the Family Court System is not a well thought through system and process given realities in society. This also happens by the allowed and purposeful taking advantage of and exploitation of this Court by attorney linguistics and tactics including the misrepresentation and poor representation of children by inept, poorly trained, biased, incompetent, and personally motivated law guardians whose responsibilities in a defined manner are as Officers of the Court for the ensuring of the legal rights for their clients, the children, but in true functional capacity the law guardian-child attorney-client relationship results in the welfare of children being compromised by professionals with no or little background or experience in social work and whose agendas, calendars, and livelihood are all in conflict with the common realized mandate and purposeful intent of Family Court.

    Racial prejudice towards interracial families and Hispanic children in the Brighton School system. The treatment of myself and my children has been unfair and inappropriate because of the interracial status of our marriage and the Hispanic ethnicity of our children. Even the most novel and innocent-assuming observer would notice preconceptions motivated on the basis of culture and race. We are in fact, a professional morally based middle class couple living in a prominent suburb of Rochester, NY. My wife interestingly enough, holds advanced degrees and certifications in the area of social work and child psychology and whose occupation is in the most demanding and needed areas of social work — the City School system. We have been perceived, painted and treated unfairly as ‘something else’ that we are not — and not in the welfare and best interest of our children in the most cruel and destructive of manners.

    A basis for the argument for the privatization of schools. It is logical to me that the Brighton Central School system has attempted a ‘Corporate style’ surgical elimination of my children from their school district for reasons having to do with a planned and cost effective method to attain good ‘performance numbers’ for teachers and schools and to eliminate types of school-defined ‘problems’, again, in the most cost effective and civil law suit immune manner. Parents have been all together taken out of the loop as to what is happening and what is good for their children and what is good education and how to, in any practical manner, communicate with teachers.

    The permutation and supporting of a false stereotypes about male custody parents. I have always supported my children in every manner, emotionally, physically and financially. I have a history of being their most consistent and reliable provider. I in fact, am the only provider of either parent for monetary and healthy emotional support. Yet, I am in several Court matters and the children have been taken from my home by frivolous allegations which have been unfounded by the very agencies mandated by the Courts and State to research such matters.

    The inappropriate and unfounded stand and processes the Brighton Police Department, the Brighton Central School District, the appointed law guardian and the said Courts have undertaken have been destructive to the emotional and financial well being of my family and to my livelihood. I seek justice through media attention and community awareness of this improper charade and abusive usage of our system, and I look to build a basis for changes in the system so as others will not fall fate to this abusive and mishandled destructive process. I seek justice and monetary payment for damages caused to me by the Brighton Police Department and the Brighton Central School District.


    George A. Rossi
    35 Emmons Drive
    Rochester, NY 14618

  44. While I do think there is some validity to your “outrageous” position on the program for fathers initiative, as an African-American single mother, I must disagree with you on several points. Sure, the economy is pretty good right now, but unemployment rates are not at 0. Why? Of course, there is the small percentage of people who don’t want to work and do all in their power to avoid it, but there are a large percentage of people – most of them minority men – who are unemployed because of the color of their skin and the circumstances that come from being oppressed in a society that devalues their very existence. I know how hard it has been for me to find work (not having the advantage of a full four-year college education or the degree that comes with it), but for African-American men, it’s even harder. They get very little respect, and if they don’t have the advantage of a college degree, they must compete for low-level, low-paying jobs that are actually not as readily available as people think they are. Add to that – any blemish or trace of some impropriety is deemed to be a character flaw which automatically characterizes them as unemployable. Unless someone sees fit to look past the blemishes and take a chance on them, they remain

    I really think we as Americans need to do everything in our power to encourage real family values – and I don’t mind my tax-paying money being spent for that benefit. After all, it is the children who suffer when the father is absent, and I’m sorry – it does take money for a father to do his job adequately. Ask any single mother – most are not willing to agree to visitation if the father is not financially stepping to the plate.

    As a single mother, I don’t receive any child support and my daughter has never had the advantage of having a relationship with her father – his choice. I have tired of trying to pursue the matter (I’d have to find him first), and while it doesn’t really bother me (I’ve been able to manage and support her) like it used to, I can certainly see how his absence affects my daughter. That is why I think it’s important to offer whatever form of support we can to assist anyone, especially fathers, in becoming not only great parents, but contributors to society, rather than society’s liabilities.

  45. Your writeings are the same kind of closed minded garbage that has allowed the curent state of reverse discrimination that is exemplified in so called “Equal Oppertunity” laws. There are very few places in this country that will not hire a Black man or woman over an equally qualified white man. When you stop to consider that all of the minority races get this type of treatment you realize that young white males are the most discriminated against minority. Yes, minority because with every one else grouped together the white male section is a much smaller peice of the pie. Anyway as to whether Fathers are important to children, DUUUUUU thank you capitan Obvious! Personaly I dont think that our tax dollars are being used in the best way, I mean realy, what happened to paying off the national debt!

  46. Let me see if I get this right. According to Bull Clinton families are broke and we need a government program to solve this issue? Hey! How about a tax cut! Figure it out Mr. Prez!


  48. So let me get this straight. We give money to the government. The government gives money to us. They keep part of that money to themselves. We now have less money than before and it’s spread evenly over an uneven people. This is supposed to help us? And what about the UPS and other postal services? They are going to tax the internet because it takes government jobs away from people? Those people can’t find non-government jobs? It seems to me that the point of more taxes is to make more government jobs, so that we have to pay more taxes. The government grows bigger, richer, and the people grow smaller and poorer. Is that the goal of Clinton and associates? Shouldn’t we be going the OTHER way? HELLO! We want the government to be smaller! To be there only when we need it! Does anybody still know what Communism is? How about when you are owned by the government! I know that I want to be free, and not owned by anybody! To be Communist is to be a slave! Here’s another thing that bugs me. African-American. Asian-American. Jamaican-Hispanic-Zimbabwean-Danish-Martian-American or whatever you want. Were you born in Africa and transported over here as a slave? You, personally? If not, then why are you an African-American still held down by “Whitey” ? I’m not a European-American just because my ancestors came over here on a boat from England. I have just as much chance as any of you, red, yellow, black, white, green or purple! Discrimination and reverse-discrimination kind of cancelling each other out, I have just as much chance of fulfilling my own American Dream! Of course, the way things are going with the Commun….Liberals in Washington, the American Dream will be replaced by misery spread equally among everybody except the government hogs. Well, I think I’ve done enough ranting for now. I might be back later, but all these negative feelings inside make me want to clean the guns and think of large Capitol buildings.

  49. To Marge (leolady),

    Why should we leave Clinton alone, your words, he has done
    so much, your are corect he has done so much that he should
    be executed for treason.

    You should use your head ,not your emotions. The money would
    not go to the children. It would not go to the mothers. It would
    go into a blackhole in D.C.

  50. this has got to be the single most ridiculous event in out goverments history, and considers all that has taken place in the past, its pretty bad.

  51. Hello Kim Alexander,

    You mentioned the difficulties of not getting a good job without the “advantages of a college education.” Let me help you out here.

    Getting a college degree requires work, it’s not an advantage you are born with, it’s an advantage you make for YOURSELF.

    My fiancee is making $40,000 a year as a computer programmer (private sector), and he doesn’t even have an associate’s degree.

    I make $15 an hour, and even though I do have an associate’d degree, I didn’t have one when I got this job. Also, we are currently looking for two part time and two full time employees,(same pay), and we would take ANYONE BREATHING. We certainly don’t care what color they are! Send your black male buddies without work our way — if they are reliable, we’ll hire them.

    I am working full-time and going to school full-time, so that I can EARN my four-year degree and the advantages that come with it.

    Finally, you state that your daughter’s father has made a choice to have nothing to do with you or your daughter. You said that it was his choice. Alright. Now, if Clinton’s “Father Bill” goes through, your daughter’s father would be able to claim his share — $6,000. Do you really think he would spend it on your daughter?

  52. “A New Study Shows Why Men and Women Are Different: They Are Born That Way” I don’t remember which popular magazine had this teaser on its cover, but it reminds me of Clinton’s “dads are good for children” no-brainer. But we don’t need a government policy. We need a return to respect for families and honest citizens, instead of the crap we see on television and hear on the radio today. Why are kids idolizing Emenem, a man so violent, his wife tried to commit suicide?

  53. I have a theory:

    Bill believes Hillary is going to leave him, so the money is actually Bill’s “golden parachute.” He’ll allocate the funds to himself, for “the sake of his daughter.”

  54. Father Bill’s scheme may be outlandish and a waste of money. However, as a citizen of the world I’d rather see money spend on social programmes rather than on developing a sheild of rockets for North America.

  55. hi i think that we all should smoke weed and get guns and kill ech other then the world would have only the best of the best because the fitest would live through it all ie me my wife that i would be protecting.

    Then we would start to live a grate life and we shouldn’t have people like bill and bush tell us what to do.

    and i think that we should have hores and lots of them to keep me happy

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