$23 million – A Breathless Payday.
Debbie Lovett just made $23 million from taking some diet pills. She’s still fat, but now she’s smiling. If you thought you had to suffer serious injury to scam the big money, think again. Lovett claims that, as a result of taking the diet drugs, she suffers “fatigue and shortness of breath”.

Of course, that could just be because she’s obese.

The award includes $20 million in punitive damages, supposedly because the big bad drug companies wouldn’t get the message unless it was delivered with a sledgehammer. They’ll probably get the message – 3,100 other get-thin-without-effort dieters have already filed suit against the drug-maker, American Home Products.

Not About Money At All
While one division of lawyers is suing the drug companies, another is moving in on gun manufacturers. Philip Anderson, President of the American Bar
Association, is publicly comparing the spate of gun litigation to efforts to end segregation in the 1960s. And to think we thought it was just about
lawyers seeking huge fees.

Silly us.

Biting The Hand That Feeds
As usual, Jesse Jackson is angry. He thinks the big bad corporations (see above) should have more minorities on their boards. We’re not sure whether that’s because it would make them less big or less bad. Either way, Jackson recently castigated some corporations by name: “Microsoft, zero. Boeing, zero.” The zero figure was in reference to the number of board members sporting politically correct skin colors.

Who paid for all this corporate bashing? Why the big, bad corporations themselves of course. In fact, the exact same companies castigated with the
“zero” figure, including Microsoft and Boeing, contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Rainbow/Push coalition conference, scene
of the corporate roast. We think the next logical step would be for American Home Products to make some charitable contributions to support the
Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Spending It Wisely
The DC Government paid over $1 million for almost 3,000 police, including mounted park police and a squad of snipers, to stand guard over a Nazi rally. Only 4 Nazi’s showed up. The DC police have never been known for their competence, but at a ratio of 750 to 1, we think even they could handle the impotent protesters. Obviously, all the white supremacists were busy attending corporate board meetings that day.

DC police Chief Charles Ramsey was furious that more protesters didn’t show: “I think these protesters ought to be sued for costing the taxpayers
and the city thousands of dollars,” Ramsey told reporters. Yeah – they could sue for punitive damages because a large group of men failed to do their
duty of spreading hatred and supplying overtime pay to the DC police force.

Of course this is nothing new. In 1990, DC supplied 3,000 cops to protect 27 KKK members during a march. You can’t find a cop in DC if you’re getting murdered or raped, but if you want to express your hatred you’ll be well covered. Maybe we could get a few hundred to cover Outrage HQ.

$15,000 Kills A Child
While thousands of police in Washington were making the world safe for ritualized racism, Chicago’s criminal justice system couldn’t muster the resources to keep a known killer in prison:

  • 1993 – Edward Mitchell sentenced to six years for robbing and shooting his victim.
  • 1995 – Mitchell paroled.
  • 1996 (two months after being paroled) – Mitchell sentenced to 4 years for
    unlawful use of a weapon.
  • 1997 – Mitchell paroled
  • May 1998 – Mitchell released on $15,000 bond after being charged with shooting at 3 rival gang members.
  • July 1999 – Mitchell shoots an 8-year-old girl to death. Bail set at $5 million. (Hey, he could borrow the money from Debbie Lovett.)

Rumor has it that Mitchell plans to sue:

  • The drug companies. (He has shortness of breath and fatigue after his shooting sprees.)
  • The gun manufacturers. (After all, he couldn’t have shot anyone without the guns.)
  • Boeing and Microsoft. (Jesse Jackson convinced Mitchell that all his problems are due to lack of representation at the corporate board level.)
  • The DC Government. (Hey, if he had a bodyguard of 3,000 cops he wouldn’t even need to carry a gun, much less use it.)
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0 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT MONEY!

  1. As outrages go, this one was hardly a barnburner. The
    huge verdict was rendered in Texas, after all, and
    probably won’t withstand an appeal. The court system
    boondoggle was certainly egregious, but far from being
    the worst of the year (or month, for that matter — don’t
    you read “The Readers Digest”?). Jesse Jackson now
    only gets coverage for his accusations on slow news
    days, and the gun manufacturers are still way ahead of
    the game (profits from mail-order “Saturday Night
    Specials” should just about cover legal expenses,
    which seems eminently fair); and if you’re going to get
    really upset about anything the D.C. Police do, you’re
    going to live a hard life. Not that all the incidents
    weren’t regrettably foolish and sad — just not terribly
    outstanding in today’s world.

  2. With some self-control and a little guidance, she could have lost weight and kept it off. Eating is a conscious decision. As is (going on a diet) changing the foods that we eat, including the quantity and types of food, i.e., protein, carbohydrates and fat. It is another “victim success story.”

  3. Right on !! couldn’t have said it better myself! The Republican Party should pay you big bucks to dig them talking heads the democrats put out. Of course the Republican Party is to busy running for president to think up anything to say.

  4. From one Debbie to another:

    I don’t know how you could, with a clear concious, get a lawyer and file such an outrageous lawsuit for something you did all on your own accord. Do you have a God in your life? Again I ask you. How could you do such a thing with good conscience? Or maybe you don’t own one. Maybe now that you have acquired $23,000,000 without even lifting one of those fat thighs of yours, you could go and buy a conscience. Do you think you could do that for me, Debbie? Or are you holding out for more dingdongs? It is people like you that make my blood boil. I’m telling you…..this will come back around to bite you in your big fat ass!

  5. In case anyone hasn’t noticed – the inmates are running the asylum. They’re the jurors, the wind-up bureaucrats and most of the American sheeple. Not only that, the inmates are administering the drugs while simultaneously seizing and forfeiting the property of anyone who isn’t taking Ritalin. Who are these idiot jurors in this FenPhen debacle anyway? Oh yeah – they’re the TV sops who learned their civics lessons from LA Law, Rosie, Jerry Springer and Oprah. Argh. Every time I think that it can’t get weirder, more out of control, more fascist/socialist (or is it socialist/fascist – dang! I never could keep those two straight!) it goes and gets worse. I could foam at the mouth about the dearth and death of personal responsibility, personal honor, morality and personal dignity, but what the hell – these days it seems there’s hardly anyone left who would grok (hello, Heinlein fans!) those concepts or who even cares. I mean, with role models like the DNA Sociopath-in-Chief and his Village Idiot consort, with Madeleine Halfbright at the Helm o’ State, and Janet Nero torching Waco babies, what can we expect? So party on, people. Welcome to the global era of “Schmucks R Us.” George Orwell, you were more right on than you ever imagined.

  6. Jesse Jackson, President Stereotype, Al “reparations” Gore and the rest of these AffirmaNazi descendents of George Wallace are proving one thing with their constant efforts to make “race” the basis of opportunity in every venue of American endeavor …that without racial polarization and racial preferencing the Democrats wouldn’t have a political platform.

  7. With all these lawsuits going on, I think anybody who produces anything for human consumption should start to worry. Someday some weird scientist is going to blame potato for some killer disease and then all past and present potato growers are going to be sued for all their past, present and future earnings. This is getting crazy! Tobacco companies certainly did not introduce smoking to the world. They only made the packaging of something people were already using better. People smoked raw tobacco in pipes and other chewed them long before cigarettes were produced in factories. And people were coughing from smoking all the time and dying from smoke related ilnesses. Today we are hearing that no one knew that cigarette could cause health problems and therefore cigarette manufacturers should vomit every money they ever made from the business. NONESENSE!! So the same fate has befallen fat fighters. Some time ago it was breast implants. So as I say, potato and tomato growers should start thinking. And maybe chicken farmers too.

  8. Enjoyed the article about fat Debbie…probably because my physician brother-in-law, along with American Home Products, is one of those being sued…by a 350 woman from Memphis…she was practically “hired” to sue by an ad that run in our local paper by a law firm wanting to find “victims” of those bad diet pills…by the way, my brotherinlaw never advertised for the fat lady to visit his clinic nor deceived her in any way…she was headed for the cemetery via her fork and spoon, but now acts like she was forced at gunpoint(nasty word) to participate…keep on writing…This country has gone mad!!!!enjoy your articles

  9. Hey! Debbie! Are you just fat? or STUPID and fat? Did Clinton tell you which judge to get to get your stupid and selfish way? or were you just lucky? Be careful….if you buy too many dingdongs, you’ll choke on them! Then sue Little Debbie or whoever makes them. By the way, shortness of breath is a direct result of being F-A-T! or maybe stupid!

  10. What happened to Outrage? Who is writing this piece of crap? The Ruthaford Institute? Ms. Lovett’s award might be more the she personally deserves, but it is far less then the drug company deserves. Large companies with huge promotion budgets talk people into using their products, and then when that product ends up hurting lots of people, aholes like The Outrage say “buyer beware”. B.S.
    I’m Outraged!

  11. Well, if another man’s opinion is worth reading regarding these outRAGEous topics, then please continue…

    I’m not sure which emotion to believe about Debbie and her lawsuit: jealousy because she had the larger-than-average “brass” ones to pursue such a lawsuit or annoyance because our legal system actually gives credence to such ridiculous actions. Based on the available details I am now looking for the attorney willing to take my case. It may have to occur posthumously for I intend, upon my possible condemnation to the fiery bowels of hell for eternity, to sue all religious entities to which I have ever given money to ensure my salvation. Gee, I wonder if the Pope is scared?

    As for Jesse Jackson…Stop! Just stop, please. Try to refrain from telling us, again, where quotas are not being met (even if an official tally has never been recognized). Why not spend more time telling me about qualified candidates, regardless of their orientation at any level. How about the “best-person-for-the-job” attitude for once?

    Finally, I always thought that our Constitutional rights entitled us to freely organize. Since when did that include any babysitting by public agencies, law enforcement or otherwise? If groups want to protest or march go right ahead. Most localities require the filing of permits, but why cannot that not also include fees for renting local police for protection. As a taxpayer I am not willing to support certain groups with direct contributions so why should I be forced to do so indirectly with my tax dollars? If the groups feel threatened then let them consider the costs of protection versus canceling the protest entirely.

  12. I just wanted to pass on a comment I read on another website that I think is sheer genius.

    All second amendment opponents should take pride in their beliefs and wear at all times a lapel pin that says something like “Proud to be Gun Free!” Likewise, they could place a sign on their front lawn/parking lot that says, “This home/business is proud to be gun free!”

  13. The people are NOT to blamb! They would get nowhere if it were not for the GREED in the Legal profession. A Judge will ALWAYS since he came from the same pen of pigs. The corporation does not have a chance!

  14. What are people thinking about, apparently they do not understand what the second amendment is about and why our forefathers put it in place. If the public thinks your government will not walk all over you and take away your rights one by one, just look at all the gun laws passed every time a nut runs amok. There are no gun laws that will stop nuts and criminals, only honest law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves from the nuts and criminals.Janet Reno is already stating the general public is in favor of all out gun control, I don’t buy it. She lays much fault at the feet of the NRA which is silly. The NRA is made up of people just like everyone else just happen to believe in the right to own a weapon(s).

  15. Loved the way you strung all those stories together. My wife said, “intelligent little page.”
    Yes indeed, it is.

  16. This just goes to show you how ignorant the people are for voting socialist democrats and pussy footing repulicans, who let them run the show like they still have majority. The democrats have been been in control since 1954 where they held control of both branches of government for 40 years straight.It’s time we get the unions, special interest groups and socialist democrats out of office and take are country back!

  17. If that Big woman(I use that word loosely) could win a
    against a drug company, why couldn’t she sue the

    Imperial federal goverment

    for approving the drug in the first place?

  18. I may have misunderstood the intent of the “bozo” that
    made the remark concerning buying “Saturday Night Special”
    guns via _MAIL ORDER_ but that remark is so blatently absurd
    that he(she?) is qualified to be Gore’s running mate!

    It has NOT been possible to buy (non-muzzel loading) guns through
    the mail without a Federal Firearms license for at least 30 years!

  19. if white america doesn’t wake up ,america will soon be like all other thrid world contries ……….

  20. I do quite enjoy reading this page,and not only for the humour which you manage to inject into the ludicrous events that seem to smatter the American social landscape.
    As a somewhat laconic Australian, the passion and vigour you incite in these half crazed desparates is joyous to watch from the sidelines. Go U.S.A. the whole world is laughing.

  21. You really make some valid points. What is our society and world coming to. What happened to the days when if you made a bad choice you paid for it? Now if you make a bad choice (gaining weight, drinking, adultry, whatever) everyone else has to pay for it, because you sue the companies. I am a little tired of paying for others mistakes. While we make 4 times what we did 20 years ago, we are not any better, because we have to pay so much extra for items like medicine, food, etc. because of lawsuits and corporations need to keep their bottom line. I think that legislation needs to be made to stop so many frivilous lawsuits. Creighton University Law School several years ago decided to limit the number of new law students and make stricter guidelines to enroll because they felt that there were too many lawyers all needing to make a buck and finally frivilous lawsuits. Lawsuits like the criminal in Nebraska State Pen who has filed over 400 lawsuits over such things as being served peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. I know many people who would love to be able to even have a meal.

  22. You people are all missing the true culprit in the story of fat Debbie. It is not the drugs or the food that caused her to be obese and out of shape, but her malady was caused by the greedy self serving grease pushers of our society!

    These self serving perveyers of all that is fattening and unhealthy will stop at nothing to hook our youngsters at an early age, so they will have a lifelong compulsion to return day after day to eat all that is artery clogging and unhealthy, all the while lining the pockets of the pushers.

    It all starts out innocently enough, usually on a special occasion like a birthday, when mom and dad pile all of the children in the car to go to have a party and see Ronald McDonald, the Joe Camel of fast food. The only reason to have this clown is becouse the kids relate to him, and will not object when he shoves greasy burgers down their throats. Now they are hooked because they will always associate a good time with lard impregnated food products.

    As their weight increases with age they start to outgrow the clown, but the evil capitalists have another ace up their sleeve, the happy meal. What kid can resist the lure of free toys with the daily intake of animal renderings? By this time in their lives the little tub o lards are hooked for good, and only an act of god, or a lawsuit of say a trillion dollars will right this wrong. Poor fat debbie, in my opinion, went after the wrong culprits.

    As usual, I read an editorial written by an individual who obviously has no interest in the truth or would care to take the time to learn about the facts before he/she fires off a letter to the editor. The lady in question has congestive heart failure due to a microvalve problem caused by the active agents in the drug fen-phen. American Home Products knew that their product did and would cause these problems in humans that took their drug but chose to market the drug anyway. American Home Products made a “busienss decision” to market the product, falsify test results to the FDA, and make money. But you have decided that they are the victim and that the person they injured is merely fat and greedy. How much money would you take so that I could poison your wife or girlfriend. They could enjoy a wonderful death that would take place over several years with ever deteriorating health. Then I could write an essay and call you greedy.

    John Sherwood,
    Attorney at Law

  23. Perhaps Mitchell’s next victim will be a certain US leader/liar, and the weapon of Mitchell’s choice will be a .50 caliber Barrett semi-auto with large capacity magazine (it’ll really be a .38 police special from the 50s, but you know the spin will ‘correct’ our thinking). Of course, Mitchell needs to be high on vitamin C supplements from a famous network marketing company (bastion of free enterprise) at the time of the perpetration of this assassination!

  24. You are the biggest bunch of loosers. Let me guess, you’re an indignant engineer hunched over your computer, fuming (yet again) about how the liberals are somehow responsible for your crappy life. You don’t like your wife, she hates you, your kids don’t talk to you and hence, you work about 60 hour a week and 30 of those hours are spent looking at websites like this, dreaming of how much better your life would be if you could bring a concealed weapon to work. Or, you are the pathetic house wife of the person I just described. You don’t have any friends, your kids don’t talk to you either (obviously a liberal’s fault), and your life will never amount to anything memorable, nor will your existence ever have an effect on anything outside your house. Yes, I know. This isn’t the way it was supposed to be. You, the good spouse and parent, were supposed to live the American dream and be happy and content. Instead you’re miserable, your life if absolutely meaningless and you know it. But that couldn’t be your fault could it? No, it must be those liberals. How can they be so happy helping other people? It must be a plot against good people like you. Why are they so interested in being around people who look different? That’s positively unAmerican. And their caring about the poor? Who could be such a wimp? My God, they even look happy helping the less fortunate. That’s right, they did this to you. Or, you’re just a pathetic looser and in the end, your life will have meant nothing. Have a nice day.

  25. you hit the nail right on the head. the fat chick will now overdose on big macs and the rest of her fat family can sue them. kill all the lawyers.

  26. Jay, you scare the b-jesus out of me! You sound just like the type that is so p-issed at the world that you would pick up where your hero Ted Kazinski left off and start killing the normal folks with the weapon of choice at Columbine, the pipe bomb. It’s time for you to go to the drugstore and buy a case of ex-lax, as you are so a-nal retentive that I fear you will explode!

  27. Amen Brother! As part of the only non PC group in the country (white males age28-55), I feel your rage. But as long as I keep paying my 28%, the government will leave me alone in my middle class white suburb.

  28. You are right, it is an outrage…let’s enact more gun legislation so that our poor misguided, mistreated, misunderstood,professional “victim”, can be one of the few in our civilized society who can obtain a gun…needed for uses that only Mr. Mitchell can ascertain at some future time and place.

  29. People today really don’t give a damn about anyone else. It’s all hurray for me, and to hell with you attitude.
    and just look at the children
    today, afraid to go to school,
    and shooting one another, and
    the parents both working, neither one really knowing whats going on in their kids
    lives…the White House and the sleaze who is there, plus
    the wimps who call themselves
    congressmen and senators… it all contributes to what’s
    happening in our “couldn’t care less” society today.

  30. Keep it up Bro., it’s good to know that there are others who refuse to bow down
    before “public opinion”,as if the public had an opinion of
    their own any more. America is about due another
    revolution, and the Jesse Jackson’s, the Fat Broads
    who won’t stop forcing food down their throats, the cops
    and lawyers, the emasculated many we call our
    government, and all the other worthless trash in this
    country that we have will all die. Not because anyone
    wants to waste ammunition shooting them either, but
    because no-one will waste time taking care of their
    whiney asses. Hopefully the world will come to it’s
    senses and start expelling people like these from
    society to survive however they can, because no-one
    will have the time to cater to their so-called needs.

  31. This is not aimed at the legal implications of the Phen/Fen settlement, but at the attitude of so many that have replied to this site. I used to think that all fat people were just lazy slobs who wouldn’t use discipline to control their food intake – until I became friends a year ago with someone who is obese. She was sexually abused as a child and young teen, and is still dealing with the psychological effects that those years had on her. Food has been a way to shield her from further hurt: she believes that if she is physically undesirable, that she can avoid the tremendous pain and shame of sexual abuse from ever happening again. I’m not denying that there are plently of overweight people who are just undisciplined, but you can’t tell who is just lazy and who has suffered tremendous phsical or psychological pain by looking at them walking down the street. Think about this before you start making snide remarks about their appearance. We all have our faults and wounds, it just so happens that overweight people can’t hide theirs. The next time you are about to say mean things to or about someone because of their weight, consider what it would feel like if you had to write your most shameful secret on a sign and wear it around your neck day in, day out, everywhere you go. Would you want support, sympathy and empathy from others, or would you want them to cut you down, look at you with disgust, and berate you?

  32. The Outrageous Quote update for today’s society was
    a good idea, but did not quite hit the mark.

    Try this version instead:

    The notion of the devil (drug user) as the incarnation of evil began to
    take form, and with it the strife against all those who were thought
    to take his orders and follow his commands. Convicted witches (drug
    users, even unconvicted ones) were to be heavily fined… The new
    tendency actively fostered investigation of all possible and impossible
    allegations, and freely used torture (plea bargains to avoid mandatory
    minimum sentences) to obtain confessions. The punishment was death
    in the most horrible forms, usually by burning (not quite yet, but
    mandatory minimum sentences are a good substitute), and the Church
    (politicians/police/lawyers) as well as the accuser shared in the
    financial assets of the victims. Thereby, the path was opened for easy
    enrichment for some, and hysterical satisfaction for the masses. (“asset
    forfeiture”, seizure, or stealing by the police for their own benefit, especially
    from people never charged with a “crime” – the police just steal their
    money and other assets and keep the booty for themselves)

    This state of affairs could intrude at any moment upon rich or poor,
    man or woman; everyone was at the mercy of some greedy, vengeful, or
    simply envious informer (snitch – looking to trade information on someone
    else, even if the “information” is false – for a lighter sentence for himself).
    People lived in constant insecurity and terror. Their thus inflamed fantasies
    created hallucinations that readily accepted, or even improved upon,
    those fed to them daily from the pulpit (politicians/police/lawyers).
    These delusions claimed, until their extinction, hundreds of thousands
    of innocent victims.

    — A description of Catholic witch hunts in the 14th century. Terms in
    brackets bring the statement up to date for modern America.

  33. Whilst I can see the device of the ‘witch hunt’ that Mr Barras has used may be partially relevant, I would suggest that to compare the prosecution of drug related crime to the witchhunts of Europe and the US, is a little precious. Whilst not morally opposed to drug use there does remain, however, the fact that crime perpetrated in the drug trade are ,to say the least, heinous.
    If goverments are to persist with general prohibition, there will obviously be that side effect, but none the less, murder, assault or theft are crimes which must be punished. I would agree that ‘getting tough on drugs’ is a populist tactic and not really effective(witch hunt style). But to compare the persecution of witches by the medieval church to hapless drug users to stupid to avoid arrest is somewhat amusing, giving way to much credit to the way cool and hip users of what are still illegal drugs, and the very real and very nasty deaths of innocents who suffered a great deal more than most modern people will ever know. Perhaps you should take a trip to East Timor, Zaire, the former Palestine, Kurdistan, Armenia or any other nation suffering for the crimes of states and governments in a very real way before you start bemoaning the legitimate policing of drugs.

  34. This is the first time that I’ve been at this site and frankly I pretty much agree with all the outrages mentioned on this web site. Keep up the good work Theoutrage.com!

  35. Congrats 4 these so subversive articles expected by our generation disgusted of this mess & the whole 9.

  36. It’s nice to read something that actually challenges your beliefs and opinions. I think iwanttobestalkedbyrightwingcrazies should be happy that today she (I am of course supposing iwanttobestalkedbyrightwincrazies is a woman) can think about what’s happening in the world, instead of just using profanity to rule her existence.

    Oh yes, and by the way, just because someone believes that not all liberals, and minorities are right all the time, doesn’t make one a racist. I think you have all backward. It’s those that think that all minorities, and liberals are always right, and everyone else wrong, that is what makes you are racist.

  37. well written and to the point . not a wasted syllable.
    sound comparisons , and well drwn conclusions . more please
    and for heavens sake mote publicity about your work
    harry mitchell

  38. Some decades ago, a science fiction writer by the name of
    Robert A. Heinlein wrote of “the Crazy Years.” Did I say “science fiction writer?”
    Perhaps I should have said “prophet.”

  39. Yes I am outraged at your comments concerning the diet combo phen-fen and pondimin. My wife who I love dearly took the drugs for 6 months. Her heart has been damaged. That company fully knew of the consequences of giving those drugs in combination. People have died or are going to from PPH. They were negligent because of their greed. How can you defend such a uncaring corporation.

  40. Quote – “Congrats 4 these so subversive articles expected by our generation disgusted of this mess & the whole 9. PEACE & KEEP RELEVANT!”

    What the hell does this mean? I haven’t seen anything like this since I was in grade school english….

  41. maybe some of this bs will fall back on people who didnt take the diet drug an they will get pph let them then pass judgement by the way i have pph i put my faith in god not you

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