Everyone’s Outraged over some aspect of the war in Kosovo. Tell us which of the following hits your hot button:

The United States government is outraged that three of its soldiers were taken prisoner by Yugoslav government forces. The Yugoslavs thought the capture was pretty reasonable, given the fact that US planes are bombing their country, killing their soldiers and civilians, and that the US soldiers were armed and in a war zone. Perhaps the US government thought that Yugoslav forces would greet the US soldiers with flowers, chocolates and bear hugs.

Some US soldiers are outraged that they are being exposed to danger. As Ms. Coddled soldier says “Hey, I signed up for the educational benefits. Plus, they paid me to go through basic training, whereas it would have cost me money to join a health club at home.” Coddled and other troops are considering a class-action lawsuit against the US government for endangering their lives in Kosovo. As Coddled says, “no one said anything about injury or death when I joined the armed services.”

Of course, the great majority of the US soldiers participating in the conflict are not exposed to danger. Some observers are outraged about how generally clueless those who are actually participating in the conflict seem to be. A Washington Post reporter aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt picked up the following tidbits in interviews with some of the ship’s 5,000 crew:


  • Lt. Carl Zeigler: “I’m sure there’s a percentage of the crew who don’t know who Slobodan Milosevic is. What they’re thinking about is when their next watch starts or when they’re going to get some chow”.


  • Shane Rodrick: “We’re over here doing our job, fighting for the cause. Whatever that cause is.”



  • Corpsman Paulina Dixon expressed surprise that the many amenities of the ship – gyms, library, video arcades, television studio, radio station – did not include a McDonalds. Why the crew ever bothers going on shore leave is beyond us.



The coalition for semi-sane government spending was outraged that US taxpayers are going to spend billions of dollars for a conflict that has no direct relation to US security interests.

Sensible people around the world are outraged that the US doesn’t just kill Milosevic, for, we suppose, the same insane reasons that prevented us from killing Saddam Hussein. A single man is the driving force of evil in both Kosovo and Iraq, yet thousands of innocents must die while the men in power satiate their lust for violence.

Explain to us again exactly why it is impossible to locate and kill public figures like Milosevic and Hussein? Looking back, wouldn’t everyone have been vastly better off if Hitler and/or Stalin had been assassinated?

Military experts are outraged that the Clinton administration believes that it can defeat the small roving bands of Milosevic hooligans by relying solely on air power.

Others are outraged that US involvement in Kosovo seems to be following the same general pattern that led to the quagmire in Vietnam.

Taking the opposite tack, support for the NATO mission has come from some surprising quarters. The current foreign minister of Germany is the leader of the radical German environmentalist Greens party, a former pacifist, and opponent of the Vietnam war. But he supports the use of force in Kosovo: “If we accept Milosevic as a winner, it wold be the end of the Europe I believe in”.

Some are outraged that the NATO action appears to have done more harm than good, perhaps accelerating the speed with which Milosevic implemented his recent ethnic cleansing campaign.

Amid unconfirmed reports of atrocities by Yugoslav security forces, many are outraged that the US and NATO have not acted more forcefully to save the innocent. They ask “if we had earlier knowledge of atrocities committed during the Holocaust, would we have moved more decisively?”

Politicians are outraged that no one seems to be giving much thought to the cost of the war, or even to defining what would constitute success. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Floyd Spence: “The absence of clearly defined objectives, including a definition of what constitutes ‘success’, …is deeply troubling.” Representative Heather Wilson, an Air Force Academy graduate, says “The president owes us an explanation of what exactly winning would mean and what the cost would be – in dollars yes, but mostly in lives lost and dreams destroyed.”

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0 thoughts on “OUTRAGED OVER KOSOVO!

  1. I have to agree with most of the points concerning Kosovo, with the exception of 2.

    1. The outrage over the American POWs is that they may not receive treatment in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. A public trial, etc. violate the international agreements that govern nations in the conduct of war. There are no Serbian POWs yet, so Milosovic seems to feel free to flout international convention.

    2. Promoting assasination has interesting side effects, including the painting of bulls-eyes on your own leaders, etc. It also allows the lunatics on the fringe to declare open season on non-comabatents. Not a good idea. You’re supposed to defeat your enemy and then try them for war crimes in an international court. With Saddam, we sort of forgot that the purpose of war is to defeat the enemy, not deter them. Maybe we won’t make the same mistake in Kosovo.

  2. What’s really an outrage is to be lectured to about morality by a rapist, perjurer war-monger like Clinton. He is the real war criminal here. Any soldier that goes into battle to serve the interests of this utterly corrupt and amoral charlatan is nothing more than a mercenary and deserves a mercenary’s fate. I hope that the Serbian people ultimately prevail and bring this immoral monster the shame and contempt he so richly deserves.

  3. I’m outraged by the fact that we’re there when we have no business to be and without a declaration of war as required in the Constitution.

    I’m outraged that during the impeachment, Clinton bombed those associated with Bin Laden, and now he’s siding with a terrorist organization supported by Bin Laden.

    I’m outraged that Clinton seems ready to bomb anyone at a whim (at the drop of a hat) and without regard to whether he goes against anyone else’s sovereignty.

    I’m outraged that he cares nothing for our country and is seeking to destroy our sovereignty with many of his actions, treaties he has signed, executive orders, etc.. When a treaty he wants isn’t ratified he says he will bypass Congress and implement it thorough the executive department.

    I’m outraged that our funding for defense has been cut and our military is getting in poor shape because of it. Between that, sending our forces to so many other places, and having a Commander in Chief who sells our military technology to China, we’re getting in a precarious position. Lately, I’m hearing that our supply of cruise missiles is getting low and that we can’t replace them when they are gone. I don’t really understand this, something about our having given up the rights for making them to Japan. In any case, we’re getting to the point that we’re not going to be able to defend ourselves adequately if *we* are attacked. And frankly, I think our President knows this.

  4. What irks me is that people are buying this bull the media is putting out about us being involved in this war for moral reasons. Guess what, people- politicians do not do ANYTHING out of the goodness of their hearts.

  5. Another thing that irks me is you people! You are all a bunch of ignorami! You don’t know jack about what you are talking about. You’re all wannabe cynics, but you don’t have the aptitude to be any good at it! I hate mediocrity!

  6. Re:Kosovo…I share all the outrages in your recent Email, and am especially outraged that our Manchurian, New World Order President and his globalist friends have gotten away with it!!!

  7. Why are we even involved in the Kosovo mess? There are no strategic advantages for us, no real short term tactical advantages; no resources to exploit or gain. I suppose I could support the “Humanitarian” cause of saving lives, but then I have to ask “Why are we not doing the same thing in Africa?” Surely the human carnage and destruction is equal to that in Kosovo/Serbia and Yugoslavia? Or does the United States Government only protect the rights and lives of Europeans and other Fair Skinned Peoples? Why is there no outrage over Africa? If I were a Black American, which I’m not, I would be asking that question very loudly of our President.

  8. I have lived long enough (including voluntarily risking my life in uniform) to see the United States undergo a metamorphisis from great nation, to disgusting trash. For the past 15 years I have been deeply involved in trying to educate other Americans as to the dangers of losing our Republic. I have spent countless hours on TV, radio, lectures and writing articles for domestic and foreign periodicals and DC ‘think tanks’.

    I spent some 23 years of my adult life in loyal participation with the Democratic National Committee – the only part of my life I am ashamed to admit. I have just read every single ‘Outrage” on the Kosovo situation and detect an immense amount of frustration and resentment from Americans. Many of the posts were quite historically correct and well thought out, but the ESSENTIAL element of all the evil involved was conspicuously absent. Klinton is portrayed as the evil lying cowardly rapist, murderer, traitor etc. etc. that he wihout doubt is. Klinton – like Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc, – is ONLY an inevitable result of the underlying disease of humans worldwide. The dark side of human nature.

    The REAL evil here in the US (for the most part)is the Democratic Party. I know them and their leadership as well as any man. Klinton – like Mao and the others is only the distilled evil that is emblematic of that group. Democrats of this era are 100% absolute scum. I have NEVER met a Klinton era Democrat that I would trust around my wife, my child, or my pocketbook. The Rosenburgs as mentioned in at least one ‘OUTRAGE’ post were guilty of treason to our country and they paid the proper price – DEATH! We now have over 1/4 of the Congress participating in formal anti-American treason – by purest definition. If you think i exaggerate in the slightest, you can find them on ‘The Web’ under ‘Democratic Socialists Of America” read- Marxists! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TREASONOUS COUNTRY SELLERS IS A KLINTONISTA DEMOCRAT! Their official mantra is “character doesn’t count” remember? These are the destroyers of our Constitution, murderers of our children, mockers of Christian beliefs – lovers of homosexual perversions, mockers of the Bill Of Rights – ad nauseum. The cause of every major evil that has befallen America AND WILL DESTROY US – ARE THE DEMOCRATS – plain and simple. They have a thug, violent, lazy,hedonistic, Marxist, irresponsible Godless mentality unparralled in the history of America. Their continued support of their ideal leader – arguably the most evil politician in American history – proves my point.

    Democrats are a very real threat to every cherished religious and personal freedom every American in uniform risked his life to defend or died for. One of my fantasies has become seeing adult active Democrats shot in the street on sight. Their bodies ground up and processed as fertilizer to be given to the American farmer. If any of you find my analysis too harsh – I will be glad to hear out your criticism AFTER the Klinton supported Chicom missiles start raining down from the sky on our cities and vaporizing our children.

    The enemy is NOT in Kosovo. To quote a cartoon opossum named Pogo. “We have seen the enemy, and it are us!”

  9. In the 1930’s the world stood by and watched Hitler ethnicly cleanse Germany of Jews.
    How many of you think “that was his business – not ours”?
    Today history is repeating itself in Kosovo.
    Is it really their business not ours?
    Hindsight is 20/20 vision,yet some of us prefer to turn a blind eye.
    That is an outrage.

  10. If clinton is just a commie, then why aren’t china and russia supporting him. As for taking freedoms away, mr. ronald lets drug test everyone reagen little war on pot has cost us our right against illegal search and seisure, free speech, double jeapordy, not to mention undermining the political process by funneling taxpayer money into “parent” groups just to gain support for his disasterous policies.I supported clinton during impeachment just because I’d hate to see him lose his job for a little fun, but i don’t see how this is such a humanitarian disastor that we have to get involved when there are other, much more devastating events happening all over the world. Oh yes, and to correct a few of the more right wing respondents, America never was and was not intended to be a theocracy. If your concept of freedom is the right to force all to believe like you, then I’d fight to the death to stop you. Carpe Diem

  11. ARE WE A NATION OF OLD MEN,are we comfortable on our porches;dumb fat and happy ! let’s stop talking. I’m ready to put the old ford in gear and run over somebody!!!!

  12. Once again we have politicians making tactical decisions in an armed conflict. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers for the problems in Kosovo. I do know that the Constitution determines how a war is run. The decision to fight belongs with Congress but the responsability for tactical decisions belongs to the military. Politicians caused the outcome of the mess in Viet Nam and the same will happen here. Let Congress make the determination of whether or not we will engage in the conflict and then let the military determine how to carry out the decision.

  13. Thank you Socialist Sam. Your idiotic missive showed in vivid detail just what kind of half-wit illiterates support Clinton and his corrupt regime. The incoherent ungrammatical mess that made up Sam’s contribution as well as his raising of the red herring of a ‘theocracy’ is typical of the discourse favored by modern American liberal. Thank Sam.

  14. Let me tell you about something that happened back in
    the dark days of World War II.

    The German army, in 1941, stood astride of Europe,
    having defeated or compelled the surrender of every
    nation. From the borders of Russia to the Atlantic, from
    the English Channel and North Sea to the
    Mediterranean, the German war machine stood

    It is no surprise then that when that machine rolled into
    Yugoslavia, the government surrendered. There was no
    chance to win a fight. Croatia became an enthusiastic
    fascist state and set up its own concentration camps to
    slaughter Jews and Serbs. Albania had joined the
    fascists and sent a division into Kosovo, where, at that
    time, Serbs were a huge majority. About 140,000 Serbs
    were killed.

    The Bosnian Muslims, including their present leader,
    enthusiastically formed a Waffen SS Division.

    So what did the Serbs do? Well, that’s the magic. Within
    a few days after the Yugoslavian government
    surrendered, the Serb people rose up, overthrew that
    government and told Hitler’s legions in effect, “No, hell,
    we don’t surrender.”

    This is one of the noblest examples of human courage in
    history. Here was a people hopelessly outnumbered
    who nevertheless preferred to die than to surrender.
    More than a million did die, but they fought the Germans
    so fiercely that the German invasion of the Soviet Union
    was delayed. Hitler later blamed his defeat by the
    Russians on this delay.

    It is shameful, in my opinion, that the United States, in its
    postwar decline, led by sleazy people, is attacking the
    Serbs, who fought with us as allies, to assist people who
    fought against us as Nazi allies.

    And it is moronic that people in Washington supposed
    that the Serbs, who defied the German war machine,
    would collapse and tremble at the feet of someone
    whose ill-planned, poorly thought-out campaign has
    already led to a human disaster for the very people he
    said it was designed to save.

    And make no mistake, this president, famous for his bad
    judgment, by rejecting any compromise is committing the
    United States to ground war in the Balkans. The idea
    that this man, who spoke of loathing the U.S. military
    and who cowardly avoided the draft, is now willing to
    put American troops into war against a former ally is
    really disgusting.

    Clinton is going to discover, like Hitler, that he can
    occupy Serbia but that he cannot subdue the Serbian

    The American people should wake up and decide how
    many of their sons and daughters they wish to sacrifice
    for the sake of Albania, once a fascist state, once the
    most Stalinist of the communist states and currently the
    most corrupt and incompetent of the former communist

    When Clinton sends troops into Yugo-slavia it will be
    pointless to talk about an exit strategy. There won’t be
    one. There isn’t even one for the American troops stuck
    in Bosnia. North Atlantic Treaty Organization officials
    have said they will be there at least another five years.

    Americans should also remember that not one single
    European leader in 1914 intended to start a world war.
    They simply found themselves trapped in a chain of
    actions and reactions and ended up in a situation not a
    single one of them had intended or wanted.

    Clinton, accustomed to cheap, small-state hustling, is
    clearly out of his depth. He is playing a dangerous game
    and isn’t sane enough to realize just how dangerous it is.
    Beware of God’s ironic sense of humor. The century
    started with a world war ignited in the Balkans.

    Let’s pray it doesn’t end the same way.

  15. It would be Klinton to bring us Vietnam II. Every time he does
    something sleazy and hideous I think “Now I have seen how
    low this man can… not even he could do worse.” How wrong
    I was. Raping women wasn’t enough, now he wants to make
    sure that those women get to watch their husbands and sons come home
    in body bags.

    Clint has so badly enervated our military that we have no chance
    of ever “winning” a war in Kosovo. The Serbs are killing Albanians
    with Ak-47’s to the head and hitting bridges with billion dollar
    bombs won’t stop this. Our ground forces number what? 50 thousand?
    75 tops? How many troops do the Serbs have now?? The Serbs
    have already proved they are willing to fight to the last man, they
    have already promised to do so, and our present ground forces
    will be horribly outnumbered. Plus there is the chance that the Russians
    could get involved (this was a Warsaw pact country) and then
    the stakes get upped to possible nuclear confrontation. Do we really
    want a repeat of the Cuban missle crisis with Billies member on
    the button? What kind of ‘spin’ could justify risking nuclear war? (Not that
    Clint would care about that either as long as he is safe with a harem of
    young interns deep underground somewhere).

    President Clinton is the most evil man to ever be elected to any
    office. He has the potential to easily be the next Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin,
    and Pol Pot all wrapped up into one. He flippantly bombs civilians
    and *KILLS* when it suits his purposes abroad whenever he wants
    his latest sexual escapades off the front page and we still are too
    believe that this monsters ‘private affairs’ don’t matter? They matter
    to a child in Sudan, Iraq, or Kosovo!

    Clinton is rapidly causing the entire world to hate America. The Oceans that
    separate us from Europe and Asia can only protect us from so long. If
    we stay this course we will find ourselves alone, feared and hated
    with the rest of the world just biding their time waiting for the bully to turn
    his back or make one bad step.

    How would any of us like it if the Middle Eastern conglomerate sent
    troops into New York and demanded we sign over all soverienty
    or they would continue to bomb our cities? Would we be so fast
    to roll over to enemy occupation if the person using the ‘for the children’
    excuse was a corrupt Dictator of a foriegn country? So why are we
    so moral? Is a Rapist really the best ‘leader’ to stop a 600 year
    old vendetta and bring peace to an area that has hosted 2 world wars
    in the last 80 years?

    The only thing that will come of this is defeat. Our military will
    not win this, and another Vietnam will shatter our armed forces.
    Only Klintons fedagoons and alphabet soup Gestapo will remain.
    I wonder if that’s the point of this stupid exercise.

  16. I am outraged that Americans are not concerned enough to take back the government OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE. I hear all you moaning and groaning about the president, congress and senate, but how many of you are willing to do your duty as laid out in the Declaration of Independence. Go read the fourth sentence of that document, then if you have the guts, form a coalition to take this country back. Until then, quit your whining.

  17. I am not outraged but saddened by the fact that so
    few people have caught on to the meaning of “US interests”.
    Since WWII US interests have been to protect the profits
    and privledges of the people who own and operate the
    Western world. This is the only war that I can think of that
    does not DIRECTLY do this. There might even be some
    truth in the idea that it might spread if unchecked but I
    suspect that it is more to establish NATO as an enforcer
    in the minds of Europeans and Americans.

  18. Why are blaming Clinton for this Kosvo mess? Congressmen and Senators (especially Republicans) want to send the ground troops. Have we forgotten Somalia? Milosovich can definitely create pictures of US soldiers being dragged by tanks/jeeps in front of TV? Are we ready for that?.

    Hey, by the way can Ms. Albright (is it Al-Nitwitt) explain in detail what are anybody’s interests in Yougoslovia , US or European partnersw of Nato? Most of us are educated people? I bet,
    The Rhodes Scholar (Clinton) could not convince even a person with high school education why we are into Kosvo, if he tries to give some details of our interests. Why has not the press asked this question?

  19. Isn’t it ironic that we went inot Bosnia because they were trying to inact self determination? Well, klintong just couldn’t allow them to split away, but now we’re bombing Kosovo, because it WON’T grant the Albanians self determination?? Or how about in December, when we “bombed” bin laudin, a muslim terrorist, but now support, the KLA, another muslim terrorist organizaiton. Or how aobut when a credible rape charge against klintong surfaces, teh media tries to bury it, but a fleeing refugee mentions the word “rape” and the media is all over it. we hear about the ethnic clensing, but what about the serbian men that the kla execute because they won’t join the “cause” Finally, how would we respond if the mexican immigrants wanted autonomy for San Diego county? Think aobut this, before you start beleiving the lies of the clinton news network

  20. the constitution has been usurped by clinton. congress has abdicated and the public is clueless. the best way to end this is to have congress cut off the funds. then lets see how long mr.clinton will be able to fight using other peoples money no more and wasting no more lives…wake up the congress to cut off the funds….

  21. Are we in the “twilight zone”?? … cought somewhere between the here and now and the “outer limits??? This dope-smoking, rapist, draft-dodging, admitted liar has the nerve to lecture us on moral authority and order the bombing of a soverign nation!! Welcome all to the real 1984. A lying coward butcher calling a foreign nation’s leader “a Hitler”. I guess he ran out of Branch Dividens; and now he about ready to run out of cruise missle.

  22. I am OUTRAGED that Milosevic and the Serbs think they have some claim on land they lost 600 years ago. If they had lost Kosovo recently, like 10 years or so, I would understand. But Kosovo was taken 6 centuries ago. They should get over it!!

    Also, Yugoslavia is a separate country. We do not have the right to move in whenever we feel like it. Our great Prez used to agree with that, back when Vietnam was going on. WHAT HAPPENED??

  23. The Serbs WON kosovo in the late 1300’s. The Albanians with the backing of Germany and Italy during WWII and then later Turkey pushed into Kosovo in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It’s comparable that all of the immigrants from south of the border wanting to have autonomity granted for Sandiego County.

  24. I see the writers for Tokyo Rose are still alive. Let’s not
    forget those military people that are OUTRAGED
    that we are running out of cruise missiles. Did they
    close down the plant? Why don’t they just build some

    Hello, I receive your
    newsletter every month…
    please take more time and
    spell words correctly…

  25. You know what I am outraged by? The fact that so many
    Americans are so outraged by this whole mess
    and are perfectly willing to let that outrage end with a nice
    neat email in a forum like this. Are you outraged? SHOW IT.
    Go out into the streets. Write letters to congressmen and
    Senators. Besiege the places and the people of power.
    Stop being “outraged” on paper or on screen. While you
    pursue such outrage Yugoslavia is being bombed out of
    existence. You have the chance to stop this – now. Let your
    outrage spill into the real life that you lead. Take action.

    NOW. Before it is far too late for such action to matter.

  26. I am outraged that we are there at all! This is unconstitutional, also against the UN charter (if anyone cares about that) and also against the NATO charter. Our congressmen are a bunch of wimps! They are supposed to decide whether or not we go to war, not the president. They swear to uphold the constitution but by their actions I am sure they have never even read it!

    I am outraged that the current occupant of the White House started a war with Yugoslavia without a declaration of war from Congress, as is required by the Constitution!

  27. The outrage about Ms. Coddled (her name says it all) is
    very common. The all volunteer force promotes the
    enlistment of uneducated masses that will follow the
    dirrection toward a “New World Order” with little or no
    thought. All the while the rich and priveliged can opt out
    of service,protest the war, and then end up as the
    President, Secretary of the Armed Services, Secretary
    of State or another top government job. All without knowing
    what it’s like to put your life in harms way for even one day!!

  28. The U.S. has no business being involved in a civil war that
    has been raging since the 1300’s. “Wag the Tail” Bubba
    Clinton has no idea what he is doing and his actions have
    placed this country in grave danger. And the polls stating
    that most of the U.S. voters support a ground assault is total
    BULL!!! I am sure that the Russians won’t sit by and see
    NATO ground troops invade Yugoslavia. WWIII, here we

  29. I can’t believe that the military have been living all this time with the good benefits and now it comes time for them to payback for what they have been getting and they are angry because they have to do the job. Wake up and smell the coffee. There have been plenty there before you.


     EGYPTIAN Christians have been subjected to horrific crucifixion rituals, raped and tortured by the security forces during a crackdown on the ancient Coptic community, according to international human rights and Christian groups.
    Over the past month, police have reportedly detained about 1,200 Christians in Upper Egypt. Seized in groups of 50 at a time, many were nailed to crosses or manacled to doors with their legs tied together, then beaten and tortured with electric shocks to their genitals, while police denounced them as “infidels”. An 11-year-old boy, Romani Boctor, was hung upside down from an electric ceiling fan and tortured as the fan rotated. Young girls were raped and mothers were forced to lay their tiny babies on the floor of police stations and watch police savagely beat them with sticks. A bishop and two priests were detained by police on fabricated charges punishable by death or life imprisonment.

    Coptic churches in Cairo, were surrounded by armoured vehicles as its doors and windows were sealed by security forces.

    Copts were the ancient inhabitants of Egypt before the Arab invasions in the seventh century, but have been surrounded for centuries by a hostile Muslim majority. They now need presidential permission to open a church, their history cannot be taught in schools and people can be arrested under the National Security Act for converting their faith to Christianity!!

    So what’s the self-righteous, human rights-minded Clinton administration doing about all these human rights violations; the persecution of Christians around the world; about all the evidenced mass murder crimes against Christians in Pakistan, Burma, Sudan, China, Egypt, et. al., Threatening to have NATO bomb them (as it does to Serbia over Kosovo?). Applying any sanctions? for example, against Egypt? On the contrary, the Clinton administration continues to send annually, over $2 billion of U.S. taxpayers’ money to the EGYPTIAN regime. And advanced ICBM, MIRV, nuclear,laser technologies as well as supercomputers, a cruise missile factory, airplane factories, computerized cutting machines with advanced military applications, et. al., to COMMUNIST RED CHINA.

    There has been not a peep, about the persecution of Christians around the world from either the White House or the State Department pulpits, which seem always ready, able and quick to criticize alleged mistreatments of minorities in predominantly Christian countries, such Serbia,and illegally bomb their country.
    Washington’s silence speaks louder than words.”the message is clear: Clinton’s foreign affairs establishment is not only un-American; it is anti-Christian.” Such is the state of affairs in a “democratic” country in which over 80% of voters are Christians, unfortunately, dumb enough to have voted for Clinton.

  31. My outrage is that Premier Clintong, having already started Cold War II in Asia, has now brought us to the brink of World War III in Europe.

    a. NATO has invaded a sovereign state to interfere with the putdown of a revolution started by illegal immigrants. This sets dangerous precedents.

    b. The destruction of Serbia’s bridges over the Danube River blocks commerce for the rest of Europe, alienating many of our allies.

    c. The Serbians have asked to join the Russian-Bellorussian Union and the presidents of both those nations have said ‘yes.’

    d. Russia’s leaders have repeatedly warned of how the
    US/NATO attack harms their interests and threatens to start an armed conflict with them which could quickly escalate into global nuclear conflict.

    e. The squandering of US military assets and the demoralizing of military personnel encourages opportunistic attacks by third parties such as China, North Korea, and terrorist states.

    f. The ‘ugly American’ image created by Clintong further motivates hostile alliances and acts against America.

    g. The growth of the propaganda machine — in the face of a public informed by the information superhighway — is causing further political division (and by extension, political and social instability) among the American people.

    All these factors, and more, create an unprecedented atmosphere of internal disunity, military vulnerability, and international hostility which place us on the brink of World War III.

  32. Kosovo is no threat to the national interest of the US. It is a European problem that should be solved by Europeans without our involvement. It seems strange that the man who went to England & the Soviet Union to protest the Vietnam conflict is now placing us into a similar situation. It would be much more economical to terminate Misolovic than to bomb his country which we should have done to Saddam.

    I’m outraged over the whole freakin thing. I’m outraged that Clinton is running the show. I’m outraged that he’s now espousing the same principles he opposed when he opposed the vietnam war. That’s not surprising because his only real principle is his own self interest. He’s such a wonderful public servant.

    I’m outraged by the fact that we’re intervening in another countries civil war, violating their soverginty.

    I’m outraged that American lives are being risked in a conflict in which their are no american interests are at stake.

    I’m outraged that our tax dollars are being spent to support this conflict.

    I’m outraged that we’re expending valuable military resources & weakening our defense capabilities in this meaningless conflict.

    I’m outraged that congress hasn’t stopped this BS.

    I’m outraged that we’re risking our relationship with
    Russia over this.

    In short, everything about this is wrong and stupid.
    It is simply a way for Our dirtbag president to flex his muscles.

  33. Where are the black leaders who normally are the first ones to object to anything?
    From my figures, I learned a large percent of the military is Afro-Americans.
    If the draft were re-enstated, would people have the same opinion if their own sons and daughters were sent to cover NATO?

  34. In addition to “all of the above” I am outraged at the so-called “Commander-in Chief” who caused the three soldiers to be in Yugoslavia in the first place.
    My second ‘outrage’ is with the local commander who sent these men on a scouting mission close to enemy lines in an un-armored Humvee without any support. This is possibly due to the fact that many seasoned officers in all of the armed forces have retired, rather than serve in the present politicized command structure.
    The US Military has been going steadily downhill since the cessation of the war in Viet Nam. In fact, make that Korea. In my humble opinion, MacArthur was the last of our great general officers and Moorer was perhaps the last of the admirals.

  35. If other countries felt like
    the U>S> would they have been justified in bombing the hell out of Texas because of Waco?

  36. I am outraged that Mr. Clinton ( I hate to refer to him as the President ) has gotten us into this WAR without Congress’ go ahead by getting his ” New World Order” buddies in NATO to join in the Fray. Kosovo’s problems were cival and It is none of NATO’s business. There was no invading of other nations.!! NATO and Mr. Clinton Have Screwed – UP…Big Time !!

  37. All of the circumstances that are described in the outrage continue
    to exist because we, the people who are outraged, CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING
    either politically or in our personal lives to stop the cultural
    patterns which lead us to where we are today. I am outraged
    that sensible people continue to blame, blame, blame…the president,
    the congress, foreign villian of the day, whoever/whatever is convenient.
    It is high time that we, the citizens of the United States, take a
    good look at the “way in which we spend our lives.” Our
    collective choices create our reality and inform policy
    decisions like those made in Iraq and Kosova.
    Is our country of the people, by the people, and for the people?
    Are we not sovereign? Or are we so disgusted with our
    government that we think our collective political will is pointless?
    If this is the case, then the PR industry has won and we should just
    blindly follow our government like good little Americans.
    Is the PR industry to blame? Is business to blame?
    Is government to blame? Who is to blame?
    No one and everyone. I say stop bitching and ACT.
    must define a better way through our collective political
    and economic will because our leaders surely will not.

  38. I am outraged that each time that the rapesi in chief ,
    has his tail in a crack to take the minds of the sheeple off
    of whatever it is that he has done again by bombing
    someone that he has not yet rescued from the “oppression”!!!
    I am outraged at the utter APATHY of the sheeple in this nation!
    I am outraged that I being a white middle-aged lower income
    male AM MORE OUTRAGED !!!than the so-called african/american
    leaders/wanna-be messiahs,that clintler has done NOTHING to stop the
    “ethnic cleansing/genocide”that has been happening in Rwanda
    and in Somalia!!!!!!!
    I am OUTRAGED that while the wanna be king in Washington
    kisses his chi-comm benifactors tail and who knows what else,thathe
    I AM OUTRAGED !!! that there ARE NO MORE STATESMEN!?!?!?!?!
    But mostly I am saddened beyond comprehension that…..
    NO ONE CARES ANYMORE about what WAS the greatest nation with the most potential
    on the face of GODS EARTH!!!!!

  39. Yes, I am disgusted with a President gone berserk with
    ursurped powers he was NEVER intended to have!
    Though NATO is “credited” with the bombing IT IS U.S.A.F.
    THAT IS DOING 90% OF IT!…and without even consulting
    or asking Congress or WE THE PEOPLE beforehand!
    In my opinion Clinton is a war criminal along with Mrs.
    (half)bright. Remember, Germans were hanged for doing
    the same thing Clinton and (half)bright are doing.
    Whether they know it or not, the American Military People
    involved in action in the Sovereign Nation of Yugoslavia are
    also war criminals (by the standards of Nuremburg).
    Other than trying to negotiate a peaceful solution in that
    war-torn nation THE US SHOULD MIND ITS OWN
    BUSINESS…and there’s LOTS of business to be tended
    to that the government here has ignored while blindly
    following along with the Clinton Gang and his CFR, Trilats,
    and Bilderbergers!
    and trampled upon OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights!
    now we are bering governed by morons, liars, cheats, and
    homicidal maniacs!
    Bonnie Dundee

  40. This is an interesting development, if two factions cant agree
    NATO bombs the one least liked. I think its a wonderfull idea,
    the parties at the N.I. peace talks should take note,
    Maybe we will see jets and attack helicopters flatten Belfast.
    Maybe even ground intervention just incase.
    NATO the righter of all wrongs, so long as you dont happen to have a few ICBMs

  41. When did you get into my head?
    I can’t seem to understand why,
    with all of our “sophisticated”
    weapons we aren’t zeroing in on
    the leaders? Is this, added to
    everything else, a p___ing
    contest to see who can make who
    suffer the most?

  42. What upsets me the most with the whole ordeal, is the fact that what a 1,000 lives die each year in Bosnia and Kosovo because of civil war. In Ethopia 100,000 die each year from civil wars. Then theres other places that some lives are taken from civil wars. What makes Kovoso different from these places? I believe that we should not become involved with other countries problems. If we help one country shouldn’t we help them all. I don’t understand the reasoning for bombing Kovoso, not to mention that a Yugo factory was bomb. There goes all the cars from that place. We as a country have more problems to deal with instead for dealing with other countries problems. All this is doing is just taking more lives faster that Milosevic. And how come we didn’t find about the bombing until Clinton told about it almost two hours later after it occured. The public as the right to know about these things. If the public knew before hand, the bombing may have not taken place because of all the protest. I bet the NAACP is all over Bill Clintons throat because of this stupid war with Kosovo. All that money could be used for more useful things instead. Think of when the Stealth Bomber was shot down, that almose two million right there. That could at least go toward education or to the tax payers.

  43. All the outrages in this forum and on television still does not
    address the core of the Kosovo conflict….the New World Order crowd does not like
    the Serbs because they , the Serbs, do not appreciate
    someone other than their own people telling them how to
    conduct their internal affairs.
    The NWO wants all countries to be multi-ethnic, whenever possible (except
    for Israel, of course). Multi ethnic countries are much easier to
    control and less able to put up
    a solid front against the globalists in
    charge. But you see, the Serbs dont want to be part of any
    social/ political experiments. They only want to live among other Serbs.
    So, in the view of the Jews who actually run the
    New World Order—and they DO–the Serbs must be punished. They must be
    made an example of just in case some other independant minded White Euro’s
    decide to resist the likes of that horrid little rodent Mad Albright, the clueless Wm. Cohen and that greasy kike
    lover, Bill Clinton.
    Oh yes my friends…this IS the core of Kosovo today. You can either believe it
    or go back to the mall.

  44. What’s to be outraged about? Clinton is bombing Yugoslavia to stop the Yugoslavs keeping order in their own country. He isn’t bombing the Turks for keeping order in Iraq or the Israelis for keeping order in Lebanon or the Chinese for keeping order in Tibet or the Indonesians for keeping order in East Timor. But it’s his decision, I just hope he’s going to solve our Y2K problem as swiftly and masterfully, by bombing IBM, Intel and Microsoft. Then maybe he can stop disease by bombing the pharmaceutical companies. The man’s a genius, outranked in intelligence only by those who vote for him.

  45. Even if you forget the cost of
    the missles at a million a pop,(and by the way I hear we’re almost out of them),who
    do you think will bare the cost of rebuilding Yugoslavia?

  46. What ever happened to the reality that anyone who uses a knife, gun, bomb, missile, etc. to
    kill (other than under a declaration of war) is guilty of pre-meditated murder.

    Why is it the responsibility of Pro-American businesses who adhere to Mother
    Nature’s (reality’s) demands to market the cost (in the market cost of their product or
    service) of law abiding taxpayers and innocent children paying for the ordnance to kill Serbs
    and Albanians?

    Mother Nature (reality) demands that every business in THE REAL WORLD
    market the cost of every employee’s living [union wage], business profit, and all taxes to
    cover the cost of every community, state, and nation existing in THE REAL WORLD.

    Mother Nature (reality) demands that innocent American children who owe the
    “mob” $187,150 for their birth in America (will have to pay the “mob” interest on the cost
    American taxpayers can’t afford) will bear the cost of using guns, missals, bombs, etc. to kill
    people in THE REAL WORLD where there is no declaration of war.

    The “mob” is foreign and domestic investors, the Bulls on Wall Street, The Hillarys
    who invest in the futures market and pharmisucital drugs, and Slick Holy Hucksters who
    prosper from investing tax deductible donations in everything parasites who defy
    Capitalism’s demands can’t pay for with wages or profit from an independent business.

    Capitalism demands that everyone live on wages or profit from an independent

    The media has unlimited time and space to daily publish the value of money that no
    one in THE REAL WORLD can even digest. They have no time or space to mention
    everyone engaging in pre-meditated murder. They neglected to take a poll to determine how
    many thousand years it will take Americas children to pay their $187,150 debt with the
    $5.15 labor wage we, the government, elected Representatives to enact.

    They’re is no reason to believe Mother Nature (reality) cares where in THE REAL
    WORLD people adhere to Mother Nature (reality) and Capitalism demands. Adhering to
    these demands makes welfare impossible, makes creating poverty stricken people
    impossible, and makes it possible for every person to afford to live in THE REAL WORLD.

    If we blieve taere ia a Supreme Being, we must admit that supreme by definition means one. No one can proove their religion. Why not get to the core of this fracas. Why are we such idiots as to get in the middle of a religious war, where no one is right and no one is wrong.
    Are we still so stupid as to let our State Department run the military. It didn’t work in Korea, or VietNam;
    haven’t we learned our lesson.

  47. I agree with Brent Rawlings – Our poll-crazy Congress
    should either declare war or give Our President two
    weeks before his allowance (for Operation Allied Force)
    runs out. Both are Constitutional safeguards against a
    crazy executive. If NATO folds, big whoop! It was formed
    50 years ago to protect a beat-up Europe from the Soviet
    Union. With our help, Europe is a big boy and the Soviet
    Union can’t even feed itself. It’s time we quit asking our
    best and brightest to die for someone else’s country, when
    they are too stupid to govern themselves. Milosovic didn’t
    stage a coup, you know!

  48. This is the first time im my sixty-plus years that I’m ashamed to be American. In the future my flag will be flown upside-down.

  49. Well written and many good thoughts.
    In par 12, you mention the quagmire
    in Vietnam. What about the DMZ in
    Korea where American Forces have been
    permenantly based for 50 years?

  50. Yeah, I’m outraged at your flippant attitude and seeming ignorance. Maybe you’re just bluffing: you want to get a rise out of some people just for the fireworks, right?

    First, you feel it’s pretty fair for the Serbs to capture the ill-prepared U.S. soldiers (assinged to NATO as pecekeepers no less) who crossed into Serb territory? Did you see the CNN reporter say repeatedly that he’s been on the back roads on the border of Macedonia and Serbia, and that a Humvee could never have traveled the donkey tracks that actually cross the border? He said that Humvees HAVE to stick to largert roads because of their relatively wide stance. And NONE of those roads cross into Serbia. Didn’t you see that??? Well I and millions of others did. Our soldiers were part of a U.N. peacekeeping force, captured (kidnapped is more accurate) by dirtbag Serbs who obviously penetrated crossed the Macedonian border themselves and took our guys hostage. I challenge anyone to say with any integrity that a Humvee could have crossed into Serbia. Fact is, no, Humvees CAN’T follow those donkey paths that would have actually accounted for a legitimate capture and detention as POWs.

    Oh, and what’s this about “coddled” U.S. armed personnel. Where do I start??

    Yes, in a battle fleet of a dozen ships, with several thousand sailors, including 5,000 plus on the carrier Teddy Roosevelt, you’ll find that most personnel are overworked, understaffed, and have no time to sit down and watch CNN or the feeds offered over the internal TV system.

    Navy personnel reading this– am I right or wrong?? Do you really have time to sit down, analyze the background and current international political situation, or is satisfying your basic human needs of sleep and food a more pressing need? Do you feel guilty, or feel a need to know who the hell that evil maniac Milosevic is while you bust your butt on board a ship that is understaffed? Or is it enough to do your job competently and with all the effort you can muster?

    So, you’re outraged that air power cannot back down Milosevic?? Consider this– our air-to-ground attack weapons are quite capable of locating, targeting and destroying virtually every tank and armored personnel carrier anywhere in Serbia. F-18s, A-10s, helos, whatever–they all have tank-busting capabilities. If a T-72 tank fires up its engine inside a cave in a well-disguised position, be it a cave, a blown-up Kosovar house or a dug-in position, it gives off a heat signature for hours. Locate the heat source, verify it’s hostile, fire a Hellfire or Maverick missile, and that’s all it takes to snuff a tank or APC. Yes, bad weather hampers us somewhat, but we have J-STARS, which is an airborne platform that can pinpoint every single moving vehicle in Serbia. Some of you saw it talked about during the Gulf War. We can if we WANT, destroy all dug-in and moving Serb targets. Tell me why I’m wrong about current technology. I dare you.

    You think that roving bands of hateful, maniacal bullies backed up by those same tanks and APCs WON’T think twice when a few dozen of their buddy neo Nazis get a serious case of lead poisoning right before their very eyes, day and night? What happens when they return every night to what is left of their barracks, or the farmhouse they took over? Food gone, water down the ditch, sleeping bag shredded, their sentries shredded as well, and if they light up a campfire for warmth or to cook, uh ohhhhhh— incoming!!! And this will go on, night after night, day after day. Sleep deprivation, if not the above reasons, my man, is gonna persuade them to back off, I bet ya.

    Now, fact is, the Serb pattern of ‘ethnic cleansing’ has depended on the use of armor and artillery. Surround the village, send in a few rounds to terrify them, and in the ground troops walk unchallenged. Off go the men to certain death, and the women are raped in front of the kids. Take that armor away from them and see how brave Mr. Butcher and his buds are to enter a potential ambush zone by suidical Kosovars bent on revenge. Serbs don’t have it in ’em to fight it out without armor back-up.
    Go ahead, tell me where I’m wrong. Have they historically used armor as a back-up or not, and is that armor vulnerable to heat-seeking missiles and helos equipped with 30-mm, tank-killing gatling guns?

    So, your logic is all screwed up, jack. We can and WILL clean them out of Kosovo, even though it’ll be too late to save the Kosovars. We’ll just have to escort them back in with ground forces AFTER we’ve wiped out Serb armor of all types. A lot easier to do when we’re just fighting snipers and small forces without armor.

    For once, I DO agree that Milosevic should be our #1 target, along with any visiting dignitaries found in his palace at the wrong time. To hell with Milosevic as a deal-maker that we need in order to negotiate a cease-fire or peace. Blow him and Mrs. Piece-of-Dung into little fragments, wait for the Serbs to nominate a replacement, and shove a Tomahawk up his snout too.

    You don’t see the point in fighting these dirtbags in some far-off good-for-nothing country?? Is that so??? Can’t you actually see right now, before your very eyes, Macedonia and Montenegro collapsing? What then when a million of them cross into Greece? What happens when millions trample into Italy? You don’t call that potentially unstable? Baloney.

    Well, what’s your reply to each of my points. Knock ’em down with reasoning and logic that will actually destroy my ability to respond. I dare you.

    As for our poorly defined peace objectives– I agree completely. I haven’t the answers to that; I just want to snuff every Serb who’s against a live-and-let-live policy. I realize that NATO troops will die, but like you said, what did they think they were signing up for? Where does their contract say they’ll die for their country except if they don’t see the point. Leave the political analysis to the civilians, as is your duty, and give your life if need be.

    Yeah, they will have ‘cleansed’ the whole of Kosovo before our politicians get off their butts. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cleanse them in return with air power. It can and WILL be done. May take another three weeks, but we’ll wear ’em down to a bloody nub.

  51. We have many things to be outraged about, it seems.
    Have any of these “outrages” been forwarded to the
    congressman/woman from your district ???
    We have to have them override the bad decisions that
    Mr Clinton is constantly making in the areas they can do
    something about.. They can pull back the troops from
    Kosovo and from Bosnia ..

    Someone earlier said that Mr clinton was bombing
    these places to “flex his muscles”..I do not think this is the
    case.. the Bosnia thing was started to distract the public
    from one of his fiascos (for which he paid out some
    $850,000 in the settlement ) and this Kosovo military
    action can be aptly named “Operation Monica” …He is
    putting Americans in harms way and spending Billions
    of taxpayer dollars to take our eyes off that Monica action…

    Write to your Representives and Senators. We need to
    let them know about their contribution to our outrage, and
    what they can do to correct the problem.

  52. Comment by a French general: ‘What sort of soldiers are these, who are prepared to kill, but not prepared to die’. Unfortunately, this attitude to the US forces is a result of the US politicians and not due to the forces themselves!

  53. Do you really believe we (US Government) didn’t know what was going on in Nazi Germany. How on earth can that many people be rounded up and killed without news leaking out through diplomatic channels. We knew but chose to disregard it.

  54. I am amazed that no one has seen the total similarity between our “illustrious” leader and Mislosavic. Both are totally dishonest and unscrupulous. I would bet a dollar to a hole in a doughnut that Clinton coerced the members of NATO to go along with him by threatening to withhold foreign aid and support for them.

  55. My outrage is that this is Vietnam all over again, in that every target is determined by its’ political consequences and no regard to getting the job done. Otherwise, why is Belgrede still with electricity, water and even sewer treatment? Once again, the military is hampered by Washington, etc. As for the coddled Navy oersonnel? My guess is that the author has never done a nine month stint on a carrier with seven day weeks and teelve hour watches. You’re f***** right that chow is a priority.

  56. At 03:04 PM 04/11/1999 -0500, you wrote:
    >I was raised to know that you don’t kill people unless you have
    >a pretty damn good reason.
    >- Commander Phil Logan, “gun boss” aboard the USS Roosevelt

    If I could talk to Phil, I would commend his comment.

    On the other hand, I would ask him what he will do
    when his commander says, “Fire”.

    As long as there are followers, there will always
    be leaders who make up these “pretty damn good reasons”
    out of whatever fabric they choose.

    Milosovec, Clinton, etc. etc.

    The list of leaders is long indeed.

    I wonder when the followers will just go home and tend
    to their own knitting.

    If there are no followers, there are no leaders. Only
    individuals acting in their own special interest.

    I eagerly await the day.

    And you can save your comment about
    not holding my breath during the wait.

  57. If we eliminate the leaders that
    cause these problems then we
    have no reason to continue to
    destroy and eliminate people.
    Our gov. and its ideals have become
    as subvervise and secretive as any
    any nation ever has. It wish to
    rule the people now instead of being
    ruled by the laws of the people.

  58. HYPOCRISY!!! The Serbs haven’t done anything we didn’t do to the Native Americans when we got here. Would we not have a different attitude if some other country had bombed us when our own ethnic cleansing was going on?

  59. I am OUTRAGED that once again, our so-called “Christian” president, Whoremonger Clinton, lines up on the wrong side of the issue. The Serbians have been being pushed out of the country by the Koslovs and when they decided they have had enough, being now in a minority, they fight back and get blamed for all kinds of things. I DON”T TRUST THE CLINTON FRIENDLY MEDIA ONE BIT!!!!!! Are all these “atrocities” really happening, or are they being staged?

    But the biggest outrage is our supposed “Christian” president bombing other Christians instead of taking their side against the infidel Muslims. Wonder what Jesus will say to him on the Judgement Day about killing his own brothers and sisters in the Lord (assuming for a second the absurd, that this slimey whoremongering, baby-murdering piece of trash would actually BE a Christian). I just want to be there to see him thrown into hell.

    Patrick Seamus O’Hara

  60. How about this one…
    OUTRAGED that our men and women are being sent to fight by a pot smoking draft dodger… seems Clinton was against war when HE was going to have to actually fight… but now that he can sit back and relax, knowing he and his child are not going, and send everyone else to risk their lives! I say, hand Clinton a gun and send him to the front lines… lets see how long the war lasts! (OH BTW, same goes for Slobodan Milosevic)

  61. This country has missed the point! We are against the people we should be fighting for.
    Of corse you don’t believe me cause you watch the news
    But you are relying news reports that are not investigated and here say for the most part.
    Look else where for the truth in this and you will find it. Its almost a wag the dog story!
    The serbs do have a point of view that you will never here unless you get of your ass and look for it!

    If this were a different era
    of our country’s history, Bill
    Clinton would be swinging from
    the gallows with a rope around
    his neck by being guilty of
    treason because of his China
    wheeling and dealing. Instead, Clinton starts an insane war and everything else
    gets swept under the rug.
    Clinton claims that it’s
    because of President Milosevic’s atrocities that
    we’re in Kosovo. The American
    people have been suffering from Clinton’s atrocities since 1992. Who can we call to come to our rescue? Well,
    certainly not our worthless and gutless elected officials
    who lacked the courage and
    backbone to remove this clown
    from office.
    If the American news media ever decides to inform the American people about the Canadian tainted blood scandal, what country will be
    next on Clinton’s bombing
    agenda? No country and no
    citizen is safe from this lying, treasonous, draft-dodging traitor when his
    own self-interests are at stake.
    Clinton’s got us in an incredible mess in Kosovo and
    because of it, I’m ashamed to
    be an American. Clinton is
    America’s worst nightmare and
    I want no part of his American
    Only in America can a veteran
    be homeless and a draft-dodger
    live in the White House. If
    Clinton ever gets buried in
    Arlington Cemetary, I’ll be the first person to sign the
    petition to have him exhumed.
    Before I die, I’m going to
    visit his burial site, so I can urinate on his grave. Save America, evict Clinton!

  62. What the he– is this? Can nobody give a straight, clear answer of why in God’s name we’re over in a small area in the Southwest corner of Europe in violation of NATO’s basic doctrine of Defense, not Offense!!?? And this is NATO’s first mission ever, too!! To think that the organization that held strong against the evil empire is now bombing some petty dictator for no good reason other than a lot of unsubstantiated war crime accusations. Bullsh–. As far as the Albanians who’ve died, frankly my dear, I don’t give a dam! No American should have to die for the stupidity of Slick Willie, and I’ll be dammed if the word “Kosovo” becomes the “Vietnam” of my generation. If soome little insignificant former communist, third world country wants to fight its own wars, that’s their problem. But leave us out of it. Draft your own lost souls, former Yugoslavia. I don’t want to wait in line for my “number” to be called.

  63. Mr. Seamus O’Hare, it is exactly attitudes like yours that turn those individuals who are capable of intelligent thought away from religious institution. If Jesus hasn’t taught you to love all living things, and discard your prejudices, you are not Christian enough to be commenting from a Christian standpoint. Each life is precious, Muslim, Christian, or whatever, we are all brothers. And if you can’t see that, it’s a damn good thing you are not the one in any kind of position of power.

  64. I’m outraged at the steady feed of pro-war propaganda
    we’re getting from the press. Assuredly, the Serbs are
    a nasty bunch, but there are some egregious allegations
    that are based on no evidence. NBC runs a report on
    “rape camps” on the word of ONE person connected
    to the KLA, but takes over a month to “fact-check” a
    credible rape charge against the President.

    Now *that’s* an outrage!

  65. Killing Slobodan Milosevic while emotionally satisfying; Brings up a point, who replaces him? Will he or she be worse?

  66. We knew about Slobo in 1989 and Sen. Pell warned us and Pres. Bush about the problems of Kosovo.
    What is sad is that Bush could have applied diplomatic pressure then…. but, no it takes 10 years of blatant disregard for human life to spur the “civilized” world into action.
    Now it is almost too late to do anything!

    I’m outraged that there is absolutely no legal justification for our aggression in Kosovo, yet this is not an issue.

    I’m outraged that we are interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation. This nation would be outraged if some foreign country or alliance meddled in our domstic matters. Why is it OK for US? What makes us special?

    I’m outraged at the hypocrisy. If humanitarianism compels us to get involved in Kosovo, why didn’t we meddle in Rwanda, Chechniya (?), Turkey, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, or any of the dozens of other sovereign nations where civil strife has recently or is presently occurring? Why here? Why now?

    I’m outraged that foreign policy is now guided by the same fuzzy-minded, emotional, feelgood rationale that’s guided our domestic policy for decades. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

    I’m outraged that Congress, which is the only branch of government empowered to make war, is missing in action.

    I’m outraged that draft dodgers and peaceniks are in charge of the military.

  67. I am outraged that we are involved in the Kosovo problem in order to end “ethnic cleansing” or to assist with getting the Kosovan people autonomy, yet we do not support an end to ethnic cleansing and ethnic autonomy universally.
    We are allow ethnic cleansing in other parts of the work, the Kurds in the region of Turkey and the Tibetan people (as two examples — there are more), yet we are not supporting the Kurdish or Tibetan peoples as we are the Kosovans… If you can call what we are providing support…

    I am also outraged at the bias of the media. This is the second time in the Balkan area that Serbia has been singled out as the “bad guy.” I got to work on the Bosnia project when I was stationed in Europe and I saw forst hand how the Bosnians tried to ethnically cleans the Serbs and Croatians from their area, yet this was never mentioned. The same is happening here. The Kosovans were supposedly at peace with the Serbs until the KLA was supplied arms by the Albanians. The KLA then began to try to drive the Serbs out of Kosovo. The Serbs reacted.

  68. This “cleansing” has been going on for a LONG time. Why has the U.S. never gotten involved before?? Do ya think that – somehow, someway, Bill is thinking that if (and that is a big if) we are successful in removing Milosovich from power that his legacy of impeachment will be forgotten? Ya think???

  69. The most outragous outrage of all is that everyone knows the broadcast and publishing media in America is pushing someone’s agenda, and yet no one asks the question, “Who are the these people?”
    When that question is answered, and the answer is easy to find, and the American people finally know who’s pulling the strings, running the phony show, and setting the agenda, we will be once again enjoying a FREE PRESS, and making intellegent decisions, and electing those who will truly respresent US.
    Hint: What group owns 90% of all broadcast/print media?

  70. In the 60’s, not everyone who was against the Vietnam War was exactly anti-war–some of us supported the idea of upholding our treaty obligations and stopping communism, but
    we wanted to do so in a Constitutional manner, i.e., under the cover of a Congressionally declared war–and a war that we intended to win. Absent that, we were neither for nor against the war. Other Presidentially initiated wars have taken place, but precedent does not equal Constitutional and I would still require a Congressional declaration of war in order to support a war. F
    Finally, if this matter is debated on the floor of Congress, I would encourage a “no” vote in this case because of the lack of U.S. national interest. But if Congress declared war, then I would support the war because I am basically pro-American.

  71. During the impeachment hearings, we bombed Iraq, but stopped bombing before the Muslim holy day of Ramadan. Why did we not stop bombing Yugoslavia during the Christian holy day of Easter this past Sunday? Does our government respect Muslims more than Christians?

  72. During the impeachment hearings, we bombed Iraq, but stopped bombing before the Muslim holy day of Ramadan. Why did we not stop bombing Yugoslavia during the Christian holy day of Easter this past Sunday? Does our government respect Muslims more than Christians?

  73. Kosovo outrage was terrific; but I’ll tell you what outrages me the most about this. Slick Willie wouldn’t go to war, but he has no problem sending other people’s kids there, does he????!!!!

  74. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a dove or anything like that, but to turn our airmen into cannon fodder and our infantrymen into mine meat over the KLA, a bunch of drug running terrorists is just plain wrong. I support our troops by opposing this illegal war and you can too by visiting www. eagleforum.org and signing their petition.

  75. I’m outraged that more Americans are NOT outraged over the fact that we have started a war with a sovereign nation to bully it into signing a peace agreement. Why doesn’t this seem strange to more people? Especially now that innocent Serb civilians are dying and no one is batting an eyelash, except of course, their families and loved ones. They are merely casualties of war. So-called collateral damage, because, you know, MURDER is such an ugly word.

    I’m not trying to diminish the suffering of the Kosovo refugees or anything they have endured under Milosevic.
    But both sides, Serbs AND Albanians are suffering now, and our involvement is partly to blame. Clinton is partly responsible, and we are partly responsible because we’re letting him do it.

    Where are the voices of sanity in all of this? Where are the tough questions we should be asking ourselves and Clinton? Where is the willingness to take repsonsibility? The silence in this nation has been deafening.

  76. We are performing acts which could (will?, should?, etc.) kill hundreds and even thousands of people whose names we don’t know. Wouldn’t it be better for us to offer $1,000,000 American money for Milosovic’s head. Hell, even his family might consider that “reward”!!! And it certainly would be more “civilized” than letting even one single kid or old lady,like we see on TV, bite it.
    The other outrage is that, even Milosovic is some kind of nut case, his original position on Kosovs may have been correct. We wouldn’t allow the Mexican-Americans in Southern California to cede and form their own country. However, I hope we wouldn’t stop it in the same manner!

  77. I’m mad that Mr. Clinton pulls these sorts of things each time he gets into trouble ie. Monica, China , etc. It’s also said that he disregards the national sovereignty of other countries

  78. I am outraged at the attack by NATO of a sovereign country. Whatever the situation in Yugoslavia was before the attack it is much worse now. All the countries in the region have been destabilized politically and economically: Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, etc. Much of the trade that these countries were doing was going through Yugoslavia.Also, this attack establishes a very dangerous precedent. What’s to stop NATO from bombing Israel over the Palestinians, Romania over the Hungarian minority in Transylvania, or Bulgaria over their Turkish and other minorities.Whatever Milosevic did in Yugoslavia was an internal problem and could have been resolved by negotiations. Hasn’t the US learned anything from the Afghanistan support of the Mujahedeens? Well armed by the U.S. and supported by Osama Bin Ladin’s millions of $ they are now spreading terrorism everywhere. Don’t we ever learn?

  79. I feel the U.S. has become the big bully of the world. This particular area of the world has been predicted as the site of WWIII by The Bible Code, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, etc. I am sorry for the people involved, but this situation has existed for 2,000 years. We haven’t intervened previously, though the current outbreak has gone on for 3-4 years. What about outrages in many other countries…like the English Irish conflict of a half century, or the many years wars going on in Africa among tribal nations? I don’t want our soldiers, our blood, our tax money spent on any other countries problems! There are too many (on every continent) and we have problems at home…not addressed during the Clinton scandal. And when did we rule out the usual “checks and balances” that our Constitution set up regarding armed conflict???

  80. It’s an outrage to read many of these comments. To
    suggest that it’s one man (Milosovich) is silly; as though
    there are no generals, commanders, etc. of the ilk. To read
    that only congress has the ability to declare war is also an
    outrage. First the President has to present congress with
    a declaration of war. Of course there is the war powers act
    of 1973 that allows the president free riegn for 60 days with
    one 30 day extention.

    But the most outragous thing I’ve heard is “It’s not our
    war or people so forget it.” Where representative Wilson
    would suggest, “…what the cost would be…in lives lost
    and dreams destroyed.” one only needs to ask the people
    of Kosovar, Bosnia, Croatia, & Serbia itself. To suggest
    that we should not stop black hearted evilness where it lives
    is an outrage. I just hope that I am never a victim of some
    attrocity with these people near by as I would surly die.

  81. How bout the fact that our poor men and women have to serve
    under a dodge drafting, lying sickening lower case p for president.

  82. When the average American takes the time to get up off his lazy butt and actually hunt for the truth instead of receiving propaganda from the American owned,located and biased CNN, he will realize that America is in Kosovo simply to further its image as “world father” rather than for humanitarian reasons.
    He will realize that Serbia and Milosevic do have a valid and legitimate argument for refusing to give up Kosovo; the same reason the North fought the Civil War to keep the Confederacy from seceding. He will learn that the United States is not as humanitarian as it projects itslf, that Slobadan’s “genocide” actually is only 2000 people OVER THE WHOLE PERIOD OF HIS REGIME!!! Thats fewer people that get killed from drunk driving in New York or Atlanta. He will learn that the United States has murdered MILLIONS of INNOCENT people through its sanctions on “unfriendly nations” and bombings on non-co-coperative regimes. The average American will learn that the pitiful refugees he see streaming out of the country (at the rate of 1000 a minute) are really caused by the unwarranted American bombings, not Milosevic. Maybe he will realize just why the Middle East calls the United Sates “The Great Satan,” because what it has done and is doing is simply pure evil.

  83. To Joshua Taylor:

    No one here is advocating that we look away from oppressed people in other countries.

    In Yugoslavia, however, a diplomatic solution could have been found. Nothing has been solved by U.S. and NATO air raids. They have caused more problems than they’ve solved. They’ve displaced people from their homes, torn families apart, ravaged the countryside, and killed innocent civilians.

    I have no desire to take sides in this conflict. Do you? If we are the great superpower we claim to be, we should lead with peace and not war. We are the aggressors in this scenario.

  84. Well,if and when they do send in ground forces and the people age 18 to 30start seeing body bags come home they will look at this a whole lot differently.Wise up America,we could be getting into sh## up to our nose.And if Russia decides to get involved,they may not have much to fight with but nuclear weapons.To the younger people…..Don’t you believe it can’t happen and God help us all if it does.


  85. Why are we in Yugo in the first place. Nasty things are happening to people somewhere in the world all of the time. We don’t have ANY national interest in Yugoslavia, and all this is doing is to divert attention from the face that that lying socialist [commie] that is in the whitehouse sold out our country to the chiinese, because klinton is a commie at heart.

  86. Teh biggest outrage at this time, is that the population of the US, (to further be refered to as sheeple) will sit back, and because the economy is strong, allow this once great nation to slide down the slope towards socialism/communism. As we pass through each day, fat dumb and happy, because our wallets are flush, more and more of our freedoms are being taken away, and our earnings are being stolen for ILLEAGLE uses by the government. (ie the ILLEAGLE war in Yugoslavia, the ILLEAGLE trips using YOUR dime that mrs. premier klintong is making to NY to explore the possibility of running for the senate.)
    Our glorious leader, premier klintong, has successfully sold out our national security, by not only allowing guidance technology to be sold to the chicoms in exchange for ILLEAGLE campaign contributions. And when in 1995, before the second election, when it was reported that chicoms had been stealing state secrets from our National Laboratory in Los Alamos, he tried ot cover it up for 4 years, and then when it finally became public, brushed it off as the problem of the “previous administration.” (I spent 10 years in the navy, and more than once, saw an ENTIRE BASE go to security alert, because somebody found a Plan of the Day in a trash can. (a P.O.D. is simply a daily itinerary, scheduling appointments, chow times, and who the officers and duty personel are) So many of these governemnt programs are created ot aupport those that arent willing to work, because it isn’t their fault that they aren’t educated/motivated, and they can’t get the glamerous high wage jobs. Wake up and smell the coffee, sheeple of the U.S., before all of your rights and freedoms that this naiton was built on, because eventually the rights and freeodms that they take, won’t be somebody elses, they will be yours.

  87. Just when we were facing a decision as to what to do with
    a HUGE budget surplus, like saving the Social Security,
    our glorious president has found a much better place to
    spend the money. God Bless Blow-Job Bill.

  88. NATO was orginized to DEFEND Western
    Europe from attack, not to enforce
    policy. If the UN had authorized this
    attack, OK. But NATO acting as it has is
    the same as the local “rent a cops” breaking
    into someone’s house because the homeowner is
    beating his wife. Yes, you stop something bad,
    but what you have done is, in the large view,
    much worse.

  89. Wes Wright a few comments gave his outrage.

    First his outrage about the captured US soldiers.
    He claims they were ill-prepared.
    When a soldier is deployed and as the situation changes soldiers get briefs from intelligence about security.
    If they were ill-prepared then only your own Army can be blamed for it.
    Yes they were assigned to NATO for as pecekeepers.
    This changed when NATO actually attacked Serbia and when their vehicles changed colour from NATO peace keeping white to camouflage.
    Then he gives some crap about them being unable to cross the border and this intelligence he gets from CNN.
    He claims that Hummvee’s are unable to traverse anything but a major road. Seems like a poor choice for a military vehicle.
    What does HMMWV (the name of the vehicle mean) actually mean? High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. Which includes river fording ability and most terrains in most weather.
    The manafacturer must have really pulled on over on the yanks when he sold it to them if what our friend and CNN says is true.
    But the terrain actually does show a problem that the UN will have if they send ground troops in. Mostly for armour.
    He then claims that obviously the Serbs must have crossed the border to kidnap the soldiers.
    Luckily the Serbs don’t have HMMWV’s ortherwise this according to our friend would have made their mission impossible.
    Maybe they used donkeys.

    Secondly he goes on about hard working Navy guys. Here I actually agree with him.
    Being in the Army myself I can’t really comment though.

    He then goes on a long rant about the virtues of air power and hi technology.
    I won’t bother discussing every point with him. Yes most of the technology exists.
    However show me anywhere in history where an air campaign actually worked on its own.
    First NATO said it would be only a few days, then a few weeks now they’re claiming it could take up to 6 months. What will they say after the six month period passes?
    I’m sure they’re capable of doing all that if the Serbs start the engines of their tanks etc etc.
    Why would they do it though? Maybe if NATO was to send in ground troops but thats another story.
    The thing is, if NATO can do it now then why aren’t they. Why are they targeting public facilities when they could be blowing up tanks?

    You claim to be some sort of an expert, well let me ask you.
    If you are a soldier and the US gets attacked and one of your buddies dies will that make you run away or will it make you more angry and determined to defend your country?
    Soldier lighting up campfires during the night to keep warm. Yes a nice target even without night vision technology.
    In my 10 years in the army I’ve never lit a lighter in the open at night let along a fire. These roving bands of bullies happen also to be trained soldiers.
    I appologise if Serbian Army policy is to sit around a fire at night, my mistake.
    There might be indidvidual cases of cowards but I can’t see what you’re saying happening.

    As far as I know there hasn’t been a wide use of armour in this conflict, the terrain doesn’t allow it.
    Yes they would bomb a village with arty, a village occupied by the KLA.
    As for charges of rape. What proof have you got? They KLA says they do, the Albanians say they do, but why would’t they?
    I’m sure rape happens. A lot of bad things happen in a war. Check out the war crimes of some of your allies from France, Canada, and the US in the last couple of years.
    Yes there seems to be a lot of young man missing. Did the Serbians kill them? Where are all these KLA recruits coming from?
    Those armour hunting helicopters that you are so fond of are they not targets for shoulder launched SAM’s and to a certain extent small arms fire?
    Well when you finally do wipe out the Serb’s armour and you escorting the Albanians back in what makes you safe against snipers and small arms.
    After all won’t you be leaving your hummvees and armour behind? Or will you be using major roads by then?

    Go and read the peace deal that they tried to force Serbia to sign and then tell me if you were in the same situation if you would sign. Its available on the internet, since you’re so smart there will be no need for me to post the URL.
    By the way, since when has the US decided that its ok to sign peace deals with terrorist organizations?

    I see Macedonia and Montenegro collapsing becouse of the refugees that are leaving Kosovo.
    I didn’t see refugees leaving Kosovo before the NATO strikes. Notice how most of the bombs fall on Kosovo and not Serbia proper?
    Each time a building gets hit thats a 90% chance that an Albanian will die and only a 10% chance that it will be a Serbian or some other ethnic.
    Stay in your home and die from a NATO bomb. Join the KLA and die at the hands of Serbian military. Refuse to join the KLA and be executed by them.
    Wouldn’t you leave?

    Since your plans are to clense the Serbians in return for clensing the Albanians, maybe you should also clense the Bosnians for them clensing nearly 800 000 Serbians.

    If some of my replies aren’t clear then check them against what Wes Wright said a few posts above.
    If they still aren’t clear than I plead lack of sleep.


  90. The proposed Rambouillet accord, for which NATO is supposed to be fighting, clearly identifies the basic unit of government to be a local commune.

    Yes folks, after 50 years, NATO is now fight FOR Communism in KOSOVO!

    In Article 1, section 8 of the Rambouillet agreement…
    “8. The basic territorial unit of local self-government in Kosovo shall be the commune. All responsibilities in Kosovo not expressly
    assigned elsewhere shall be the responsibility of the communes.”

  91. If you removed the bigotry held towards the Jewish people and the Black people you would find the Turner diaries to be almost as credible as the KJV bible in its accurate prophecy, “to the Tee”

  92. I could spend a lot of time commenting on this unlawful practice of bombing a sovereign nation, but instead offer this: What if we could raise the draft age…world-wide… to say, 50 years of age? How many wars would there be if there were not an endless supply of 18 year old kids to get shot up? I’d like to see our President, since he is so convinced of the correctness of this action, grab a helmet and a rifle and go lead the charge.

  93. Scott,

    The Serbs lost Kosovo to the Turks 600 years ago. Just a historical
    note that has been said on CNN over a thousand times.

    BTW, bring the troops home. America should not be involved in somebody else’s
    problems. Imagine after the conflict, the US will be asked again to spend billions
    to reconstruct FRY and rehabilitate hundreds of thousands of refugees. In any conflict
    in the world, the US is often the busybody at the start and sucker at the end. My recommendation
    is to hire a bunch of elite mercenaries to take the Milo guy out with a bullet, a bomb, or a bombshell
    of the Monica grade.

  94. Killing Hussein or Milosevic won’t do any good, as their ‘heirs,’ whether literal or figurative, are factors that the United States and their allies do not yet fully understand. Every member of Hussein’s family would be as bad as, or worse, than Saddam himself. In addition, the superpowers know (usually) what Hussein will do. Can they say the same about son Uday? Probably not. As for the Balkan situation, if there were not others like Milosevic in his organization, then he wouldn’t be in power anyway.


  95. Constitution? What Constitution?

    Complain, complain, complain…. Bill Clinton is out of control. Klinton has done more damage to our
    Constitutional rights; and has wreaked more havoc in other countries performing his World Police duties than any other President of this great country. I will NEVER

  96. I am outraged that Cohen (SecDef) and the JCS (more political hacks than military) did not resign immediately when Clinton refused to heed their advice. While the military is and should be subject to civilian authority, it does not mean that they must abandon their principles and ethics. I am OUTRAGED by this!

  97. Let’s face it, as long as people are different in race, color,
    religion, etc. we will always have war. It is human nature
    as much as goodwill is. We cannot have a repeat of WWII’s
    holocaust, especially when it’s still so fresh in our minds!
    I don’t care where in the world this sort of tragedy is
    happening – the US and THE REST OF THE WORLD
    MUST GET INVOLVED!! Have we not learned our lessons
    from 50 years ago? Those of you that want peace or say
    that we don’t belong there — it could be your family, your
    ancestors, your relatives in danger or already dead. We
    Americans forget that we are all children of immigrants
    (save the Native Americans). IT IS AND WILL ALWAYS
    because some of us don’t have a direct relationship to
    people abroad, doesn’t mean we can turn a blind eye to
    injustice. If your neighbor got attacked, would you just
    turn away and say “well, it’s not happening to me so I
    don’t have to get involved.” ? This is the same thing, folks.
    I am not a war monger but rather a realist — war is
    sometimes necessary. Without it, we’d all be speaking
    German today! What upsets me is that we (the US)
    are always the ones to lead the way and take most of the
    burden. Why the hell can’t any countries in South America
    contribute the little they have? Where’s the rest of the
    world? Where are the Muslims brothers in the Middle
    East? Aren’t the so-called ethnic Albanians actually
    Muslims (as opposed to Christian Serbs?) This started
    out as a European problem and it is sad the the Europeans
    can’t handle this on their own, without the US. As usual,
    we’ll have to bail them out, again, and save Europe from
    itself. I’m not pro-American in any way but we all know
    this is the truth and it makes me sick. Freedom comes at
    cost, but why mostly Americans? If we do nothing, the
    world hates us. If we get involved, the world hates us.
    In the meantime, we continue on with our materialistic
    American lives, protesting against the war like that’s going
    to help. If we don’t go to war, then hundreds of thousands
    of people will die for no reason.

    Would this make a difference if the countries being
    attacked were England, Germany, or Italy? Hmm, that’s
    different, isn’t it, because now we can relate.

  98. I used to consider Klinton to be the most dangerous man(?) in
    the country! How wrong I was. He is the most dangerous
    man(??) in the world!!!!!!

  99. I am outraged by the fact that Bill Clinton has done more
    for Slobidan Milosevic than Slobo could have ever done
    on his own. Then Clinton goes on TV and says of the Colorado
    school massacre that we should settle our differences
    with dialog instesd of weapons, while he is murdering
    innocent women and children in Kosovo

  100. You failed to mention that Bill Clinton has assumed the power of a king or dictator and drug this country into a war without public debate or securing a declaration of war from congress. This thoroughly corrupt and unprincipled president has involved America in a no-win quagmire for personal reasons with no relation to national security and the inevitable result will be a much less safe and stable world. This is an unwise and entirely illegal war.

  101. yeah, were in this “humanitarian effort” (since we’ve completely taken the constitution and the war powers act out of the picture) for the duration, but hey, klintong can keep the fact that he sold out our state secrets / national security to the chinese in exchange for campaign monies as long as he has bombs left. Put klintong and the participating leaders of nato on trial for the real war crimes that are being comitted.

  102. I have figured it out! The US has become so depraved and has fallen to the lowest
    point in our civilization. To make ourselves feel better and look better to others, we
    must make sure and take the emerging ‘third world’countries back 50 years. This is
    done ofcourse, by denying national soverignty and pounding them into the ground
    – with my money. I don’t like it! We should mind our own buisness, walk softly and
    carry a big stick. Only if some body were to mess with us, we should wipe them OUT,
    no questions asked. How much medling can we do? How thin can we spread ourselves?
    How long again befor any soverign will be able to trust and respect us. We make policy
    as we go and forever change the rules! Make me anything but proud. ;-(

  103. I feel that the yugos. don’t have the right to do that to the kosavo people and the fact that they caught some of the US men is nothing to be proud of. I really feel that they should think of the effect of their actions and what other people might do in terms of it. I just have to get this statement out and wish this would end soon cause the fighting could get worse. 🙁

  104. As a navy vet and former ships crew of the Theodore Roosevelt who went to desert storm, I was one of the few people who disagreed with our nations involvment in a UN sanctioned war against Iraq, I was validated and even more regretful when mr. ivy league george bush told us about the new world order. The point here is joining or maintaining a career in the US military now days is not out of patriotic duty but to be apart of this new global police force. Tell ya folks we need to do something in the way of a military revolt against the people running this country or we will find ourselves in a 1984 World socialist enviroment “worse than it already is.

  105. You make life onboard the TR sound like a luxury cruise ship or something, let me tell you folks, as a catapult crewmember i can remember 18 hour work days always being ended with head to toe grease, the longest i worked straight without chow or sleep was 72 hours, of busting but to get a busted retraction engine fixed after an 18 hour flight op. my pay at the time came to about 300 bucks every two weeks, so get off the luxury cruise bit cause it might of been a luxury for a female corpsman but certainly not for a male working in the air dept luckily when i was onboard they still wouldn’t let women onboard aircraft carriers would hate to be on one now that the policy as changed “more work for the already overloaded”.

  106. You hit many salient points, but you forgot three:
    a) The US Constitution, b) The Charter of the United Nations, and c) The North Atlantic Treaty.
    In the Constitution, the only use mentioned of the military is waging a declared war (which this isn’t) or protecting the US from invasion (which this isn’t) or insurrection (which this isn’t).
    The Charter of the UN prohibits the use of military force against a sovreign state without the consent of the Security Council (which we haven’t got).
    The North Atlantic Treaty mentions no purpose of NATO other than mutual defense and the development of that mutual defense. Three documents, no justification for these actions. All of which the US supposedly subscribes to. Bleh.

  107. Outrage from the South:
    Fidel Castro has been enslaving and imprisoning innocent people for decades, executing political prisoners, starving the populace, and fueling his lofty kingdom with narcotics smuggling while the desparate people of his island risk death to float to the U.S. on inner tubes.
    He’s right next door, and there are MILLIONS of Cubans living in the U.S. as American citizens.
    So let’s BOMB BELGRADE! Great idea!

  108. Right now the UCK and the Serbian government are conducting a pure civil war. I think it is not the right thing to do to just bombard the armies of one side (without really hitting it). If two people are fighting each other the thing to do is separating them (with equal force against BOTH of the combatants) and keeping them away from each other, not setting them on fire and wait until they stop glowing. Send ground forces! They usually see what they hit.

    Emotionally disabled America?

  109. I recently read an article in the local paper about clinton being a pathological liar he lied about using muligans in a golf game theft on nuclear secrets by the chinese and many sex scandles now it doesnt take a road scholar to figure out if this is the person we want looking out for us and other countries the sole reason for our interviening in kosovo is political clinton wants his name in the papers for a respectable reason according to my teachers and school adminstraters two wrongs dont make a right so what is clinton telling us by bombing serbs this country is full of political contradictions the U.S. is bombing the serbs to “save innocent lives” well thats funny considering that we did and do nothing about atrocities in russia cuba and all other communist states to name a few in iraq the executed eight people in a day and we didnt care we only went to iraq to secure oil supplies for our own interests no one gave a damn and it is the same with kosovo no one wants to kill serbs but clinton there is no U.S. interest in killing serbs except for clinton covering his ass and having a legacy but he already has one as a draft-dodgeing, pot-smoking, intern-nailing moron from the ozarks I consider bombing bill an embarrasment to the country he is weakening his own country for his own good he sold nuclear secrets to fill his pockets with money he is using all of our missles and dragging the kosovo affair on to stay in the papers to look like hes doing something right by bombing serbs but he isnt replacing the cruise missiles he is using to wage an air war against a country we dont give a damn about I cannot understand why the american people have tolerated this moron for this long unless they have seen the list of the forty some people that were conected to clinton such as rivals and even bodyguards that almost all commited suicide out in the middle of the woods by shooting themselves in the back of the head

  110. I am outraged by this undeclared war in Kosovo. First off, Those three soldiers that got themselves captured were outside their patrol area messing around, thinking that their duties were just B.S. busywork. Secondly, the United States is supposedly capable of fighting a full-scale war on two fronts. How are we supposed to do this with a large amount of our forces spread all over the world on police missions? The government of the United States is in violation of the Constsitution, UN Policy, and the National Security act of 1947 Rev. 1950. And as for the service members that think they can sue the government, not happening. What do you think an “armed service” is for? “Noone said anything about danger when I signed up” Whatever. We put our lives on the line everyday. That’s what separates us from the civilian population. We defend this country and its interests, although we don’t necessarily agree with what we do, we do it because the government that answers to the people tells us to.

  111. I AM DISCUSTED with what the serbs did to kosovo by bombing and forcing the inacint people in kosovo out of their homes. I am also discusted by the way that Bill Clinton didnt declare a war but rather just began it without at decleration. I believe that instead of the serbs and the allies bomb and slaughter the hell out of each other, that they instead make an international peace treaty making a border between the unsure supposedly two countries and stay on their own side.

  112. Days Inn – “the good ole days in[n] Georgia” – is a nazi front responsible for some 40 homicides in Miami (*at least) – they are part of the New Jersey hotel mob that is the parent company CENDANT – You have a contributing author on this board, Ramesh Nyberg, who is covering up those homicides for pay-off and, I conclude, his involvement in all of this may include his own commission of homicides – anyone seen from or heard from Commander Gary Ghormley, USN,lately? Ram, I suggest you stop covering up for nazis and complaining about everyone else’s evil deeds and do your damn job – arrest Tobin, Collins, Tokars (*already in Prison), Rosinek, Marshall, Tisch, Sands, Beserman, and Turner for their parts in the 20 “Hepatitis Murders” of Miami and the 20 “Building Toss Murders” of Miami in the 70’s – people are wise to your sanctimony – jw.

  113. I’ve heard about this Days Inn stuff – I thought at first that it was just talk – I’ve heard ‘scuttlebutt’ though – and what I’ve heard makes me wonder about alot of these rumors – Can you imagine that this kind of stuff goes on? It does – richere in Americuh – and we are powerless when the judges are on retainer to corporate cronies who are involved in all of this corruption – in loving memory, Sara Tokars and Helen Whited.

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