July 3, 1997


Image of today's outrageIs America now completely impotent in dealing with crime?

Melvin Davis was charged as an accessory in the May 18, 1996 drive-by shooting which resulted in the death of five year-old Brittany Shenice Daniels. Did he go to jail? No — he was released on bond.

While out on bond last October, Davis was arrested for brandishing a gun and threatening to kill a woman and her children. Again, he was released on bond.

Last Christmas Eve, while still out on bond, Davis was shot by someone he had allegedly robbed the previous day. The robbery charges against Davis were dropped when his victim refused to testify against him. Again, Davis was free.

Last week, Davis was arrested again, this time for criminal tresspassing and fleeing a police officer. Again, he was released on bond.

Since his arrest in the shooting death, Davis has been arrested at least three times. He always makes bail. You might wonder why a judge allows bail for someone with a record of continuously violating his bail terms. So do we.

We also wonder where Davis gets the money to post bail. The 17 year-old Davis does not work, and says his only income is a monthly social security check of $473. Yet he has managed to post bonds of over $100,000.

Do the judges think that, aside from robbing his neighbors and killing and threatening women and children, Davis is basically a harmless kid?

(Source: Knoxville News.) 

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