What’s the most important advantage of being rich? Big houses? The envy of your high-school classmates? Household servants?

Nope. The most important advantage is that society allows you to kill at least one of your lovers.

You’ve probably heard about the Susan Cummings murder trial. The daughter of billionaire arms dealer Sam Cummings, Susan Cummings lives on a 300 acre estate called Ashland Farm, not far from Outrage HQ.

Roberto Villegas had as different a background from Susan Cummings as can be imagined. Born to rural poverty in Argentina, he began playing polo at age 15. Five years later he came to the US, working as a horse groom in the hope of parlaying his skill as a polo player into better things. According to Bill Ylvisaker, founder of the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, Villegas “pulled himself up by the bootstraps. In every sense of the word he was a self-made man.” But despite his success as a polo player, Villegas never earned a lot of money.

Eventually, his polo playing skills brought Villegas to Virginia, where he was widely known for his warmth and outgoing personality. Susan Cummings, 35, also noticed the good looking 38 year old Argentinean. The two, both single, became lovers.

Cummings was no sugar-mommy to Villegas. When the polo player’s father died in Argentina, Cummings did not buy her boyfriend a ticket to go home. Instead, he sold his polo horses and truck to Cummings in order to raise the money to pay for the trip. Cummings and Villegas were living together at her estate, but she refused to allow him to install an answering machine, insisting that the machine would obligate them to return expensive long-distance phone calls. When the polo season ended, Villegas continued to support himself by working in an apple orchard.

Villegas did not seem to object to his rich girlfriend’s penny-pinching ways, but he did make the mistake of trying to use a small bit of her money to help one of the estate’s employees. Cummings employed an elderly woman to sweep the leaves from the estate’s long, winding driveway. Villegas purchased a leaf-blower for $108 to lighten the old lady’s burden. Cummings was reportedly furious over the expense, saying that the woman’s broom was a perfectly adequate tool.

Sometime in late summer and early fall of last year, the relationship started to sour, although the two still lived together. Cummings became more possessive of her lover. It’s possible that Villegas was growing tired of the relationship and wanted out.

On September 7, 1997 Cummings pumped four bullets into Villegas, killing him on the spot. Forensic evidence and expert testimony provided a huge amount of evidence that Cummings premeditated the killing, perhaps in an OJ style fit of jealousy. Prosecutors argued that Cummings loaded her semi-automatic weapon in her upstairs bedroom, walked down to the kitchen and shot her lover as he ate breakfast.

Cummings said the shooting was in self-defense, although overwhelming evidence suggests that Villegas was seated at the breakfast table when Cummings shot him to death. Cummings defense attorney, Blair Howard, urged the jury to disregard “cold photographs and scientific theory” and focus on “human emotion.” In other words, disregard the facts and forgive the killer for shooting her boyfriend to death in cold blood.

On May 13 the jury in tightly knit Faquier County listened to Blair’s plea, finding Cummings guilty of voluntary manslaughter, rather than first-degree murder. The sentence? Sixty days in the county jail and a fine of $2,500.

Not surprisingly, Cummings described herself as “deeply appreciative” to the jury that slapped her wrist after finding her guilty of killing Villegas. “I feel very happy” Cummings said. Sure, just the way OJ felt after the criminal jury let him walk. You might call the elation that Cummings and OJ felt “relief of the rich” – the realization that, yes, wealth really does provide a license to kill.

Even Cumming’s attorneys were stunned by the lightness of the jury verdict. “I have gotten manslaughter verdicts before, and I have never received a sentence comparable to this one” a broadly smiling Howard said. Howard went on to say “We’re stunned but we’re grateful.” He must have been laughing inside when he said “we want to emphasize there will be no appeal of the verdict.”

Even attorney Howard admitted his client’s guilt as he plead for leniency. “She’s made a mistake. That doesn’t make her a bad person. That doesn’t mean she should be removed from society.” Of course, if premeditated murder is not reason for removing a person from society, we don’t know what is. Some of the women on the jury wiped away tears as Howard made his closing plea.

But that’s not the end of the story. Not only was Cummings sentenced to only sixty days for killing Villegas, but the jail where she is currently serving her brief sentence was emptied out so she could have privacy during her stay. Six prisoners were moved to other jails so that Cummings could have a dormitory section to herself.

Apparently the local sheriff, Joe Higgs, was concerned that the other prisoners, who were serving longer sentences for lighter crimes, might take offense at the sort of “justice” meted out to the rich. Higgs was afraid that the other women serving time might try to inflict some jail-yard justice on Cummings. But not to worry; the sheriff has promised that the dorm will remain vacant as long as “Miss” Cummings is in residence.

In a few short weeks Cummings will be released from jail. She’ll be free to return to her estate, to live as she wants. Perhaps
she’ll want to have dinner with OJ. But regardless of what she does, Roberto Villegas will still be very dead. But what the Hell; he was just a working man.


For more about the Cummings case see the Washington Post Story

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  1. This story is sickening. I hope Ms. Cummings is sleeping well at night. The ghosts of wrongs not righted have a way of bringin hell to the perpetrators of injustices.

    Oh how sad and pathetic this ‘judicial system’ of ours has become! What kind of message can be all get from her ‘slap on the wrist’? I truly feel for anyone that actually has to defend themselves by killing another, but verdicts like these just warp any and all future truthfulness! What a country…

    Hmmm. And you thought the british had a problem with a class system. Money, power, privilege – it all seem to work out the same.

    That sentence was a joke and so was the decision made by the judge who gave Miss Cummings the time served. She can live and laugh it up for here until she dies, but God’s judgement will be far worse unless she finds salvation, otherwise her life is not even worth living cuz the pain she’s gonna be getting will be far more than $2500 and a short term.

    Time: 7/10/98 (18:44:3)

    I doubt she’ll want to have dinner with OJ, particularly if she has blonde hair. She may end up like Nicole. HMMMMMMM

    the subject of your report (female oj) was released from prison yesterday (7/07/98) after serving 51 days….9 days off for “good behavior.”

    Time: 6/18/98 (19:6:35)

    There is a book; the godfather..read the opening lines; paraphrased: Some men cannot live with other men’s laws
    Time the USA reminded some of this.

    When laws are made by rich people who have no common thread with the average American beyond living on the same land, you can expect laws and the court system to consistently decide in favor of those who are of the same financial standing. Until a grass roots movement is made to change the pay, and extras, that our lawmakers receive – we will continue to see rich versus poor justice. Afterall, can we honestly expect rich people to make laws that will punish their friends. The rich, however, see great need to severly punish those that use or even talk about drugs. Freedom of speech is no longer allowed, if you discuss the wrong subject you will be guilty of conspiracy to commit a felony and can be sent to jail for YEARS. If the system is to change there must be a change in those that make and administer the laws. Make the people who make the laws live on what an average American makes and u will see a lot less rich making laws and laws will again begin to reflect what Americans truly believe as justice.

    Time: 6/15/98 (20:24:24)

    This reminds me of a murder in Clearwater, FL about 10 years ago when the wife of a prominent Car Dealer shot her husband six times with a 357 magnum in “self defense” and was acquited.

    Time: 6/13/98 (19:6:59)

    When a small upstart Who’s Who, called Who’s Who Worldwide, overtook Marquis Who’s Who is size & scope, the six BILLION dollar German-owned Reid Elsevier got mad, and got even.

    Spending huge sums, they crushed the largest Who’s Who in the world, and convinced the jury to charge innocent salespeople with mail fraud.

    Everyone involved, including the judge, claimed that there was little or no evidence that the salespeople committed any criminal activity, and PLENTY of evidence that they all acted in good faith. Yet members of a jury, pressured by other members who didn’t care to return to work after a FOUR MONTH trial, who were rebuffed by the judge when a jury member complained about, and I quote from the record, “some people making decisions for others in the jury room,” finally caved in and said, “Guilty.”

    For four years I’ve given 80% of my income and 70% of my 168 hours per week to charity and community service. This includes my personally paying for a NY City 50,000 watt broadcast to teach Americans how to use their resources more effectively to radically increase their results quickly.

    At no time have I used my considerably powerful vehicle to voice my concerns about the gov’t getting away with such criminal and unethical activity.

    When I read this story about Susan Cummings, and your Outrage coverage of this hideous event, I was moved to write this to you. Whether it’s read, or acted upon, well, that’s between you and your internal guide, so to speak.

    I only know that my favorite country is falling to pieces, and I hope you’ll consider investigating the Who’s Who debacle, as well as give due thought to doing an outrage column on Ken Starr’s being granted such unlimited budget power, with his having spent MORE than eighty five MILLION dollars.

    Please, tell me if I’m wrong here: If I can’t establish enough evidence to try the President with a million, or even two million dollars, what in blazes would impel me to believe that another 80+ million dollars (AND COUNTING!!!) could more effectively inculpate OR exculpate the President?

    How many teachers could we have hired with that money? How many school shootings could’ve been prevented?
    How many crack dealers and gun runners in inner cities could be stopped with eighty million dollars?

    Whether or not you respond, or take action, I do thank you for providing the opportunity to express the outrage of many people. Wish you a star=spangled day, and if you’re close enough to NY (within 900 to 1200 miles), I hope you’ll tune in Wed night at 9:30 pm for the most exciting radio broadcast in America, on 1050 am radio. Thank you.

    Time: 6/12/98 (17:47:52)


    Hey, to reganc@valtron.com — you started off pretty good there in your rebuttal against the person who posted derogatory comments about Argentinians, about how such bigotry and ignorance is what holds this country back. But then you actually go on to tell him to return to his “perverted gay chat room” that he “longs for”. Dude, look in the mirror!! Who’s bigoted and ignorant now? Both of you. So deal with it.

    $2500 was probably a lot to Mr. Villegas, but I don’t think he would have traded his life for it. $2500 is like a parking ticket to the woman. Juries can be bought, through the middleman of the lawyer: riding along on skillfully presented emotional high notes, the jury are like the rats and children of Hamlin dancing to the music of the pied piper. When you pay the piper, you can get a jury to dance to your tune. The woman probably feels she paid a lot more than $2500 because she paid the lawyers, or has promised to. The small fine levied on her is ineffective, as she won’t feel it compared to her pipers’ fees.

    Time: 6/9/98 (9:16:23)

    This story is disgusting. However, unlike OJ it doesn’t appear that “Miss” cummings had the high-priced/profile legal team at her side. It is quite clear though that money and image won this for her. She killed a man in cold blood. She made an old lady clear her precious driveway with a broom. She bought her boyfriend’s horse from him so he could fly home. What a bitch. I hope that some jail yard justice is brought down on her, she deserves every punch and kick.

    Hey, that Argentine gigalo probably smoked and the Rich Bitch just preformed a Mercy Killing because she was afraid he might get lung cancer !

    Imelda Marcos stole $9 billion, significantly diminishing the quality of life for most people in the Philippines. So far she seems to have beat the 12 year prison sentence which had been decided for her. Benizir Bhutto drained the Pakistani population in the same way. This is less a comment on unwillingness to proscecute the rich as it is on societys lack of backbone in getting tough with women when they destroy the lives of other human beings.

    It’s time we all start paying more attention to the people that we empower to dispense our laws,justice, and punishment. I must also mention that I’m somewhat bothered by the amount of people out there who find odd comfort in the belief that justice will be eventually doled out by some super natural being. Wake up folks, Miss Cummings got away with murder.

    Just tell me what we can do about it

    Too bad, there was one other comment that would have been right at home in this article: The defense attorney stated (after the verdict) that he was happy justice had been served (I guess the “guilty” verdict was enough for him…).

    all i can see is that we all get really upset by today’s headlines like “miss cummings”

    Time: 6/3/98 (5:10:3)

    The depressing thing is that similar occurences appear all the time through much of what we laughingly called ‘the developed nations’. Unfortunately we so often blame the judges when in fact all they are doing is applying the law as it is. Change the law rather than take aim at the judge.

    Here in Australia judges are appointed not elected – on balance, I think, a better system. I can say quite categorically that Cummins would have received a much, much heavier sentence had that Villegas murder been investigated and tried here in Oz. Probably about 7 years with parole – still not long enough but longer than 2 months!

    I guess this reflects how they feel about Latinos in Fuqier County (pronounced the way it is spelled.) If it had been the other way around, he would be toast. I wonder who his next victim will be . . .

    Time: 6/2/98 (19:28:41)

    Everyone can share in the blame that doesn’t vote ’em out and only whine when they hear the story. Judicial elections are the last races the voters take interest in.

    IT IS UP TO US! Remember the judges name and make sure that judge gets to collect unemployment at the end of the term! Get out and do some work to change the system. It’s your duty.

    If the judge is Federal, insist on impeachment. Get involved write your represenitives! Hold their feet to the fire! You are the boss, you pay them!

    God Save the Republic

    It’s really sad. Crime is rampant and more and more money is spent on police, while criminals can buy their way out of jail.

    A man’s life has so little value nowadays that people are not punished for maliciously taking that life. And even that punishment is subrogated by the forces of “law and order” who make a jail into a country club.

    We spend far too much money on prosecuting for drug usage and far too little on safeguarding human life. This system is really screwed up; what do you expect in North America, where the most Powerful Man in the World is being harassed for attempting to conceal alleged sexual relations. Who cares. As a respected Prime Minister of Canada once said, “the nation has no business in the bedrooms of the people”. That should be extended to mean it doesn’t matter what you do (drugs too) if you don’t hurt someone, but woe unto you if you mess with another person. It’s not glamorous police work but it’s more valuable, at least to me.

    Time: 6/2/98 (18:22:1)


    Time: 6/2/98 (9:41:37)

    Miss Cummings, God is watching. He will have his revenge.

    First of all, the Judge who sentenced this woman should be immediately recalled. Secondly it is important that the judiciary be responsible to ALL citizens, including the victims. With results such as this, there is little wonder why judges want to be appointed by fellow sharks errr… I mean attorneys, rather than face election. This particular judge should be tarred and feathered – a little “old fashioned” justice.

    I read things like this more and more in the paper or see them on the T.V. news. The rights of the victim get trampled more and more! The system is failing to put criminals away for any meaningful length of time. It doesn’t surprise me that she had alot of money and got off. It happens all the time. If it is some working class stiff stick him or her in jail to rot for spitting on the sidewalk!! It sickens me to see this happen more and more in our country. We jail the innocent and free the criminals it’s time to stop this! We need to change the system to where it puts the criminals in jail to stay.

    Time: 6/1/98 (19:3:56)


    Time: 6/1/98 (12:52:52)

    That is total Bull that Miss Cummings got off with a mere slap on a wrist and a $2500 fine is that all his life was worth?? Money really can get you out of trouble. Man those juriors sure must have been fooled to or bought off. This is a warped country at times. Justice Ha for who Mr. Villegas he not only got shot to death but got screwed over in the trial. Self Defense Man sitting at a table with a Dangerous Piece of Toast !!!!!! Better get the gun !!! They should have locked her up.

    Time: 6/1/98 (12:10:31)

    Makes me ashamed to live in Virginia, but then i was embarrased to live in Fort Woth when Cullen Davis got away with killing a young teen and trying to kill her mother(his soon to be ex) All these 2 cases prove is that MONEY talks. If you have money you CAN get away with MURDER!!!

    Time: 6/1/98 (11:42:36)

    A friend of my son’s was given a 20 year sentence for trying to help a friend. The man had overdosed on drugs, and my son’s friend gave him an injection of a second drug to try and counteract the first. When that didn’t help, he drove him 20 miles to an emergency room, but the man was DOA. The friend might have used poor judgement in administering any drug himself, but at least he had good intentions. He could have dumped him on the side of the road since they were in a secluded area. This man gets 20 years, when “Miss Rich” gets 60 days? That sounds REALLY FAIR to me!!!!

    Time: 6/1/98 (10:30:55)

    Justice appears to be an outmoded concept to our morally adrift culture. Take heart seekers of justice, these people never really ‘get away with it’, they will eventually pay the price.

    Rule of law has been exchanged for “social justice” arbitrarly meted out from the White House to small town, USA. ” The fish rots from the head down.

    The two cases that you compare, OJ & Cummings is like apples to oranges as both are fruit, however, they taste differently.

    In OJ’s case between the judge & the prsecuting team, the whole trial became a circus. Everyone involved was thinking of future benefits instead of trying the case. The jury found that the evidence wasn’t sufficient to pronounce OJ guilty of the murders. Money was a large part of the outcome but not all of it was OJ’s as everyone connected with that case has proffited from it.

    The Cummings case was that a small town that was intimidated by the local rich girl syndrome. And even though the evidence was factual, the jury & judge were too lenient and now she will be free to pick another poor soul and be rid of him when she tired of him.

    Once the justice system of a country starts to go haywire the rest of its society will follow. It is up to the people to demand corrective actions to their representatives. Passive attitude towards injustice to others, regardless of their background or social status, will blow up in our faces when it is our turn to face the same ill justice system. There can be no freedom or democracy without real justice.

    This is B.S., but very true. The rich always get away with everything they do. Whatever happened to “An eye for an eye”? Justice really is misguided. How can one person’s life be worth more than another? Some people convicted of murder get hundreds of years in prison or the death penalty(not that I’m opposed) while others get away with “making a mistake”. As for emptying out the county jail so “Miss Cummings” can spend her time in jail safely is definitely “outrageous”. Obviously the sheriff is just as screwed up as the judges in the country, not to mention the juries. How can 12 people make that kind of decision to let someone off with that light of a sentence? I only hope that come election time the voters of the county remember the type of justice handed down in this case. But I think the lawmakers need to change the sentences that go along with the crimes and not give juries the option of lesser penalties. Or is this a state that lets the judge decide what the sentence should be and the jury has no say? Either way it is WRONG.

    Just what do people expect from a system of adversarial justice? It’s set up to profit the rich at the expense of the poor. Personalities who prosper most from the criminal injustice system are the attorneys. The entire set-up is perfect for a late 20th century capitalist nation-state. Just as income in the U.S. is skewed so heavily in favor of a few super-rich families, so is justice skewed heavily in favor of those with money to buy it. Who could expect anything more from a decadent capitalist system based primarily on values of greed, self-aggrandisement, and violence?

    Being of Italian descent I can only hope that the relatives of Mr. Villegas will make their way to America to extract their revenge.

    It is NO surprise to me that “Miss” Cummins got such a light sentence for Murder. I have noticed for several years that the so-called “Justice” system has very little of it!

    Americans need to apply the Information of the FIJA to prevent the injustices of government that are becoming standard fare in our courts today…as well as to vote ALL judges out of office at every election!…as well as all the elected officials who select them!

    Bonnie Dundee

    Money can’t buy happiness—but it sure helps when you need immunity from prosecution, regardless of the crime. Just ask OJ, Newt, or Bill!

    I honestly believe there will not be a huge outrage over this decision. That is because we have come to expect injustice in our legal system. It happens in ALL the western countries: Canada, USA, UK, etc..

    Nowadays people have no faith in the system – this is simply one of hundreds of examples. Show me a judge, or a lawyer that is truely interested in justice as compared to headlines, paychecks or politics – are there any? I wonder, because it is those people that have created this new (in)justice system!

    Prove me wrong, if you can! (I actually hope proof is possible, but I rather doubt it.)

  2. Anyone out there who knows more details in regards to Susan Cummings please contact me. Does Susan Cummings still live in Virginia. I have just stared to research this and believe that she may be living in my neighborhood!
    The woman living next door goes by a diffent name but everything seems to match up.
    The age thows me…this woman seems and looks older. I am currently looking for photographs..more recent than the trail photos. if anyone has any information please contact me.

    Thanks, Lynn

  3. I watched part of this story on TV last night but didn’t get to see the end. I searched the internet today so that I could see what happened to Susan. I can’t believe that anyone in their right mind would let such a horrible person who committed such a terrible crime go more or less free. What has this world come to. Money must make you different from everyone else because no laws pertain to them. There aren’t even any moral standards when it comes to the rich. If ever someone needed to be sent to the gas chamber or die from lethal injection, it is Susan Cummings. Instead she gets a fun few months at the local jail. All the jurors at her trial should be ashamed of themselves – I guess they don’t have any concept of justice. They’d better hope they don’t do anything to make her mad because she might just get her gun and shoot one of them. Now that would be justice.

  4. I have followed this story from when it originally happened and was quite sure that Ms.Cummins committed murder. Having just watched the court tv program tonight I thought I would see what was on the net regarding Susan Cummings. After reading the comments on her on your site, I now question why if she was so heartless and cold, did he stick around. Also, where is the outrage with the extremely poor decision making on the part of the prosecutors? Everyone is complaining about the rich and their defense attorneys, yet the prosecutors are the ones whose arrogance about their easy win is were most of the blame for this injustice should be directed, and who also took no responsibility for the verdict. Cummings is a murderer, but money was not totally her ticket out in this case.

  5. I too just watched the special on Susan cummings last night and am still outraged. It was so obvious that she commited a pre-meditated murder. According to the news show, she lived, (and still does)a very secluded life. I strongly believe that Susan Cummings is not capable of living among “normal” society. Why was she living all alone in that great big house, that was barely furnished? Her main companions were animals.This sounds like a dysfunctional person to me. She could not deal with the pressures that sometime arise in relationships. Due to her secluded life of priveledge, she simlpy “got rid of” Mr. Villegas when she grew tired of him. Why would she go to the police to complain about her lover, yet decline the offer of having him removed from her home. She certainly had the money for personal and home security if she truley feared for her life. Going to the police was simply and obviously her alibi for a murder she knew she was about to commit. Some don’t believe that it was Susan’s money that got her off. I think it had everthing to do with it. Her peers, the jury who descided her fate, all had money as well. At least one jurur said she could “relate” to Susan and what she may have gone through. But who on that jury, I’d like to know, could relate to Mr.Villegas? All too often, money and priveledge are equated to class and decency. Who could believe someone of her background could commit such a heinous crime? Susan Cummings counted on no one believing that. She felt herself and her life more “valuable” than her lover and was confidant that the law would also. The best defense that money can buy, that’s what Susan Cummings got. How dare she get away with murder with a slap on the wrist. A private prison cell and a whole wing to herself. Where is the justice in that? I can only hope that for the rest of her life, Susan remains a recluse in her grande home, and that the memory of the murder she commited plays on, over and over in her head. That she becomes her own warden. Her conscience being the life time prison sentence that she should have no doubt be given.

  6. I truly believe that there is a special place in hell for Ms. Cummings. I hope the old woman that was cleaning the driveway comes back with that electric leaf blower and drops it (accidentally of course) in the pool as Ms Cummings swims. Just another example of a rich bitch walking in to a courtroom and walking out with a smile. Then, this bonehead sheriff, clearing out the other prisoners so Ms Bitch does not have to be around “common folk”. Gawd…

  7. I just watched this case on Court TV and was infuriated that she can just kill a human and be sentenced to such a light sentence. There was no doubt as was cast in the OJ case by Furman. My she die a slow and agonising death from some sort of cancer or progressive disease like Alzeimer’s

  8. miss cummings got aways with murder and thats a damn shame. I hope she knows that pulling the wool over humanities eyes is no big feat.However pulling the wool over GODS eyes is an impossibility. MISS CUMMINGS you will be judged again and next time your money will not help you!!!

  9. The Jurors were all rich priviledged arsholes. The Jury should have been from the general working public. You know, fair, hard working people who actually have character? One juror said herself, “I can identify with her because I come from money too” well, ooooooh! translated that means, “I come from money and we are better than the poor stable boy and we have a right to blow someone away in cold blood because we are rich and we are better than anyone and we should be able to get away with murder” Susan Cummings is a loney, ugly,(REALLY UGLY! I MEAN INBRED FXCKING UGLY! MAN!!) frigid hag and I am disgusted with these lying crooked attorneys getting these rich people off. This ugly wentch really deserves to be alone and miserable the rest of her life. Why the was she even educated? She never had to work. She, like all these spoiled rich ugly women go to these exclusive schools and get the best education just to become rotton, snooty, spoiled coonts who don’t have to work at all. She will never use that college degree, when kind decent people in this country can’t even get an education to support thier families without owing thousands and thousands of dollars in loans. Then, it takes years of working your way through school. This country and its preoccupation with the rich has become nauseating. I am so glad that I am from decent hard working people. I hate the rich. I really do. Now more than ever. I can’t wait til that ugly wentch hangs herself in that grotesque mansion from lonliness. May Suzzaahhhnn Cummings rot in hell forever. Oh and Blair Howard or whatever his name is can go with her.
    screw you both!

  10. Of course I’m outraged, though not surprised. The system is skewed to favor the rich in every way. AND, the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer, until America completely loses its middle class and we revert to some kind of feudal anarchy. You can see this happening all over as corporation after corporation falls because of these greedy executives, who don’t mind screwing thousands of the “little people”. May God save us all!

    The person who thinks Susan Cummings is her next door neighbor: take a photo, and send it to Dominick Dunne, or Court TV and they could probably tell you if it’s her.

    I spent 6 months in jail for writing a bad check, and had practically NO defense from the so-called public defender. He didn’t even know who I was until I had to show up in court, and he had NO IDEA of my case, either. So don’t even write a bad check unless you’re rich!!!

    And this is the so-called “justice system”, belying even our sacred Pledge of Allegiance, which promises “liberty and justice for all”…

    One thing I can tell y’all: if high and mighty Ms. Cummings had been in OUR cellblock, she would have got the crap beat out of her so bad she would never have been able to use even her trigger finger! So the suck-up sheriff was probably smart in keeping her away from the population, although of course it wasn’t RIGHT to do so.

    Again, I pray to God to save us all…

  11. Like father, like daughter.
    Check THIS out:

    Arms Dealer Cummings in Public Spotlight
    By Michael Isikoff
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, December 22, 1986; Page F24

    Interarms, an arms dealership with headquarters in Alexandria, sells an estimated $80 million worth of pistols, submachine guns, rifles, hand grenades and other weapons each year.

    While the Reagan administration was secretly selling arms to Iran, arms trader Samuel Cummings was quietly building his own bridges to the government of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    As president of Interarms, which has headquarters in the heart of Alexandria’s Old Town, Cummings says he has maintained regular contacts with Iranian military officials, who have frequently visited him seeking weapons for their war with Iraq. The Iranians’ “buy orders,” submitted to Interarms’ offices in Manchester, England, have included TOW antitank missiles, the same weapon they were purchasing from the U.S. government through the assistance of former National Security Council aide Lt. Col. Oliver L. North.

    “The Iranians contact us on an average of once a month and visit us once every 60 days,” said Cummings in an interview last week. “I meet with them because I never know what might happen. . . . One day the Ayatollah Khomeini might even be a guest in the White House.”

    U.S. and British laws forbid arms exports to Iran, and Cummings (a Philadelphia native, a British subject, and a resident of Monte Carlo) said he has never consummated any sales. But his eagerness to keep in touch with the Iranians illustrates the business savvy and long-range outlook that have helped make Cummings the world’s largest and best-known private arms merchant.

    For more than 30 years, Interarms has dominated the shadowy world of global arms trading, selling an estimated $80 million worth of pistols, submachine guns, rifles, hand grenades and other weapons each year. The company offers sporting rifles and handguns to enthusiasts in the United States, stocking tens of thousands of them in a row of inauspicious, converted tobacco warehouses along the Alexandria waterfront. Its larger inventory of military items (about 250,000, which is enough to equip more than a half-dozen infantry divisions) are stockpiled in Manchester, England, and, marketed through a network of commissioned agents, are sold to armies around the world without regard to color, creed or political affiliation.

    Over the years, Cummings, a former Central Intelligence Agency arms specialist who is the brother-in-law of former Texas senator John Tower, has supplied arms to some of the era’s most notorious right-wing dictators: Somoza in Nicaragua, Batista in Cuba and Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. But these days, he says he is excited about his latest business partner, the People’s Republic of China, from which he is buying 35,000 22-ATD semiautomatic sporting rifles, which are worth about $2.5 million. The Chinese guns are being offered to the American public in Interarms’ 1987 catalogue: “Brand new to the U.S. market| . . . as elegant as any little .22-caliber semiautomatic you’ve ever seen,” it reads.

    “He’s a very shrewd businessman,” said Patrick Brogan, a British journalist who coauthored the 1983 book “Deadly Business: Sam Cummings, Interarms & the Arms Trade.” “He always takes the long view. . . . In his view, he doesn’t sell death, he sells small pieces of machinery, sort of like sewing machines.”

    The Iranian arms scandal recently thrust Cummings into the public spotlight, mainly because, unlike almost everybody else in his line of work, Cummings likes to talk about his business. Journalists have flocked to his Alexandria headquarters, on the corner of Prince and Union streets, seeking guidance into the byzantine and often mysterious ways of the gun trade.

    “We’ve been absolutely inundated with the media,” chuckled Cummings as he relaxed in a second-floor, walk-up office stocked with an imposing 19th-century French cannon, a Revolutionary War sword and racks of guns (Kalashnikov, Uzis and a Thompson “piano special” submachine gun used by the Chicago mob in the 1920s). “We don’t hold ourselves out to be all-knowing, but I guess in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

    Cummings’ standard line on Iran is not unlike ones from other commentators: The arms-for-hostages deal was a botched operation run by amateurs who didn’t know what they were doing. And, he says, Interarms could have handled the whole thing a lot more efficiently for a lot less money.

    “It’s almost a classic lesson in how not to do something,” he said. “Who needs Adnan Khashoggi? Who needs the Israelis? . . . If the U.S. government wanted TOW missiles moved to Iran, I would have said, move the TOWs to Interarms’ warehouse in England. I will notify the correct Iranian people — and these are people I know a lot better than Khashoggi does — and I would have invited them to take a look at them and inspect them.

    “At that point, I would have said, ‘send me the hostages, and once the plane lands, you can load it up with the TOWS and off you go’ . . . And I wouldn’t have charged any multimillion-dollar commissions because that would have been a service.”

    Cummings, an amiable, heavy-set man of 59, offered this advice in a good-humored voice that is vaguely reminiscent of the cartoon character Mr. McGoo. But it is a voice that turned more serious when he discussed what is for him a more pressing concern: a severe economic downturn in the arms market brought on by new international competition and a worldwide proliferation of surplus weaponry.

    “The decade of the ’80s has been the worst decade for the arms trade since World War II,” he said. “The ’50s and ’60s were great. But in the ’80s, the bottom has dropped out of the market. . . . The market has been saturated with overproduction and these arms don’t become obsolescent overnight. . . . The pipleline has been filled. It’s not like world peace has finally arrived.”

    Cummings’ analysis is backed up by government figures showing that total U.S. arms exports alone have slipped from $23.7 billion four years ago to $15.6 billion last year. To be sure, most of this trade involves the sale of high-tech weaponry — combat aircraft, missiles, radar equipment — that is dominated by the U.S. government. (General Dynamics Corp., for example, exports its expensive F16 fighter jets through the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program, which is why these are known as “government-to-government” transactions.)

    But Interarms, which dominates the private trade in “low-tech” weaponry, has felt the repercussions of the arms slump. Cummings estimates his business has declined 14 percent since the early 1980s. Last year, he was forced to shut down the company’s Midland, Va., pistol factory, which cost 115 employes’ jobs. (Another Interarms plant that makes German Walther pistols near Huntsville, Ala., is still operating.)

    Another problem plaguing Interarms is the political roadblocks thrown in its way by the U.S. and other governments. Cummings has made no secret of his willingness to sell guns to just about anyone. (He has drawn the line, he says, at Libya’s Gadhafi and a few other African dictators, such as Uganda’s former ruler Idi Amin, whom he considers bloodthirsty.)

    In recent years, Cummings has carved a growing niche in the Far East, selling arms to the Philippines (for its war against a communist-backed insurgency) as well as the armies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. But many others with whom Cummings would be happy to do business are off-limits. He can’t sell to private guerrilla armies (ruling out the Nicaraguan “contras” to whom he says he would sell “in a minute.”) He can’t sell to Iran, the biggest buyer on the world market.

    And, he says he regrets, he can no longer sell to South Africa, where more than 20 years ago he once maintained an Interarms office that the U.S. government forced him to shut down. “I would sell to South Africa if I could ever get approval,” he volunteered. “I think the blacks are better off in South Africa in terms of rights as opposed to theoretical liberties . . . than they are elsewhere in Africa.”

    But for all Cummings’ complaints about such impediments, others, such as biographer Brogan, have noted his historic ingenuity in circumventing government restrictions. The classic example is the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act, which prohibited the importation of military weapons into the United States. Anticipating the ban before it went into effect, Cummings went on a worldwide buying spree that had his Alexandria warehouses bulging with military firearms and kept his U.S. operations thriving for years afterward.

    “At one point, we had 700,000 rifles, machine guns, pistols and submachine guns stored in our warehouses in Alexandria,” recalled Cummings. “That was in 1968 when the gates slammed shut. At that moment, we could have instantly overwhelmed the American armed forces. We could have armed 700,000 mercenaries that could have goose-stepped right over the Memorial Bridge and even taken over The Washington Post.

    “We also had 150 pieces of artillery, ranging from 25 mm to 150 mm,” he added. “So, if I didn’t like a particular piece of legislation in the Congress, I could have phoned up the speaker and I could have said, ‘My armies will be rolling over to the Capitol, if you don’t do something about that.’ ”

    Cummings burst out laughing and said, of course, the scenario is a “fantasy.” But one thing, he noted, is no fantasy: No matter how bleak the market may look today, the demand for guns will not go away.

    “The military market is based on human folly — not normal market precepts,” said Cummings. “Human folly goes up and down. But it always exists — and its depths have never been plummetted.”

    © Copyright 1986 The Washington Post Company

    Arms Dealer Samuel Cummings Dies
    By J.Y. Smith
    Special to The Washington Post
    Saturday, May 2, 1998; Page D06

    Samuel Cummings, 71, a former Central Intelligence Agency employee who became one of the world’s leading arms merchants and who founded Interarms, a dealership based in Alexandria, died April 29 at his residence in Monaco.

    A spokesman for Interarms said he did not know the cause of death, but recent press reports have said Mr. Cummings had suffered a series of strokes.

    Mr. Cummings began Interarms in 1953 and soon was playing an important role in the global arms trade. Interarms had a number of subsidiaries and maintains extensive warehouse facilities along the Alexandria waterfront in Old Town and in Manchester, England. At one time in the late 1960s, it had an estimated 700,000 weapons in storage in Alexandria.

    For years, the company had estimated annual sales to foreign governments totaling $80 million, mainly of relatively low-tech items such as rifles, pistols, machine guns and hand grenades. Customers ranged from the regime of Fulgencio Batista, the president of Cuba who was overthrown by the Castro revolution in 1959, to the government of the Philippines, which bought arms to fight communist insurgents.

    Interarms also supplies rifles, shotguns and pistols to sportsmen in the United States and other countries.

    Unlike many operators in the often-shadowy world of arms deals, Mr. Cummings loved to talk about his business, and he became something of a media celebrity. During the unfolding of the Iran-contra scandal in the mid-1980s, he was widely sought by news organizations for his expertise.

    Although he never sold weapons to Iran — it is prohibited by U.S. law — he told interviewers that he had kept in touch with Iranian arms buyers for years so that he would be in position to do business with them should the political situation change.

    The guiding principle of Mr. Cummings’s business strategy was the idea that “the military market is based on human folly — not normal market precepts. Human folly goes up and down, but it always exists — and its depths have never been plumbed.”

    Mr. Cummings was born in Philadelphia. He spent part of his boyhood in Washington, where he attended Sidwell Friends School and the old Central High School. He served in the Army for two years at the end of World War II. After graduating from George Washington University, he studied briefly at Oxford University.

    His next stop was the CIA, where he was a specialist in weapons. He remained with the agency until he started International Armament Corp., which became known as Interarms. He later started subsidiaries in Great Britain, Canada and elsewhere.

    Among his most profitable deals was the U.S. franchise for the Walther company of Germany, makers of the kind of pistol favored by the fictional James Bond as well as by many real-life police officers, recreational shooters and collectors. In the 1980s, the U.S. Customs Service conducted a three-year probe of the way in which these pistols were marketed but dropped all charges.

    After the mid-1960s, Mr. Cummings lived primarily in Europe, and he became a British citizen. The headquarters of his enterprises remained in Alexandria.

    Mr. Cummings had an early marriage that ended in divorce.

    Survivors include his wife, Irma Cummings, whom he married in the early 1960s, and their two daughters, Diana and Susan Cummings, both of Warrenton.

    Susan Cummings was charged with murder last year in the shooting death of Roberto Villegas, her lover. She has pleaded self-defense, and the case has not yet been tried.

  12. It’s a shame someones life is only worth $2,500 and 60days! The biggest shock of it all is he was a minority and was murdered during the Clinton years! I’m sure there is more to the story than we will ever hear!

  13. I saw this story on Court TV about a month ago and it made me really angry. Now, I attend Shenandoah University and go through Warrenton to get here from home. Every time I go through Warrenton, I think of Susan Cummings and what a bitch she is. Honestly, I am not really that suprised that she got away with what she did because our judicial system in this country is so messed up. Maybe if I decided to kill my boyfriend when I get sick of him, my daddy’s money will get me out of trouble…

  14. no thanks,i would rather remove the comment then conform to your hitlarian dictates.never heard of FREE speech?

  15. I believe that Kharmic debt will eventualy catch up with the likes of Susan Cummings as well as with Regan Vaughn Coultas (the biggoted hatemonger)

  16. I think an awful lot of the commentary I have read here is based on “rage at the rich”. Well Dears there is NOTHING wrong with being rich,,,and being rich by in no way makes you a bad person. In fact when the rich harness thier wealth for good instead of evil,,,everyone applauds. By the same token,,,EVILNESS in ones soul knows NO income boundaries. Poverty does not make a person more sainted. This act of MURDER is VILE reguardless of income or lack there of.

  17. I just finish watching Dominic Dunes episode on this. It truly sickens me to see how a person can get away with cold, calculated murder because of wealth. Defense attorney’s should have a special place in hell for the murders they get off in exchange for new Porcshe and mansion. One thing is true though… WE ALL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THE WRONGS WE DO IN THE END. No amount of money will buy your way out!

  18. I watched this show when it originally aired and once again today and am more outraged than before. As I watched it for the 2nd time I learned that it was the wealthy high class snob aristocrat jury, like her that saved her skinny ugly ass! It was her type of people on the jury who couldn’t “break ranks” and look at the real truth….this jury was 100% partial to the bitch! Just like the old saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”. It’s like the Ku Klux Klan being on the jury for one of their own members for killing a minority! How do you expect to get a fair trial there? I am more outraged at the jury than this bitch who killed him! The anger should be directed to the jury!

  19. I would like to hear Susan’s own words now about this if she is interested in airing her opinion or sorrow. Can I ask if anyone has an address in Northern Vermont or where ever she is living now? Phone number or email? She may need a friend and someone to talk to. Sorry for all of you who think I am insane,but have you ever heard of forgiveness? Don’t you think that she has gone through enough pain and suffering? It won’t stop until her days come to an end. Sure she has money and that is why you all are even interested. Leave her alone. If this gets posted, I’ll be suprised.

  20. It really breaks my heart that people care no more for human life than this. Rich or Poor! Roberto was still a person. I know it will be hard but I hope his family and friends are able to come to terms with his death. As hard as it may be under the circumstances. God Bless!

  21. To Fred Matthews who asks “haven’t you ever heard of…forgiveness?” You’re damn straight I have. It’s Susan Cummings, that heartless spoiled animal, who hasn’t. Or maybe she forgot when she shot Roberto 4 times with his back turned. Use some common sense people.

  22. Though I would have to agree that justice favors the rich, as it always has, I will say that I was not on the jury nor was I a witness to the murder,so I will follow what the Bible says, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. For those of you who are so sure of her guilt and that God shall punish her, did it ever occur to you that it might have actually have been self-defense? Or that Mr Villegas was not the perfect golden boy of the poor as you have made him to be. Remember what Jesus said about eye for an eye, that it should not be.
    Oh yes before I finish let me tell you about a guy I know who grew up poor and black and had all the disadvantages in life. The young man fell into the wrong crowd and became a petty thug and criminal. When he was 20 he approached a young white woman and demanded her money, while she fumbled to follow the order the young man’s hand slipped and fired instantly killing the woman. Because it was the South the young man expected to spend the rest of his life in prison, but somehow he was found guilty of a lesser charge and sentenced to 5 years by an all white jury.The man could never understand how this happened, he wasn’t white or rich and his lawyer was a barely competant bafoon. Yet somehow the jury was merciful. It is now 26 years later and the young man is now middle-aged with wife and kids of his own, working at the business owned by the woman who he murdered husband ,who forgave him and gave him the job when he was released 21 years ago. That man is very sorry and contrite for that horrible mistake so many years ago ,but he is grateful for the mercy he was shown along the way, how do I know this? I was that petty thug. I should still be in prison or worse still on death row, my victims family should despise the are I breath. Yet free, alive and forgiven by her family who have even helped me rehabilitate my life. What is the point you may ask to this? The point is we wii never know for certainty what occured on the day of that murder. And of course we know that being rich places you at a distinct atvantage, fairly and UNfairly,but we should also recognize that in the end it does not matter our PUBLIC perception of guilt or innocence, what matters is the actions and deeds we have committed in our lives…the deep dark ones we try to forget…and the fact we will be judged, wether you acknowledge His existance or not, by One who shall be completely unpartial either to the rich or the POOR, the white or black, american or argetinian. Thus I take solace in the words ,”Blessed are the merciful for they shall have mercy”.

  23. I was Roberto Villegas fiance for over 5 years and the mother of his only child. I was forced to watch a high paid attorney like Blair Howard make the State Attorney look like he was still trying to complete junior high school. Roberto was a wonderful man and will be dearly missed by many. It has taken me several years to come to terms with the small sentence that Susan Cummings received. However, I know that she must have to think about what happened everyday that she walks into her kitchen. Roberto knew that something was about to happen. He had been planning to leave and return to Florida, he had also requested several time that I was to get Life Insurance on him in case of something happening. Of course I did’nt realize how bad it was because he was the type of person that would not complain. I still think that one of the reasons he had dated her was because he felt sorry for her. I appreciate all the comments that I have read and some day when our son is older he to will appreciate the same. Thank You.

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