Many of our readers have been outraged over the lies they believe President Clinton has told regarding his relationships with various women. Sunday night’s edition of     “Sixty Minutes” may add new fuel to that fire, as presidential aide Kathleen Willey adds her name to the list of presidential accusers.

Lying in Washington is an old and hallowed tradition, and politicians lie about much more important things than their extramarital shenanigans.

“Official Lies: How Washington Misleads Us” is written by two academics, Jim Bennett and Tom Dilorenzo. But the book is anything but academic in tone, thanks to the editorial and writing talents of Bill Kauffman.

Although “Official Lies” was published in 1992, not much has changed since then. In fact, the ability of politicians and bureaucrats of both parties to tell bald-faced lies and get away with it remains one of the most enduring, if not endearing, aspects of official Washington.

Politicians in Washington, and the world over, don’t just lie about a few things; they tell Outrageous lies about almost everything. Their political agenda is simple: by making it seem as if the world is falling apart politicians hope that they will gain more power to “solve” “problems”. (Often the same problems they helped create in the first place.)

Government propaganda affects almost every aspect of life. Welfare policy, the environment, AIDs, alcohol and tobacco, farming, and natural resources are just a few of the topics on which the federal government spews forth an almost endless amount of misinformation.

Perhaps one of the more amusing ways in which politicians try to provide support for their power-grabs is by having celebrities front for their policy agendas. Stars of stage and screen may not really have any grasp of the complexities of public policy, but their appearance is sure to generate exposure. That explains why:

– Members of the folk-rock group The Grateful Dead appeared before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus to provide information about rain forests in Malaysia.

– Movie star and heart-throb Richard Gere discussed Tibet before a congressional panel.

– TV star Mary Tyler Moore read a poem about animal trapping to a subcommittee of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee.

– The late singer John Denver regaled the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs with the song “Ode to Alaskan Forests”.

Not only does the federal government use movies stars to formulate policy, the government actually produces its own films. Some gripping titles include “Fuel Pump Disassembly”, “Hacksaws, Part Three”, “Hospital Housekeeping: Mopping, Two Bucket Method”, “Handling and Storing Apples in Pallet Boxes”, and many more thrillers that will leave you screaming for an encore.

Here are some more tidbits from “Official Lies”:

– In order to encourage welfare spending, the government inflates the numbers of those officially counted as “poor”. For instance, more than 22,000 “poor” Americans have a heated swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

– The Prince of Liechtenstein and his Texas business partners were paid more than $2 million in a program ostensibly designed to help “distressed farmers.”

– Senator Larry Pressler declared that the annual $100 million honey subsidy to beekeepers must be maintained because “without the honey bees to pollinate crops, the diet of American consumers would be limited to nuts, cereal grains, and meat.” With drones like Pressler buzzing around Congress, several queen beekeepers received over $1 million a year in subsidies.

– Government at all levels spends enough on poverty programs alone – excluding social security – to give $5,790 to each man, woman and child below the poverty threshold. That adds up to $23,160 for every family of four.

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0 thoughts on “MORE OFFICIAL LIES!

  1. I can certainly empathize with Mr. Pena and his battle with the cost of living in NYC. He might want to do a little further research on Bosky & Milkin, however. Both did time in jail and Milkin, in fact, paid a one billion dollar fine. His story, in particular, makes interesting reading since a solid case can be made that what he did was legal when he was doing it and it was only *after* the fact that the law was jiggled around to nail him.

    Regarding 3 and 4 posts below: Well alright then…just so we understand each other. When ARE you putting the rages back? I mean we’re missing your thoughts on McKinney and the latest in the “Bill Does the Whitehouse” saga.

    Re: comments below.

    Balderdash! I’m a little befuddled by your comments – The Outrage is a part of a full-time non-profit venture. If we don’t solicit funds, from time to time, how do you think we’re going to pay our bills?

    We’ve produced over 175 Outrages with NO ads or solicitations, and now, on the second one, you get upset. Seems very unreasonable to us. We also notice the comment directly below left its self-promoting url.

    Another week of self-promotion and solicitation. If it doesn’t quicky cease, and never reappear, I will have to remove the link tp your site on our Main Menu.

    Regarding the comments below:

    1. The Outrage is private, not public.

    2. It’s pledge month, not week.

    Other than that, you’ve got it right.

    Enough of the self-promoting! I feel like I’ve accidently tuned in to public television during pledge week. All “pay me-pay me” and no substance.

    What I read today does not (fortunately) affect me in the described form. I am from Canada and we hear about our Government Outrage. It does not differ much (except the sexual part – we do not know what they do behind the close door, if they do anything). They work some 60 days a year making near $100k and asking for more. In the meantime for some of us working 7 days a week a year around it would take few years to combine such an income. I do not have to go far find people creating problems. finding solution and looking like heroes and the end. It happens at my work every day. Sometimes they have a solution and create the problem to use it.

    Hey guys I live in New York, in Manhatten where $23,160 dollers is not a living wage for four people who have no other source of income. In Manhatten four people would need more than $1000.00 a month for rent alone not to mention higher food bills than the rest of the country plus $3.00 a day to ride the subway to even find work and that’s only if you go to only one interview a day And that’s only if only one parent searches for work. This would leave about less than $26.00 a day to feed four people breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Of course they could move to Apalacia or some backwoods in Mississippi where they would need a car to get around and where there is no work even if you do look for it, but that would also cost money that they wouldn’t have. I don’t know why you quote the Wall Street Journal since they do not, never have, and never will support the interest of working people in mind and have alway consistently favored the interests of the wealthy gentry class. Why don’t you guys talk about the lack of effective anti-trust legislation in the information age of service industries. Or serious corporate wellfare. Or the lack of serious jail time for white coller crime which rips the public off of many more millions than any other form of crime. WHy do people like Bosky, and Milken get a slap on the wrist and get to keep most of their money and drug dealers get RICO slapped on them. Poor people need help not right wing politics.

    Time: 3/14/98 (19:58:26)

    If there lips are moving they are lying, But don’t forget it is all three parties not onley one like some people want you to think. Another good book that has been out a long time is Captain & Kings it will make you think….

  2. I’m sorry; I cannot be outraged as I have come to expect nothing from government but lies, corruption, and stupidity. This is why I am a philosophical anarchist.

  3. I am outraged at Maryland Public TV’s replacement of Louis Rukeyser on Wall St.Week with a deadly dull humorless disappointment.

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