Welcome to the first 1998 edition of The Outrage!

It’s bound to be an Outrageous year, so we’re glad you’re joining us to witness the   parade of human folly, ineptitude and greed.

As the year opens we’re delighted to say that no one appears to have learned from their past mistakes. On the left, President Bill Clinton opened the year by calling for an increase in the scope of Medicare, happily ignoring the vast amount of fraud uncovered in the program last year. On the right, House Speaker Newt Gingrich renewed his calls for intensifying the war on drugs, despite evidence over the last few years that the only winners in this war have been manufacturers of semi-automatic weapons.

Internationally, Africa is once more a leader in the senseless violence department. At the northern end, Algeria got off to a fine start with the slaughter of 412 peasants by Islamic fundamentalists. Continuing the good works they say are motivated by love of God, the Armed Islamic Group has recently been busy slitting throats, beheading peasants, and smashing babies against walls.

At Africa’s southern end was busy defending his friend Winnie Mandela. Mrs. Mandela is widely believed to have kidnapped, tortured, and murdered political opponents in the 1980’s. Mr. Farrakhan is a very useful man, because he makes most political activists seem like wise sages by comparison.

The America legal system continues to show its own love of violence by repeatedly releasing known killers so they can prey on more helpless women and children. Arthur Bomar is now the prime suspect in the 1997 killing of Maria Cabuenos. Bomar had previously been convicted of murder in Las Vegas in 1978. He has also been charged with the 1996 rape and murder of Aimee Williard. He was arrested on burglary and other charges last June. But we’re sure that, deep down, he’s really a fine human being who just needs one more chance.

Someone else who won’t be serving much time in jail is Richard Devon. His car hit and killed three girls, ages 12, 11 and 12. He drove away without reporting the accident, leaving the children dying on the side of the road. In all likelihood he’ll serve 15 months in a minimum-security prison. Mr. Devon’s attorney was outraged, citing the fact that most people who kill others in hit and runs serve no time at all.

With so much outrage around us, here at The Outrage we felt compelled to do something outrageous ourselves. Hence we’ve reduced our mailing schedule to once a week while maintaining the name “Daily” Outrage. If you can’t beat em, join em. We’ll see you next week with more outrageous examples of injustice and mayhem. Happy New Year!

(Source: Philadelphia Inquirer.)

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0 thoughts on “OFF TO A GREAT START!

  1. A personal apology to the lawyer representing Richard Devon, mass murderer:

    Dear Sir,
    I just wanted to say how sorry I am for inadvertantly killing your wife and children in a vehicular homicide early this morning! Even though I sped from the scene and left them to die agonizing deaths in the road, I expect you to excuse my behavior in much the same way you excused Mr. Devon’s murders.

    Having said that, I feel so much better. So much so, that I would like you to consider acting as my attorney at the upcoming trial. I can hardly wait to hear you lambast the judge if he dares give me even one day of jail time for murdering your family.

    Hope you’re well as you receive this message. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

    P.S. Sorry I can’t make the funeral. Give my regards to any family members I might have missed…

    Time: 1/13/98 (11:5:42)

    I think Richard Devon’s attonrney needs to shut up. Mr. Devon was to sackless to report something that you did so instead you ran away and three girls died because of your carelessness.

    If you ask me, I think he desreves to spend even more time. I think 15 months in a minimum security prison is far to weak.

    Time: 1/13/98 (2:8:36)

    To those of you which are “true believers” in “reasonable” gun control measures, I have but this to say, “the door to Freedom” is indeed, as stated by NRA Vice-President C. Heston, framed with muskets.

    Without arms in the hands of the people, all the other guarantees by the Bill of Rights that our natural (not Government derived) rights would soon disappear, leaving us with only the “right” to do as we are told.

    To the gentleman who points to Britain as an example of a “reasonable” method, I would recommend he bone up on history. The British population are NOT citizens, they are, and have always been, “subjects of the Crown”, or answerable to an aristocratic master, or his/her designated loyal lackeys.

    In the United States, WE the People are the sovereign masters of our fates, not some other party by accident of birth, or

    Time: 1/12/98 (18:14:7)

    Re: evidence that the only winners on the war on crime were semi-auto weapons manufactures. I reviewed the referenced article and could find no information specific to the “evidence”.

    What gives? Also, the person who believes inanimate objects cause behavior, i.e., “guns kill”, denies the existence of personal responsibilty and accountability of the individual which is the basis of free will.

    But so many people are now “victims” and it’s not their fault. I thought exposing this current abdication of responsibility was a basic tenet of DO. Guess not.

    Time: 1/12/98 (12:29:11)

    regarding the hit and run driver who killed three girls, i know of a hit and run driver from kansas who is still at large. the hit and run driver i’m talking about hit my 11 yr old son while he was riding his bike, my son died after spending 23 days in icu, in a coma.

    david morales is the man responsible for killing my son, and i wish that i had my day in court- at least these three mothers got their day in court.

    the warrant out for the arrest of david morales only states hit and run on it- i feel it should be hit and run and vehicular manslaughter because a child died. david morales also has a prior arrest for d.u.i., so the police and my friends and family all think he was probably drunk.

    if anyone out there knows the whereabouts of david morales- age 21- d.o.b. 08/03/76 ssn#569-43-2490, ht6″2′, 160 lbs contact crimestoppers in dodge city ks at 316-227-stop

    Time: 1/10/98 (13:32:57)

    As our beloved president Reagan would say, “There they go again.” The Clinton Health Care Plan is alive and just as dangerous as ever. Two steps forward, one step back.

    Once a Communist always a Communist. Cliches, yes, but just as true today a when the Communifest Manifesto ws written.

    Time: 1/10/98 (9:37:23)

    The house & Senate should do the peoples work the 1st six monyhs of the year, last 6 months they should go to jail.

    Time: 1/9/98 (11:16:12)

    I love your work! I come from an outrageous state in Australia, Tasmania. I am outraged because I have been researching land registration in this state and have made the rather disturbing discovery that the land registry system is malfunctioning and producing false land title registrations.

    Some unknowing people are purchasing false land titles, then obtaining false mortgages and many clerical workers in public office must be collecting this money. I can’t believe it! Everyone in charge in this two-bit state is just pretending that this is not happening.

    To some extent this means that the radical elements who are setting up their own land tenure systems in the states eg, the sovereign title mob are correct to do so.

    I am interested in hearing if any of your readers have ever come up against a similar outrageous situation!

    Time: 1/9/98 (9:8:39)

    Although you are probably right I would be outraged at a subscription fee, I would read messages from sponsors. I hope you guys aren’t letting this become a hobby. If you are you should either go take up fly fishing or find a way to make this thing pay the billls.

    Don’t count on the investment bankers, go out and sell. love your format and content. Was saddened to read the comments of Mr. Pijpelink. I wish he would take the time to read history and how the NRA had to take donations of firearms from Americans during WWII to send to England so that their citizenry could protect themselves from invasion from the Germans.

    Or read the news and see what happens when citizens in such places as Bosnia, Somalia and Mexico are deprived by their government of methods more effective than a machete to with which to defend themselves.

    I don’t understand the arrogance of our society to think these things can’t happen here. Or the ignorance of Americans to understand just what the second amendment is all about.

    Time: 1/9/98 (8:16:52)

    Remember, Mr. Clinton is the most popular president ever in terms of consistantly have high approval ratings. The people don’t care! Until something happens to wake this nation up, well we will continue to pay for out sins of electing people like clinton.

    Time: 1/9/98 (2:8:31)

    I am mad about cops who are drunk with power and think they ARE the law. Where I live at least, they are a disgrace. Aren’t they supposed to be setting an example for all us ‘common law abiding folk’?

    How? By being petty and breaking the very laws they are supposed to be inforcing?

    Time: 1/8/98 (11:28:50)

    Found your site in our local newspaper. Would love to see some Canadian “Outrage”. Believe me we have lots. All the best to our friendly neighbours to the South.

    Time: 1/8/98 (8:41:54)

    Quote of the day: Yes, sheer stupidity is hard to cope with, but I have found it more difficult to deal with people who will not acknowledge their own mistakes so that one can discuss them rationally.

    The classic case is the person who tells himself lies, then believes them and acts on them as though they are true. One cannot reason with that individual. I have also found that those acting out of sheer stupidity usually do so without malice. Those who tell themselves and others lies usually do so maliciously.

    Time: 1/8/98 (8:17:16)

    AH, Steve, I see you are one of those who sees the glass is half empty. Give us little people some credit. The republican getting the majority in the House and Senate has woken up a few Liberals out there who are in the cat birds seat making these laws.

    And if the people who swept the conservatives in to the majority had went out to vote in the Presidential Election we would be a little futher down the road to a more traditional way of running this country, both state and federal. Our fore fathers did’t do it over night and neither can we.

    But you can bet the power of the ballot box can change a lot, maybe not over night but sooner or later. Those so called One Profession rulers are just as worried about getting reelected as anyone else. And as far as I can see they will do and say any thing to placate the voter, sometimes even enact laws with a little common sense.

    So don’t rule out the power of the ballot box. Every American when they wake up in the morning should bow down and kiss the floor for being allowed to live and work in this Wonderful Country. Only we can change it and can blame no one but ourselves if we let it go down the tubes.

    Time: 1/8/98 (8:4:16)

    I would pay a subscription for the DO if it was truly a DO!

    Also, any idiot that thinks violent crimes do not happen with great frequency outside of the borders of the U.S. should go and live in Europe. They do have violent criminals and violent crimes ARE committed with as much frequency there as here. Try thinking outside of the anti-gun box once in a while!!! Morons…..

    Time: 1/8/98 (3:4:11)

    The DO is great, even though it’s not daily any more. DO always succeeds in confronting me with the facts of life. I like to be depressed… 😉

    I HAD to respond to David L. Williams ignorant rantings (below). Never ever have a read something so narrow minded and so STUPID as Mr. Williams’ pseudo-logical reasoning.

    I suggest he delves into how e.g. England treats arms. He’ll find out that guns DO cause crimes. Violent crimes are much more rare in England than in the US.

    Having said that, I wish y’all the best in the new year.

    Time: 1/8/98 (0:45:59)

    “On the right, House Speaker Newt Gingrich renewed his calls for intensifying the war on drugs, despite evidence over the last few years that the only winners in this war have been manufacturers of semi-automatic weapons.”

    OK Weekly Outrage you pushed my button. Why didn’t you say that the only winners of the drug war were “Gold Jewelers” or “Mercedes Dealers”?

    Had to be guns huh? Well your proclivity to connect guns to violent crime is just more ignorant ranting by uniformed writers that I get so tired of hearing in the national press.

    Every year, according to recent studies, over a million people defend themselves from criminals successfully with “semi-automatic” or other types of guns. Guns don’t cause drug dealing or any other crime. But they are useful tools for everyone to use for legitimate purposes. The fact that some use tools for criminal purposes is no reason to connect the tool with the crime.

    Not all drug users have guns but they all probably have cars. Why didn’t you mention cars? Please reconsider your negative portrayal of firearms. Criminals are criminals. Their tools are not.

    David L. Williams

    Time: 1/7/98 (23:29:21)

    you’ve got to be kidding, we the “people” haven’t elected a president since john kennedy, let alone elect a congressman, senator or judge.99.9% of them are liars, thieves and traitors that aren’t worth the powder it would take.

    Time: 1/7/98 (20:44:49)

    These court issues will be discussed, debated, argued upon for decades. However, inevitably the results remain dormant.

    Yes, people must get out and vote, however, the Lawyers and Judges are the democracy that rule and govern the United States.

    The United States is not ruled by your President, your US Senator, your US Congressman, your local Representatives and least of all, not by us the people.

    Amazing how these bodies of government pass laws only to be negated and thrown out as unconstitutional by Lawyers who are Judges. Why is it that?

    Well, let us examine first why a person who has a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Degree is not permitted to seek election as a Judge! Why is it that only those who are Lawyers are permitted to hold that sacred office?

    I believe once this issue is addressed and acted upon the United States will be a free democracy not ruled and governed by one group of people from one profession.

    Maybe it would be possible that these killers would remain incarcerated, rather than one profession bilking all the money from federal and state governments to fight technicalities in the judicial system.

    Time: 1/7/98 (20:39:3)

    Try us…maybe we wouldn’t be outraged at paying a fee for receiving “DO”

    Time: 1/7/98 (20:4:29)

    So the DO (Daily Outrage) has become the WO(Weekly Outrage). So why don’t you change the name accordingly for consistency sake. Or is it that you want us to be Outraged Daily over your Weekly Outrage ?

    Time: 1/7/98 (16:33:20)

    I’m new to your page, but members of my family are not. That is why as a new computor owner and web crawler I found your page.

    As for your outrage, WHY!!! are you outraged at the laws that allow this to happen and not the people that have elected the judges, city and state govermnents that do nothing to stop this.

    GET OUT AND VOTE GET THE LAW BACK INTO THE HANDS OF PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE. We have no one to blame but ourselves and our apathy.

    Time: 1/7/98 (14:34:16)

    Glad to have you back. Hope all of you guys had a great new year. Bet all of you’ll got together and got outraged about how the world has to stay awake till midnight for the new year (just kidding).

    On a more serious note, if you’ll don’t revert to making this a daily page, I’ll write an outrage column myself about it.



    Time: 1/7/98 (12:36:22)

    I’m disappointed that you can only e-mail DO weekly. I’ll have to make DO my start-up page.

    Time: 1/7/98 (10:57:53)

    Regarding the comment below:

    You say you love us, but if we started charging subscription fees we know you tight-wads would drop us like a hot potato!

    Time: 1/7/98 (10:49:5)

    Please continue with your outrages. I so enjoy seeing what you will have for me on a daily basis. I liked it so much that you are the first page that appears for me when I start my browser!!! Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily

    Time: 1/7/98 (9:43:58)

    Mr. Devon’s attorney has a good point, look at Ted Kennedy!

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