On July 5, 1986, Juan Gonzalez was released from Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, after assuring his doctors that he would seek psychiatric help for his schizophrenia.

Two days later, Juan Gonzalez carried a two-foot-long sword onto the Staten Island Ferry and went into a slashing frenzy. He killed two people and wounded nine others. It seems that Gonzalez had NOT sought psychiatric help.

Now, Gonzalez is once more about to be free to walk the streets, or ride the ferry. Doctors at the Bronx Psychiatric Center have recommended that Gonzalez be allowed to travel by himself to counseling sessions or to attend vocational training.

The New York State Health Commissioner does not want Gonzalez released, citing public safety concerns. The prosecutors who originally prosecuted the case don’t want Gonzalez released, saying he will become violent again if he doesn’t take anti-psychotic drugs.

So who wants Gonzalez released? His attorney, of course. Michael Genkin of the Mental Hygiene Legal Service says the slasher has been “a model patient” and “extremely well-mannered.”

Genkin also says Gonzalez “has great sympathy for those (he) hurt and killed.” We’re so glad that, after years of taxpayer financed “care,” Gonzalez says he’s sorry that he savagely hacked eleven people, killing two of his victims, and ruining the lives of their families.

Apparently none of attorney Genkin’s relatives were among those maimed or killed.

How can things like this happen? The answer lies in the type of people who are in charge of the legal system across America. People like Judge James Ware.

Judge Ware was a well-respected federal judge in San Jose. A graduate of Stanford Law School, Ware was appointed by President Clinton to become the only Black judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and his confirmation process was going smoothly. Ware was even mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee.

Judge Ware had been a registered Republican when he was appointed to the bench by President Bush, but he switched to the Democratic party shortly before his appointment by President Clinton.

Judge Ware often told the story of the murder of his brother, Virgil Ware, as a tale of the trauma of discrimination. And not just once or twice — Judge Ware told the story so often that it became part of his public image: the successful black judge whose brother fell to the violence of racial hatred.

In fact, Ware often told of holding his dying brother in his arms. He called the death of his brother “a defining experience, a turning point in my life.” The story helped him posture as someone who had seen the worst of discrimination, and who had overcome hatred. He told the story so effectively that he even managed to move his fellow lawyers emotionally — no small feat. The story gave Ware the aura of a saint.

The story itself is true. Virgil Ware really was shot dead while riding a bicycle in a suburb of racially torn Birmingham, Alabama. The tragic incident occurred as part of racial violence in Birmingham in September, 1963. And Virgil Ware really had a brother named James Ware. James Ware is still alive — but that James Ware is NOT JUDGE WARE.

Judge Ware admitted he was not related to Virgil Ware only after the Birmingham News recently interviewed the James Ware who really is the brother of the dead boy. “Statements made by me in speeches and interviews that I am the James Ware whose brother Virgil was killed in Alabama were not the truth,” Ware admitted after the paper broke the story on Wednesday.

This has been a tough year for the San Jose federal bench. Former U.S. District Court Judge Robert Aguilar was forced to resign last year as part of a deal to end his long-running criminal case. His appointed successor, U.S. Attorney Michael Yamaguchi, had to withdraw from consideration because he was also under investigation by the Justice Department.

People like Judge Ware, Robert Aguilar, and Michael Yamaguchi are the powers-that-be that decide whether you’ll be riding the ferry with Juan Gonzalez.

(Source: New York Daily News.)

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  1. Judge Ware is one of my teachers.

    This is pretty sad. What an absolute mockery.

    Time: 11/26/97 (11:18:2)

    Fortunately or Unfortunately I am an unabashed, flag loving patriot who would run from undercover just so I could salute the hoisting of the flag while they played the Star Spangled Banner in USN bootcamp! Needless to say your DO doesn’t surprise me at all. You don’t have enough room to print the outrages that take place daily!

    The part that REALLY galls me is there doesn’t seem to be any end to it. The country has turned so far away from what the founding fathers (almost ALL God fearing Christians) set forth as a plan for the country. Gone are the days of doing good deeds just because it was “the right thing to do”! It’s so sad!

    Time: 11/10/97 (7:48:27)

    The existing Justice System is not a panacea, nor has it ever claimed to be one. But that is all what we have. Untill someone creates one better this is all we have to hang on.

    So is the case with ‘Democracy’. The idea that the majority is always right is as good as saying that ‘might is right’. The US believes in both.

    Imagine the state of GAlileo when he said the Earth is round and if he were an American of the 20th Centuary.

    He couldn’t have been more wrong. He would be the only American against the rest of the nation, no the whole world. What would have been his chances of being right. In fact what would be the good old Earth’s chances of being round ?

    Time: 11/10/97 (7:40:41)

    The Judge Wares of this world are scum. However we do not have another system than the existing Justice System to go by. With all its faults we only have it to go by. So is democracy, that says,’Majority is right’.

    It is as good or as bad as saying that ‘might is right’. There are instances were a single man, like Galileo, was right when the whole world said the Earth is flat. That ratio stinks. But what do we do? No other better system has been invented yet. Some of the existing kingdoms under present day Monarchs are the safest places now on Earth.

    The subjects requirements are catered to and there is absolute safety. Good food, good health and good cheer still prevail in these countries. This is the case where the oldest is the best. They even have better per capita income than the so called better civilized, developed and democratic countries.

    If there are grieviences in these countries they are brought to one of the rulkers court and elders, backed by traditional age old wisdom deals out punishments.

    The most important part of this justice system is that it is based on religion and with the utmost care given to the “Precedent’ factor. Dettterant is the key and exeplary punishments are given.

    If our leaders and law makers cannot find the wisdom to learn from this system they should leave their positions on the spot. Tell me if the motor car was invented before the horse cart, how many horse carts would there be now.

    Then why is a lesser system invented later by the Greeks now prevalent when there was a better system already in existance?

    Time: 11/9/97 (15:20:40)

    All I can say about the “judge”, from far away, is he is really a self made jackass.

    You folks are great. Keep up the good work. I enjoy what you do, and am informed. Can’t ask for more than that.

    Bill Flynn Romney

    Time: 11/8/97 (8:58:20)

    I read about the guy slashing 11 people and killing 2 with a sword. THIS MUST BE STOP! Why does anyone need a sword? We need to have a law outlawing them or at least require a license to own one with background check, fingerprints, saftey locks, national register…..

    Time: 11/8/97 (3:42:31)

    This clearly is what racial hatred breeds. Here we have a man, who had it all, clearly he was an overachiever. But because of his race, he felt he was not good enough. It goes to show us that racial discrimination and its effects on ones mind can truly be profound. If he were born and breed in the inner city ghettos, we would expect this type of behavior.

    If he had come from a totally dysfunctional home, we would expect this. If he had never, and I mean never been given a clean chance, we would expect this kind of behavior. We might have even considered giving him a pardon. But this is a man who had all of the advantages, yet stooped and played the race card, if you will. For a career gain of all things.

    He must have felt in spite of all he had, he was still nothing or not good enough, because of his race. How tragic….only in America would this kind of thing happen for such a reason.

    I feel that judge ware not only owes virgil ware’s family a public apology, he owes all black people and white people of america an apology. He ought to resign his post and spend at least 20 hours a week, in the ghettos of the inner cities across america. He ought to be sentenced to this by his conscience. For he was a man, who had so much. A middle class upbringing, academic excellence, opportunity, prestige, respect, power and rank yet sold himself so cheap. He is a true disgrace to not only black people, but to all of what it is to be an american. For he had the dream, lived the dream and now is awakening to a cold, cold sweat. I feel nothing for him.

    I just wish i could shield all little children of our country who stand up each and every day to say “the plegde of allegiance” and sing “the star spangled banner.” Because somewhere among them is another judge ware.

    God bless america and let us learn from this “american tragedy.”

    Thank you!!

    Time: 11/7/97 (19:1:15)

    When we have liars (Judge Ware), cheaters (Judge Ware), and thieves (Judge Ware) sitting on the benches of the courtrooms across this nation — why would we expect justice to be any more just than it is? (Or unjust — flip a coin!)

    The insanity defense or the diminished capacity defense is fine. But just because someone is crazy at the time which they committed a crime, does not excuse them from what they have done. The legal system treats those who are deemed somehow “diminished” as if they are not able to be held accountable.

    I say “hogwash”.

    The people who are able to successfully claim the “diminished capacity” defense should be sentenced to a mental institution in lieu of a prison cell for the exact amount of time that they would have spent in prison, not let loose on a society that has already been made to suffer this mentally ill persons rath and rage.

    Time: 11/7/97 (12:46:43)

    This man should never be set free. We continue to let crazy people out all time and what happens they end doing it again. What makes them think he’s better. Because of therpy yeh right.

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