Where have you been today? Did you stop by the bar after work, or really go to your mother’s like you said? And you better tell us the truth — we can find out, ya know.

In the Brave New World of the Rotten Apple, police, and others, can now track your movements using records from sensors attached to windshields. The sensors are part of the E-ZPass electronic toll system utilized to speed traffic movement in New York and elsewhere. The E-ZPass sensors act like digital cash for cars by automatically deducting payments from a prepaid account when a vehicle crosses, say, the George Washington Bridge.

Police use the records to track the movements of criminals and crime victims. When the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority first launched the pass program they said that the records could only be obtained with a court-ordered subpoena — but that policy has already fallen by the wayside.

Authorities are now giving information to police without a court order on cases that are deemed serious — although no standard exists as to what constitutes a serious criminal case.

At the moment, only police have access to the E-ZPass records. But others, such as divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, are chomping at the bit. “When he says, ‘I was at work, Honey,’ now she can check the E-ZPass and prove he was at the Hot Bed Motel in Long Island,” Felder says.

As New York Civil Liberties Union attorney Norman Siegel says, “Once you have the capacity to track the whereabouts of citizens it opens a huge door for violations of privacy.”

(Source: New York Daily News.)

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0 thoughts on “WE KNOW WHERE YOU’VE BEEN!

  1. I know how to stop all crime and drugs for sure! Police cameras in every home! If your not breaking the law you have nothing to hide, right? Just like drug tests… Speaking of which, mandatory drug tests for every citizen. And let’s do away with search warrents, just let the police search anyone anywhere anytime they want. (Yes I’m being sarcastic)

    Time: 10/25/98 (0:44:39)

    YOU GO BOY great telling… Please say more but not just to us send it to the congress and house of reps. for there consideration.. thanks JO

    Time: 8/7/98 (13:41:56)

    Kickin’ ass. I love it! The wimpy, corporate owned “traditional media” don’t have the guts to cover this type of stuff. I’m thinking of trashing my TV and getting all of my news from the internet.

    Time: 5/23/98 (16:0:21)


    I love Big Brother!!!

    Time: 12/16/97 (19:21:37)

    Realistic regulation is necessary or we would have anarchy, however, we are regulated to the enth degree: we are told how much money we can make, how much fuel we can used, what kind of power generation we should use, who we can hire & fire and for what reasons; it has gotten to the point that we can’t breath, use the john or drink water without a government agent sitting on pour shoulder. Too much is too much!!!!

    Time: 11/6/97 (22:35:19)

    Your information regarding the misuse of the E-Z Pass sensor information by the police, etc. is exactly the type of timely information that we must have in order to protect what’s left of our individual rights regarding privacy. “Forwarned is forarmed.” Keep up the good work.

    Time: 11/3/97 (16:38:8)

    New York truly is the Rotten Apple

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