You remember the Vietnam “Conflict” right? The United States supported South Vietnam and Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, vocally supported the Communist North.

Unwilling to decisively use its massive force, the United States withdrew from the divisive conflict, leaving the Communists to rule both the North and South. Thousands of American servicemen returned home to face contempt, and to deal with the physical and psychological scars resulting from having done their best to serve their country.

Jane Fonda also returned home to the country she had so viciously attacked. She eventually married Ted Turner, one of American’s richest men, who also happens to be in the news and propaganda business.

Perhaps this is a good time to look back on the legacy of Vietnam. Jane’s side won, but how are they doing?

According to Thi Lam, writing for Salon Magazine, the current Vietnam is characterized by “rampant corruption, self-serving bureaucracies, and huge money-losing state enterprises.” Urban crime and violence is on the increase, but the real counter-revolution is in the countryside. This is interesting, because rural dwellers have traditionally provided support for the Communist regime.

In February hundreds of peasants from a village outside of Hanoi, Kim No, engaged in open warfare with security forces. Local Communist party officials had apparently sold off land to a South Korean group planning to develop a golf course. But the sales proceeds never trickled down to the villagers; apparently the officials just pocketed the money.

More recently, violent protests have raged in Thai Binh, another province near Hanoi and a cradle of the Communist revolution. Farmers in these areas apparently have to pay eight types of taxes to the central government and six other taxes to local officials. Last August 3,000 farmers showed how they felt about that system by arresting local party officials and burning their homes.

The average annual per capita income in places like Thai Binh is $50. (Yes, that’s right — fifty dollars per YEAR.) In former Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a whopping $1,000.

You helped sow the seeds Jane — maybe you should go back and take a look at the crop. And take your husband with you.

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0 thoughts on “HANOI JANE’S HARVEST!

  1. I don’t like communism any one bit. It is just greedy
    officials stealing from poor
    BUT. North Vietnam fought for
    independence, any race of people should applaud what the people went through in 35 years of continous war. Generals in NVA armies were paid the same wages as a lowly private. The “commies” were trying to unite a country America forced apart in its “preserving freedom”
    campaign. Don’t forget America nullified a democratic vote of the vietamese people, where 80 percent of south vietnamese
    voters wanted to join the north.

    Time: 4/16/98 (21:4:32)

    ted turner needs to pay taxes like every other poor american does.stop corp welfare..with out american goverment..would be the end of the world..when floods or any other thing happens every body cry to the federal goverment.and i love america..and would not trade it for any other place.. nor do i trust any other goverment.nor do i trust any corporation to take over the goverment.ted turner needs to give back what he has taken out..our goverment is fine.it protects us more than we know..

    Time: 10/22/97 (8:10:47)

    Regarding the comment below, about taking a day off – sounds good to us, we need to catch up on our sleep.

    Time: 10/21/97 (20:7:10)

    I’m no big fan of Jane Fonda’s, nor of Ted Turner. However — Ted Turner is at least willing to spread some of his wealth around even if it is to the United Nations.

    I can think of a “certain” computer giant who is far more wealthy than is Ted Turner — and I don’t see him pitching too many “humanitarian dollars” here and there!

    Furthermore… The Outrage should take a good long look at American Government, all the way from county drain commissioners all the way up to the presidency of this country if they really want to comment on government corruption which might strike a personal chord of interest with me.

    On days such as today, when you have so little of importance to say — maybe you should just consider skipping writing The Outrage column at all!

    Time: 10/21/97 (17:39:45)

    If JF is not considered a traitor by our government, we should give TOKOY ROSE a medal. At least she gave us troops some good music and news of home we didn’t get to read.

    Time: 10/21/97 (17:11:42)

    Jane Fonda hypocrite, phoney, self-serving, mouthy, ignorant, unattractive, nauseating, feminazi airhead.

    Why are you (and I) wasting perfectly good bandwidth writing about her. Her impact on the outcome of Vietnam was negligible at best. All she did was show her ignorance and piss a bunch of people off.

    I believe her best assets have never been between her ears but between something else.

    Time: 10/21/97 (15:16:27)

    Holy moly– $50 a YEAR?!?!?! Remind me to never move there. allrighty?

    Time: 10/21/97 (14:39:48)

    You only told the second half of the story. You might want to look at what happened in Vietnam after the fall of the South, especially the comparison between the number of Vietnamese killed DURING the war versus the number killed just AFTER the war. The “liberation” turned out to be wholesale murder.

    Time: 10/21/97 (13:18:21)

    Jane Fonda responsible for our defeat in Vietnam?! Give it up! “Read a little history” Good idea.

    Time: 10/21/97 (12:57:53)

    Keep up the good work! (You call it like it is)

    Time: 10/21/97 (12:24:29)

    And people wonder why I rage when they dare to call the Atlanta Braves “America’s Team”!

    Time: 10/21/97 (12:16:55)

    Are you trying to tell me Jane Fonda is to blame for the downfall and Communist overtaking of South Vietnam?

    While you are at it, why not write an article blaming Vanessa Redgrave for the suicide bombings by Hamas? After all, she’s another Oscar-winning actress who spoke out in favor of the enemy: the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Don’t you recall the 1977 Academy Awards, in which she referred to Israel as “Zionist hoodlums?”

    Time: 10/21/97 (11:46:54)

    Violence? Massive taxes? Corrupt government bureaacracy? Sounds familiar.

    There is a difference in ‘supporting’ one side and ‘not supporting’ the other! I have never condemed any individuals who went, but our government, and the money behind it, were undeniably wrong in what they forced on both countries involved. Read a little history!

    Time: 10/21/97 (11:20:50)

    There’s no use in asking Hanoi Jane & Co. to go to Viet Nam. They’d just come back.

    Time: 10/21/97 (11:18:52)

    In another era, Jane Fonda would have been marched up to a wall and shot, as befitted a traitor. We may be more “enlightened” now, but a traitor is a traitor is a traitor. We owe the descendants of Benedict Arnold an apology.

    Time: 10/21/97 (10:27:22)

    No surprise that Lam is a former general with the South Vietnamese army. guess, he’s not sore at all.

    Time: 10/21/97 (9:9:49)

    I agree with your comments concerning Hanoi Jane. I wish there was a way that i could forward an e-mail letter to a vet friend of mine, is there a way?


    Time: 10/22/97 (16:10:30)

    well I have just received the 10/21 outrage, my father has been sending Outrage stories to me for a while, now it seems I need to subscribe to your mailing list my self. I am SICK of ted turner and Hanoi jane more so since Mr turner made the remark that the National anthom should be changed to America the Beautiful altho a nice song (not realy my taste I like Rock)
    it does not say how we faught and WON our freedom, no it seems that Mr turner thinks it is to violent for our time now, the point is the Star Spangled Banner (tho written during the war of 1812) describes ful well how our ansestors FAUGHT and DIED so we could do and say the things such your site does. So to ted turner just go get your hair done and your manicure and don`t hope Americans take you serously……….wimp! and as far as todays Outrage, it just figures

  2. In regards to the comments by the idiot below, I wonder if the 60 to 80 thousand people who were executed following the US pullout of South Vietnam would change their vote, given the chance.

  3. In response to PY’s anti-communist outrage.
    For all americans and extreme right-wingers, communism is bad. But they don’t even know what communism downright really is.
    Peasant Russian farmers started this to get more respect, equality, peace and freedom. That’s right, freedom. In the U.S., for example, they tell you that you are free with capitali$m, but you are not. The majority have to work like slaves for their multibillionair bosses.
    Back to communism, there are 2 types of communism; the Soviet style communism and the humane communism. With the Soviet communism, there are many atrocities done to the citizens. But you can’t blame them, they were just trying to keep up with the americans. With humane communism, it’s more like the Canadian type of social engineering system. You get equality, democracy and peace.
    Ok, time for the bottom line: capitali$m is not much better than communism(humane).

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