Let’s say it’s 1:00 in the morning, you just got off work an hour ago, and you and a buddy need $50 right away. Let’s say you’re a Chicago police officer and you happen to be carrying a gun. What is the most outrageously stupid thing you could do?

How about walking up to two men at a bus stop, pointing a gun at them, and demanding money?

Patrolman Mark Lozano apparently did just that on Tuesday, and was arrested for armed robbery.

After Lozano and his unidentified friend shook down the two men for $70, they handed $20 back to the victims. (They may be stupid, corrupt, and criminal, but you can’t say they’re greedy.)

Lozano and his friend were apparently headed for a restaurant and may have been short of cash. Instead of heading for the ATM they decided to make money the old fashioned way — armed robbery.

The entire robbery was witnessed by a third party, and Lozano was arrested within five hours of the shakedown. He was immediately stripped of police powers and suspension proceedings against him have already begun.

In all likelihood Officer Lozano will lose his job and end his career. He will be disgraced among his peers and his family. He’ll have a criminal record. Since he used a gun in the commission of his crime, it’s possible he’ll serve some time, and face the horrors of a former police officer in prison.

All for fifty bucks.

As Lozano and his companion walked away from the robbery one of the victims called after him and threatened to call the police. Lozano allegedly turned around and shouted back “We ARE the police.”

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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