As faithful DO readers know, we’re very concerned about privacy issues. We recently began an ongoing crusade to stop spam, and thus protect the privacy of your e-mail inbox.

But a much more pernicious danger looms immediately before us. This coming Thursday, September 25, the House side of the U.S. Congress is expected to vote on a bill that could give governmental law enforcement agencies like the FBI the ability to read all of your e-mail, and monitor all of your online transactions, without even informing you.

The bill in question is HR 695, the “Security and Freedom through Encryption Act” (SAFE). Sounds Orwellian, doesn’t it? But the bill itself is not the problem. The problem is a proposed amendment to the bill, the Oxley/Manton Amendment, named after its congressional sponsors.

You may recall George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which Big Brother watches you from a television set. If this bill is passed, there is a very good chance that Orwell’s nightmare will become your reality.

The Outrage is proud to join with The Center For Democracy and Technology, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, Wired Magazine and many others in urging you to oppose the Oxley/Manton Amendment.

Think we’re exaggerating? The Oxley/Manton Amendment requires that every part of the Internet be built so that the FBI can, at will, read any or all e-mail and any other communications going over the Net. Here are some key features of this amendment:

  • Oxley/Manton is a dramatic expansion of government power. It would give the government immediate access to private online communications and business transactions without any notice to the user.
  • Oxley/Manton strips Americans of their Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • Oxley/Manton would give the Attorney General authority to dictate the design of Internet services and software to fit the needs of the law enforcement establishment.
  • Oxley/Manton would not stop crime. Strong encryption without immediate access features is available today both in and outside the US.
  • Oxley/Manton would increase opportunities for cybercrime as criminal hackers attack vulnerabilities in the key recovery access system. In other words, if you provide the government with a key to your e-mail communications, you’re also providing hackers with an opportunity to steal the key.

For legitimate law enforcement, the government must now secure the approval of a judge before tapping your phone. The Oxley/Manton Amendment would give the government the equivalent of an open ticket to tap into your Internet communications.

Don’t let it happen — this is the time to use your phone to protect your e-mail. Take action:

  1. Call one or all of the following four members of the committee that will vote on this amendment:

Chairman Thomas Bliley

(Republican — VA)


Rep. John Dingell

(Ranking Democrat — MI)


Rep. Tauzin

(Republican — LA)


Rep. Markey

(Democrat — MA)



  • Ask for the staff member who is handling the encryption issue.
  • Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that you oppose the Oxley/Manton Big Brother Amendment. It’s important to distinguish between the bill, SAFE, and the amendment. We’re not opposing the bill itself, just the amendment.

If you’re looking for a simple way to express your Outrage, you might tell the staffer that you don’t want to give the FBI the keys to your house or your car, and you’ve got no intention of giving them the keys to your e-mail.



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0 thoughts on “BIG BROTHER ONLINE!

  1. Does POLICE STATE mean Anything? the One worlders are going ahead with their agenda and America is Asleep!

    I’m sad to say or even admit this, but I’m not so proud of America anymore. Many have died to protect that which our goverment and elected officials are selling to the highest bidder. America hasn’t been”The land of the Free”, for a long time now. I think the land of the dollar is more appropriate. I am afraid of my goverment……it’s sad isn’t it.

    Time: 9/26/97 (0:6:5)

    I believe all elected representatives should have e-mail addresses. Perhaps someone could post a file containing this information. It’s high time we adopted military tactics to the information age. Try carpet-bombing large numbers of congressmen. Two organizations that compile voting records are the John Birch Society and Liberty Lobby, which you can probably find with search engines. Both these groups have been libeled by the mainstream media – I believe they say Liberty Lobby is antisemitic and the JBS is a racist, fascist, paranoid group.

    Naturally, we all know where the media is coming from, and going to – world government! I recently learned that about 1/3 of Liberty Lobby (Spotlight publisher) is
    good, patriotic Jewish Americans, the type of intellectuals we need if we are going to keep America an independent nation. The JBS was in to the Globalist’s plans to dissolve American sovereighty into the UN, which is really a first world alter ego for capitalist war-mongers like the Rockefeller and Rothschild clans.

    The Clintonistas in Washington are implementing a ’50’s globalist plan to unify the USA and “former” USSR for military domination of the world. The UN’s General Assembly is only a smokescreen and “consensus congress” for the Big Ten (?) who will establish a computerized world dictatorship. This is why I reach out to computer users – you are very powerful people! I also wish to speak for another maligned group of Americans – the various unorganized citizen militias. Many militia menbers, including commanders and leaders, are fine black patriots. I have some articles about them. Blacks are well represented in Widwest and Southern militias.

    There are few people of color in the Rocky Mt. area, but by and large the patriot community is more openminded and unbiased than the so-called Eastern liberals. Ask me about the New York cops who were tax protesters, and I’ll tell you an interesting story about black patriots and the government. The internet is our only free press left, which is why the globalists (Rhodes scholars and other traitors to American sovereignty) want to censor and spy on us.

    Someone said God, guns and guts made America great. Now we need computers, radios, ammo, food and medical supplies. Unlawful Executive Orders have given F.E.M.A. control of these, plus even our bodies. Give me a distribution list, I’ll scan some articles, lists of websites and periodicals for you. Look for Militia of Montana, Antishyster, John Birch Society, Spotlight on the internet. Don’t feel guilty – we were all programmed by TV. Psychological operations are cheaper and more effective than military ones, because the target is unaware. I sell the book “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, and I have verified it. It’s another “Report from Iron Mountain”, about computers.

    Yours truly, Bob the ol’ Bopper
    (just boppin’ around the Internet!)

    Time: 9/23/97 (10:55:1)

    In regards to the Big Brother amendment; the United States was founded, or so I am told, on the premise that liberty (freedom), along with life and the pursuit of happiness, is an inalienable right endowed to mankind by it’s creator. Of late, it seems, our government has become exactly the menace that we feared the Soviet Union and other communist and monarchist countries might become.

    Worse still is the fact that a few aging bureaucrats are creating this change to a ‘Big Brother’ state by enacting laws which directly erode the exactly the same freedoms that our forefathers fled Europe to establish.

    Unfortunately, anyone who believes that the real issue here is a single amendment to a bill or law is sorely mistaken. The issue is a country which has allowed itself to degrade into a structure where a small group of individuals wield the power to enact legislation which effects all of us, AND that unions, lobby groups, and corporations have successfully destroyed the meaning of any individual’s ability to change the system.

    By far, though, the biggest and most dangerous problem isn’t any of these. The biggest and most dangerous problem by far is that most people just couldn’t be bothered to give a damn. Apathy, the great distroyer is going to enslave us all…

    Time: 9/22/97 (9:55:55)

    Re: Oxley-Manton amendment

    I called six Congressmen (the four listed in The Outrage and my two from Georgia. I was informed by Rep. Markey’s (D, MA)
    assitant the he is voting against the amendment, for which I thanked and congratulated him.

    Time: 9/21/97 (21:48:11)

    Hey, I have one more observation for you to point out to these reps when you call. I just finished reading most of the S.A.F.E.Bill (HR 695), and I noticed the bill is written to make encryption a legal form of communication on the net!

    My source for this is at address http://rs9.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c105:H.R.695.IH:

    Once you get there, got to the table of contents, to where it reads Feb 12,1997. Click there, then go to the bottom of the page and read: “Subject to section 2805, it shall be lawful for any person within any State, and for any United States person in a foreign country, to use any encryption, regardless of encryption algorithem elected, encryption key length chosen, or omplementation technique or median used.”

    Now, with this stated in the original bill, it becomes kind of weird to put in an amendment that completely overides the whole bill. Once again, our congress making such “good sense.” Just be sure to mention this when you call these 4 reps. Any comments for me send to ilj279@aol.com. Let me know if you agree or not.

    Time: 9/21/97 (21:4:55)

    I have a comment or two and a question or two. First, are the four reps in the outrage all on the same committee? I tried to find them in each of the committees listed at the additional articles, but I only found two of them. If they are on the same committee or sub, we need you to get us the name of that committee. Also, I looked up each of those four online, and it came as no great suprise that the people that are going to be voting on this bill HAVE NO E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!!! Isn’t that just the biggest damn suprise? I also looked up the actual wording of the amendment, and paragraph 4 is even more big brotherish. It basically is a provision for whistle-blowing without punishment. It will encourage people to turn in those that use encrypted communications.

    Once again, I urge that we get the name of the committee so everyone can also flood them with e-mail — that’s a lot cheaper than phoning. (Since politicians are supposed to be serving the public, shouldn’t they have 800 numbers for their constituents? Especially since they just got a raise!!!)

    Time: 9/21/97 (18:0:40)

    The very first warning I received when my pc was installed was to beware of the broken symbol in the lower left corner of my screen, meaning someone is able to hack in and see all my confidential info, which is unfortunate, because all the infor I input such as name and address has to be facitious thanks to these people. Now I hear the FBI is going to be able to do the same thing.

    Dear God, where is our legal sense of privacy. Illegal is one thing and unpreventive, but the law? I’m not a criminal, and I’m not the CIA. Just an american citizen using communication around the world with either my children who live far away or making new friends. Can I afford to call them? No, so why is my privacy invaded on a personal call on the computer? Why not listen in on the phone, FBI and get it over with? I thought this was America, land of the free? I’m glad I’m 55 and not going to see what’s sadly ahead for the next gerneration. I’m proud to be an American, I think.

    Time: 9/21/97 (12:0:34)

    I agree with today’s outrage.

    Question: Would not HR 292 by Rep. John Shadegg put and end to this foolishness? Would like very much to hear your comments. Would appreciate a direct e-mail.

    Thanks for listening.
    P.S. Enjoy “The Outrage” very much. Keep plugging.

  2. Anybody can read your email if they get the whim to bother
    to read your sex correspondence with online sluts.

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