Want to buy some nuclear weapons? They may be available. Former General and Russian national security advisor Alexandr Lebed says that the Russian Military has lost track of as many as 100 nuclear bombs.

The suitcased-sized one-kiloton bombs have the capacity to kill as many as 100,000 people per bomb.

Lebed says that those who control the missing bombs may be negotiating with terrorist groups for their sale. US congressman Curt Weldon says, “Terrorist groups…have been trying to buy long-range offensive weapons and nuclear capability from Russia. That’s a fact.”

The Russian establishment scoffs at the notion that tahey don’t control their arsenal. However, we’re not terribly reassured by official Russian statements regarding the nukes. Regular Outrage readers may recall our July 1 story about two Lithuanians who were arrested in Miami for trying to peddle Russian-made nuclear weapons.

Lebed says the bombs could be detonated by a single person within half an hour. This is a truly frightening notion if you think of the number of people around the world who think that random destruction is a sure ticket to heaven.

If given the option, would the Hamas suicide bombers who have plagued Israel use a nuclear weapon to create mass destruction?

Would radical Islamic ayatollahs in Iran target Washington? (We’ll admit that such a strike would have a positive side, except for the fact that The Outrage HQ would fall within the strike zone.)

Would a desperate North Korea use such weapons to strike a killing blow against long-time foe South Korea?

Libya’s Muammar Kaddafi recently said that the car accident which killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend was the work of British and American agents. Would someone that unbalanced send an agent with a suitcase to New York?

Would a Timothy McVeigh, or a Unabomber, choose to use a nuclear weapon rather than conventional ones to inflict their own brand of insanity on the innocent?

The possibilities for global madness are endless, and endlessly frightening.

On a more personal note, we do ask that if you happen to purchase one of these bombs, and you disagree with the editorial opinions expressed by The Outrage, you email us prior to taking more drastic action.

(Source: Reuters.)

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