If you’re attacked, you call the police. But what do you do when you’re attacked BY the police?

People who have lived in totalitarian countries say there is no greater terror than when the state is the terrorist–because there’s no defense. But state terrorism and police brutality don’t just take place in third world countries–just ask Abner Louima.

Louima was apparently sexually assaulted by New York’s finest–right in a police station bathroom. Here at The Outrage, we’re looking for the most outrageous stories at the crack of dawn; let’s just say that we’re glad we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet when we found this one.

Louima, a Haitian refugee, was arrested outside a Brooklyn nightclub last weekend. He was taken to the Flatbush station house, and there was grossly sexually abused by at least one, and perhaps as many as four, police officers. We’re all for sensationalist journalism here at The Outrage, but if you want the revolting details of this assault, you’ll have to search for the New York Daily News story.

While Louima lay bleeding and critically injured in a holding cell, police prevented him from being taken by a waiting ambulance to the hospital. The ambulance arrived at about 6:30 AM and was not allowed to take Louima away until 8:00 AM.

It doesn’t look good for the one cop, Justin Volpe, thus far charged in the case. No member of his family, nor any fellow officer, showed up at Volpe’s sexual abuse and assault hearing to provide moral support. Twelve other officers have already been suspended or transferred as a result of the incident.

Louima remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

(Source: New York Daily News .)

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