As regular Outrage readers know, we generally like to lambast politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers — or the evil troika, as we refer to them here.

We will deign to notice ordinary criminals, but only when they show exceptional creativity and chutzpa. Where can such criminals be found? In New York, of course, and more specifically, in Brooklyn.

Let’s say you happen to be in Brooklyn and your car gets stolen. Bad, sure, but nothing particularly unusual. You might even say expected, unless you left Bruno and his doberman to watch it.

The thieves strip your car of its parts, and then leave the abandoned car on the street to be towed. Lending credence to the theory that everyone in New York is corrupt, the tow truck company that picks up your abandoned car is in on a scam with the car thieves.

The tow truck takes your car to an auto repair shop, which is, of course, also part of the scam. The repair shop offers to give you a great deal on fixing your car. And they can afford to give you a great deal — the parts they put into your car are the same ones that the thieves took out of it!

The operation, dubbed the MacIntosh Group, is not a desperate attempt by Apple Computer to generate revenue.

We do have some advice for the MacIntosh Group members. Why don’t you just go to law school and learn to steal the old-fashioned way? Utilizing far less sophistication and organizational skills, you could make far more money with some simple class-action suits. After all, you’ve already developed all the moral skills necessary for a successful career in the law or public service.

(Source: New York Daily News.)

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