America is the country where everyone has a voice, right?

Nazis are protected as they march through predominantly Jewish neighborhoods.

Gays and lesbians defiantly, even militantly, advocate their positions.

Conservatives, liberals, and libertarians engage in heated battle, but no group really thinks of silencing their opponents.

Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews all openly seek converts without fear of retribution.

Is there any voice that cannot be heard?

Larry Elder, a very popular talk show host in Los Angeles may belong to the only group that faces serious opposition in the fight to gain a hearing for its views. Elder is an unusual combination — a public personality who is black, vocal, and conservative. (Although some might site General Colin Powell, we would note that Powell favors affirmative action programs and other pillars of black establishment ideology.)

Elder is critical of welfare, affirmative action, and gun control. He supports school vouchers. But the position which most disturbs the black establishment is Elder’s opinion that the “victim mentality,” rather than white racism, is the main barrier to progress for blacks.

Elder has been stalked, threatened and boycotted. A group called Talking Drum Community Forum, which won’t identify its membership or leaders, began approaching the corporate sponsors of his Los Angeles radio program and convincing them to withdraw advertising. Some two dozen companies pulled their ads, despite the fact that Talking Drum probably has no more than 30 members.

“I can think of no one who has been assaulted the way Larry has,” says Joe Hicks, a black civil rights activist in LA. Black author Shelby Steele of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution says “…in many ways black America is still a totalitarian one-party system. We don’t allow for a loyal opposition.”

(Source: Washington Times.)

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