Dear American taxpayer:

We were so touched when we heard that your senate had just voted to increase foreign aid by almost a billion dollars, to a grand total of $13.2 billion.

Why, we would have thought that you had problems enough of your own to solve. Your government is more than 5 trillion dollars in debt — so much it’s almost hard to comprehend the figure. This debt is increased by billions every year.

Personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high, with well over a million Americans declaring insolvency last year, and the number expected to rise significantly in the coming year. Welfare benefits to the poor have been decreased in an attempt to help ease the crushing tax burden on the middle class.

In the midst of this scenario, what are your representatives in Washington doing? Figuring out how to give away more of your money — not to poor Americans, or elderly Americans — in fact, not to any Americans at all.

Thus, American muslims are taxed to help pay the annual $3 billion installment to Israel, a subsidy of about $600 per Israeli citizen. Egypt gets over $2 billion, perhaps because they’re being so kind as to not attack their Jewish neighbor.

Even tiny countries like Jordan ($150 million) and the Ukraine ($112 million) benefit in a big way from US aid. We’re not sure why you want to give money to these countries, but it may just be your overwhelming generosity.

$195 million is slated to go to Russia, a country that you had to spend billions to defend yourselves against until very recently.

If you have anything left, please send your check to The Outrage, care of the Grand Bahamas. We promise not to spend it in America.

(Source: MSNBC.)

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