The Outrage has been so successful on the Internet that we’ve decided to expand and go into the movie business. Here’s the outline of our first flick:

A devious communist government, let’s say China, tries to infiltrate the American political system through a vast network of bribery and deception.

A US senator from Tennessee, played by Fred Thompson, charges that the Chinese government was behind a vast scheme to influence US foreign policy by funneling millions of dollars into the campaign funds of certain state and federal political candidates.

Thompson charges that the scheme may have reached into the very highest levels of the US government, including the election of the president and vice-president, played by Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

We’ll have a whole raft of supporting stars; good guys will be played by the CIA, FBI, Thompson and various others seeking the truth, trying to elevate their political profile or some combination thereof.

Bad guys are played by Clinton, Gore, and Chinese-Americans with improbable names like John Huang, Charlie Trie, and Johnny Chung. In the movie, the Chinese-Americans all flee the country or take the Fifth Amendment.

The action takes place around the world, including a Buddhist monastery, an Indonesian conglomerate, and a Hong Kong bank.

This movie is gonna have everything: corrupt politicians, grand-standing investigators, devious multi-nationals, evil communists, and revelations that will shake the very foundation of the US government.

Nah — too unbelievable.

(Source: MSNBC.)

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