By the age of 16, Montie Rissell had already been convicted of rape and robbery. But rape and robbery weren’t enough to have Rissell incarcerated.

At age 18, Rissell went on a killing spree, raping and murdering five women in his Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood.

Rissell admitted to the murders and received five life terms in prison. Yet in 1995, he became eligible for release from prison after serving only 18 years. Every summer, Rissell is eligible to apply for parole. And every summer, his victims have nightmares about the events of 20 years ago.

Even in these times of legal insanity, it’s difficult (but not impossible), to imagine that Rissell will actually be freed. But the possibility of parole forces the families of his victims to relive the tragedies that they would much rather forget.

One of the victim’s relatives says, “July comes, and this kills my nerves.” Another relative says, “Those are moments you don’t care to remember, and you wouldn’t if you could.”

Rissell has already inflicted every possible horror on his victims. But he still manages to torture their families.

(Source: Washington Post.)

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