Politicians and “civic leaders” are forever telling us how to run our lives — but they always seem to have a hard time running their own. From Richard Nixon’s spying, to Bill Clinton’s multifarious scandals, to Martin Luther King’s womanizing, the famous and powerful always seem to have a different standard for their own personal conduct.

No where is this more apparent than in the fallout from the “Age of Aquarius.” The 1960s brought us reams of idealistic leaders, who all knew the “system” was wrong and were fully prepared to lead us to a new utopia.

What has become of these former cultural icons?

Katherine Power was a student radical who was involved in a deadly bank robbery, supposedly as a protest against the Vietnam War. She’s now serving 8 to 12 years after turning herself in and admitting she was wrong.

Famed radical Abbie Hoffman was one of the best known idealists. He lived underground with an assumed name before committing suicide at age 52.

Ira Einhorn was a buddy of Hoffman’s, and a cultural icon in his own right. He was a poet, a movement leader, a man with an overflowing social conscience. And, of course, a great believer in peace and love. The peace-loving activist was recently arrested in France. It appears that he brutally murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her body in a closet.

While the murder came as a shock to his former friends, perhaps it shouldn’t have. Like Hitler writing in “Mein Kampf,” dangerous people tend to reveal their souls prior to committing their deeds. In his personal notes, this is what Ira Einhorn says: “Sadism — sounds nice — run it over your tongue… Reveal the filth that you are.”

(Source: Philadelphia Inquirer.)

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